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Loved how the beef was literally fall off the bone. The level 2 spice level was already pretty fiery for me so exercise some restraint when ordering. Also, they give you a choice of udon and glass noodles in your stew. I feel the latter is better at absorbing all the wonderful beefy flavors of the stew :)

We chose their stew beef seafood pot which came with tender beef ribs and seafood in a light spicy soup. Added more cheese and tokpoki to the udon for more satisfaction. With mussels and lala, the soup was tasty and good. Only drawback was that the prawns and squid had to be eaten quickly before being overcooked.
Topped up the rice for some crab meat, tobiko and seafood to make yummy rice balls. Also tried their hotplate spicy sotong which was much alike our familiar BBQ sotong but with a Korean sauce.
Would probably be back again for their stew pots and rice balls which we enjoyed tonight.

Definitely go for their crab meat rice balls (which you have to mix and roll it up yourselves), hearty pork ribs stew and tomato cheese pancake which tastes like having a pizza. The food is good, and prices are very reasonable considering we are in the heart of town. Read more at:

We like the Honey Mustard Cheese Egg Roll ($9.80) at Masizzim! The praise-worthy combination of the saltiness of the mozzarella and cheddar cheese with the sweetness of the honey mustard 🙌🏻 Plus, the egg rolls were fluffy and moist. Mhmm that's the way to enjoy your eggs 👍🏻 But remember to polish these up quickly before the cheese hardens!

Thanks to Burppler John Kuan's handy tip, I chose to swap the rice from the beef stew with a top-up of $7!
It was really fun to make the rice balls, and while the flavours weren't mindblowing, it certainly made for a much more interesting accompaniment to the beef stew.

This was akin to the Japanese Tamagoyaki, but full of melty cheese inside and drizzled with a sweet mustard sauce. A great side to share that will be sure to delight all cheese lovers!
The egg was wonderfully light and fluffy and the cheese really went well with it. It was still melty and stringy for a good amount of time before it soldified. The sauce was a tad too sweet, but that is nitpicking to an otherwise great dish!

This stew comes with a choice of glass noodles or udon (I chose the latter) and a spiciness level. Level 3 was perfect for a chilli lover like me; it was a nice kick that didn't overwhelm. Any higher a spice level I think would have distracted me from truly enjoying the beautiful rich beef stew, which was wonderfully thick ('gao') and powerful. The dish comes with a burner too so it will remain nice and hot throughout the meal!

The manager was sharing with me how the head chefs were Korean and that the ingredients were imported from Korea for the food to maintain its authenticity. I haven't tried a real beef stew in Korea, but I cannot imagine anything more comforting than having this on a chilly night there.

Tasted more like a pizza than your typical Korean pancake. Cheesy and good for sharing!

Simple yet really tasty. Eggs were cooked well so they were fluffy and creamy. The cheese inside was not overpowering and complemented well with the mustard dressing. Must try!

So so tasty. Would have this again. The fun in making it makes it even more exciting and tasty!

Soft fluffy gooey and awesome. It's no surprise why this dish is one of the most ordered dish at this place. They could maybe experiment with different sauces other than mustard, but still a great dish.

As it was correctly pointed out in a previous review, it's actually spring onions instead of leek. Otherwise it's a pretty good pancake, I personally prefer it slightly thicker... but it does the job.

kimchi tuna and anchovies. both are super delicious!if u cant take spicy food, opt for the anchovies option. the tuna w kimchi is more moist and harder to shape as e kimchi are chunkier.

3 of us share 2 bowls (1 kimchi tuna and 1 anchovies)

super delicious basic egg roll with melty cheese and asweet honey mustard sauce topping

At $14 this is one of the best value Korean pancake. Its says leek on the menu but it's clearly spring onion.

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