[CLOSED] The Holqa Cafe

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The spiced parprika fries which "Holqa Cafe" served is super delicious!! It's best when we eat it hot!! It tastes like bbq fries with some seasoning in it. I can't describe how good the fries is, maybe you can hop down to the cafe to try it out.

Blog updated about "The Holqa" at www.jayellyn.blogspot.com. If you want to know more about the cafe, read it now on my blog. #jacelynadverts #holqacafe #theholqa #theholqacafe #burpple

Crispy fried chicken mid-joints coated with Buffalo pineapple hot sauce.
Are you up to the challenge? If you love spicy food, the pineapple buffalo wings which @theholqa served won't disappoint you. It's one of the spicest wings I ever had!! The wings is fried till crispy and the special marinated buffalo pineapple hot sauce tastes so good. With only one bite, the spicyness just spread throughout the mouth and make our tongue numb.

Hurry down!!! If you are keen to try out the wings, today is the last day which @theholqa is giving away free 100 Ninja wings from 11am onwards. It's only applicable for dine-in ONLY & one person is entitled to 2 pieces on a first come first serve basis!!! Thank you @theholqa for the food & @victoinette for bringing me along. #jacelynadverts #holqacafe #theholqa #theholqacafe #burpple

Salted egg wings. How delicious does this sound? I'm missing their wings already. Have a good week everyone.

Nicely sized for a mid-day snack, this set of slider triplets are nearly identical with toothsome shreds of braised pulled pork, lettuce and subtly gingered mayonnaise decked between voluptuous sesame buns – whose stiffness was an unfortunate glitch in the otherwise perfectly assembled burgers.


Prawn pork patty drizzled with home made Japanese sesame mayo sauce, sandwiched in mini brioche buns. Taste is pretty good with a homely feel but don't really adore the texture of the bun and seems a tad too thick for the meat patty. However, they are making some changes to it. Looking forward to it. 😊😊😊

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The sauce is very similar to those I had in tze char stall - creamy and buttery with a hint of curry leaves taste. The harmony of the crispy texture of the wings and the salted egg yolk sauce just work so well! Indeed my crispy happiness!