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Reviews at SAMA Curry & Café

Reviews of good food at SAMA Curry & Café
Hokkaido Soup Curry

Diners can now enjoy both soup and curry dishes in the same bowl at the first Japanese soup curry specialty here in Singapore! Located in the new OUE Downtown skyscraper complex, featured here are the Ocean Trophy (Tomato soup base), Hungry Bear (Wafu), Oink Oink (Coconut), and Cheesy Bear (Coconut).

The spice level is customisable in 3 categories – Baby Bear (Levels 0-5), Adult Bear (8-15), and Crazy Bear (18-30). I went for Level 15 and managed to finish my Ocean Trophy without sipping any of the iced green tea. We were also given 4 flavours of the soup curry to choose from – Coconut, Tomato, Wafu, and Shrimp. Go for the first 2 with stronger flavours which we really enjoyed!

📷: Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II, courtesy of Canon Singapore.

Soup Curry ($13.90-$18.90)

Customizable jap curry, where you can choose from your meats (Marathon Chicken has a hilarious caption of "oh those thighs" !!) such as hamburg, seafood, chicken leg, pork and fried chicken with cheese; your spice level (surprisingly spicy for jap curry, though the difference between Adult Bear level and Crazy Bear never isn't very noticeable); and then your soup base choice (tried Tomato and Coconut). Go for the Coconut soup base!

All the bowls come with assorted vegetables which were surprisingly super fresh, that kind of freshness that you get in Japan where you get confused about what shit veggies you've been eating here.

Hokkaido Crab Cream Croquette ($6.50), Hokkaido Imomochi Cheese ($6.50)

Decently deep fried cheesy stuff that's good. Just because it's deep fried and cheesy. Get the crab croquette for more soft cheesiness, and the imomochi (I think something to do with yam) one for more chewiness.

All the way from Hokkaido, @samacurrysg offers soup curry up to 30 level of spices.

With 4 types of curry base; Japanese, Shrimp, Tomato & Coconut. Go for the latter 2 if you prefer thick and luscious broth like me.
By the way level 20 was chicken feet imo. 😎

Hungry Bear

Hungry Bear ($18.90)

When one is as hungry as a 🐻, have a go at this bowl of curry chicken from newly opened @samacurrysg . I opted for the hungry bear option for that extra half slab of hamburger patty though it may be a wiser option to go for the pork instead as the hamburger steak was a rather thin patty. Fully customizable, I chose coconut curry for the base and a level 15 spice level which was rather mild by my standards. Go higher if you are a lover of spicy food!

The curry was quite rich and thick probably from the coconut but tastes quite different from local curries. The whole chicken leg 🍗was generous and the meat fell off the bone easily while retaining its tenderness. My bowl of curry was empty by the end of the meal so that says a lot about the gravy!

Japanese Soup Curry

This soup curry from Hokkaido is unlike the usual Japanese style curry with a tinge of sweetness. Instead, it leans towards the Asian style with heaps of spices added to create a savoury curry. Select your choice of ingredients, spicy level and soup base to create your very own soup curry! I had the Cheesy Bear ($16.9 — fried chicken cutlet, roasted cabbage, cheese, assorted vegetables), Crazy Bear Spicy Level 18 (up to level 30) with a Coconut Base.

The level 18 was no sweat at all for a spice lover, but probably muted down by the cheese. I enjoyed the flavorful curry with the spicy kick that comes after. It will be well liked by Singaporeans who love having lots of gravy with their plain rice!

Hokkaido Soup Curry in Singapore.


Japanese curries are typically thick with a slight tinge of sweetness.

However, Sama soup curry uses a different recipe, with ramen style broth as its base, then mixes tomato, coconut or shrimp to turn it into a full bodied soup before adding curry spices.

The difference is in its texture and depth of flavour.

There are 30 Levels of spiciness, I think 8 - 15 should be just okay. #DFDSingapore

Hailing from The Land of the Rising Sun, the city of Sapporo brings to you Sama Curry & Cafe that just opened recently right in the heart of Singapore.

A new concept to locals here, Sama Curry is a customizable soup curry concept where you first get to select a base which I opted for the Hungry Bear ($18.90) that comes with a whole chicken leg, hamburger patty and a bunch of charred vegetables, then you will have to choose the spiciness level which I got a level 3 that's equivalent to a baby bear and finally the soup base which has 4 different types such as tomato, coconut, Japanese and shrimp. They even provide you with a guide on how to enjoy this soup curry with rice.

This was a tasting hosted by @samacurrysg

Sama Curry & Cafe
Address: 6A, Shenton Way, Downtown Gallery, Unit 03-26, Singapore 068809

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