[CLOSED] OMB (Oh My Bacon)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * OMB (Oh My Bacon) is a place where people can enjoy bacon-inspired dishes. At OMB, bacon is the hero of the day. Here, you’ll experience happy belly food accompanied by quirky illustrations and witty text painted in teal, mustard and rhodamine.

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It isn't smothered with heavy cream, it doesn't leave a sickly cloying aftertaste, and I've never... NEVER liked carbonara, but I relished this, along with all the bacon sitting pretty or tucked in between the slippery spaghetti strands.
OMB (Oh My Bacon!) has revamped their menu to include non-bacon items, possibly catering to people who might not want bacon during a get-together meal (but why are they your friends then? - just kidding). Dishes worth trying include salmon fish cakes, chilli soft shell crab on toast, and king prawn spaghettini, which showcase the chef's ability to conduct a repertoire beyond the cured pork belly.
A must-order is the chilli bacon cheese fries: a potent formula of salsa, stringy melted cheese, Sriracha tomato sauce, and the ubiquitous bacon. Even your not-a-bacon-lover friends will find this irresistible.
Thank you @burpple for the invite, and @ombsg for hosting us! #Burpple #BurppleTastemaker


Oozy poached eggs on top of bacon and chorizo with loads of tomato sauce. Wish I could get my hands on this right now.


Be it poached, scrambled, half boiled, full boiled, overeasy, sunny side up etc.
OMB's Salmon Fish Cakes comes with 2 perfectly poached eggs, 2 salmon patties & served with herb aioli mashed avocado! Something different from typical eggs ben that you usually get, this hearty meal could be the good start to your day!
This was a hosted meal.


🙋🏻 Carbonara's usually not my choice of pasta as most of them come as a cream base or loaded with tons of cheese that makes it unbearable, both for my taste buds & my tummy. However, this particular one from OMB tasted so good, I probably could have it all to myself! Loaded with bacon cooked with the pasta & crispy bacon as a pasta topper, you'd got all the bacon that you could ever ask for in a simple dish!
This was a hosted meal by OMB!. #aroundwithamd #Burpple #burppletastemakers #ombsg

I usually avoid ordering this pasta dish at most places as it either end up being too cloggy/dry or flavoured with heavy cream.

Fortunately, OMB got their Carbonara ($15) formula right as you will not end up feeling "gelat" after finishing the plate. The addition of crispy bacon and poached eggs in this definitely separates it from the normal carbonara.

This was a tasting hosted by @ombsg and many thanks to @burpple for the invite.

Oh My Bacon! (OMB!)
Address: 7, Dunlop Street, Singapore 209337


This bowl of Chilli Bacon Cheese fries ($12) is the perfect starter to every meal!
Packed with possible all my favorite items into a bowl - potato, Chilli & bacon, I could have this all day every day!
This was a hosted meal courtesy of @ombsg & thanks to @burpple for extending the invite!