Crispy fried chicken mid-joints coated with Buffalo pineapple hot sauce.
Are you up to the challenge? If you love spicy food, the pineapple buffalo wings which @theholqa served won't disappoint you. It's one of the spicest wings I ever had!! The wings is fried till crispy and the special marinated buffalo pineapple hot sauce tastes so good. With only one bite, the spicyness just spread throughout the mouth and make our tongue numb.

Hurry down!!! If you are keen to try out the wings, today is the last day which @theholqa is giving away free 100 Ninja wings from 11am onwards. It's only applicable for dine-in ONLY & one person is entitled to 2 pieces on a first come first serve basis!!! Thank you @theholqa for the food & @victoinette for bringing me along. #jacelynadverts #holqacafe #theholqa #theholqacafe #burpple