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In fact it was so good we came back twice! Also the crowd is wayyyy less than Kuromon, we couldn’t even move in Kuromon market and that was when we realized we took the tranquility in Nishiki market for granted. Look out for this stall run by an elderly couple - they sell buttered scallops (torched) for ¥300 and it’s the best place for scallops in the entire market! there’s also a place selling cheese torched scallops for ¥500 (bigger and the entire piece) which was pretty good too. there were several sashimi places too; the one in the 4th pic was the most value for money and had the best raw scallops and sashimi plus some chairs and a table for you to seat comfortably and eat. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Some snacks that we bought from the famous nishiki market in kyoto. From fresh oyster, matcha soft serve with warabimochi, black sesame fried bun to kinako latte, egg n bacon sandwich, apricot jelly and daifuku.

Food that worth to shout on:

1) Black Sesame Fried Bun - oily on the first bite but the strong black sesame flavour comes after that is really worth the calories!

2) Uji Matcha Soft Serve w Warabimochi - not the most fantastic warabimochi but the uji matcha taste was really strong and gives me a oomp!

3) Oyster - freshly eaten out from its shell with no addition seasoning. Clear and fresh taste of seafood.

In Nishiki Market, Hamo (conger pike eel) is commonly found in the various stalls, usually served three ways: grilled teriyaki, fried tempura and in onion sauce. As with the other tempuras I had here, this was also minimally dashed with salt so flavor-wise, the hamo was doing all the work with its light and sweet, firm flesh. Unlike unagi, there weren't any bones; probably skillfully removed without mangling of the flesh. Definitely worth every bit of ¥500. #burpple


In Nishiki Market, chanced upon this in a stall selling fish cakes wuuuuuut. Smooth milky soft serve that melts a little too quickly but wasn't overly sweet, topped with two soybeans (?!) and I dropped one sadly; drizzled with bittersweet matcha which they were a bit stingy with (booooo). But what really stood out was the cone used - not your typical waffle cone but the light, fragrant, buttery langue de chat!


At 300JPY, you can find this at a specialty green tea shop near the end of the Nishiki Market Main Street. Cubes of delicious green tea warabimochi are generously encased by heaps of green tea powder. These were not too sweet, and delightfully soft and cool-to-mouth. Lovely texture and perfect dessert in Japan esp in the sweltering weather!

Apart from the signature melon pans, creamia softserve is only available here, which is served in a Langue de chat ‘cone’, the only cone that I would gladly indulge in and not getting just for the sake of gram! 🤭 Similiar to the Shiroi Kobito cookie minus the white chocolate sandwiched within, the ‘cone’ is crisp with an aromatic, lingering buttery fragrance, which was already great when eaten in silo. Usually not a fan of plain milk flavoured softserve but the one here turned me into a convert instantly, with its aromatic dairy flavour coupled with a smooth, creamy texture. Note that the softserve might be a tad rich for the faint-hearted; though the portion might seem to be not a lot, it was actually pretty filling- warning first, do not get this after a heavy meal! 🚫 On the other hand, the melonpan was equally satisfying, which surpassed my expectation for a typical ‘street food’. Never would I expect a simple looking bun to taste that great, and this came with a crisp, caramelised golden brown crust on its exterior along with a soft, fluffy and pillow interior that comes with an optional softserve (vanilla/matcha) sandwiches within. No doubt did I chose the matcha flavour, which was unfortunately not my cup of tea as it felt more like a jasmine green tea rather than matcha😅. .
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