JB, Malaysia

JB, Malaysia

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Jason Ng
Jason Ng

[JB, MALAYSIA] Fancy a place to chill or do work with good coffee? @hiritsu.jb may be the place for you to consider!

The Iced Latte (RM13) was really a good brew, as it was strong yet not too sharp. It had a really good fragrance and an aromatic nutty aftertaste that I appreciated. The flavours was still quite intense even after most of the ice melted. Really one of the best coffee I've had in JB yet!

We also had a Christmas speciality drink, the Shaddock Gathered Cold Brew Coffee (RM18). A very interesting drink, the refreshing coffee with pomelo syrup paired well with the savoury cheese foam. However, this may be for others as I don't fancy cheese foam that much. Still a very innovative drink!

Shall be back to chill again!

[JB, MALAYSIA] This is one dim sum restaurant I don't mind coming back to again and again!

We ordered many different dishes and many of them are spot on. Even the basic siew mai was much better than other places, due to the amount of marinated meat within them. If I had to choose 2 favourites, they have to be the Liu Sha Bao and Char Siew Bao.

The Liu Sha Bao has a thin bao layer and the salted egg custard within was so satisfyingly rich! The Char Siew Bao was equally good, as it was stuffed full of roasted meat that had a nice smokiness. The sauce had a good balance of sweet and savoury too!

The total price paid was RM55.80 for 2 pax, which was really affordable considering the amount we ordered. Can't wait to be back again to try more dishes!

[JB, MALAYSIA] @yeon_cafe really serves up quality desserts that can match those that I've had in Korea.

I had the Seasalt Chocolate Cookie (RM10) and it was the dream dessert every chocolate lover would die for. It had a crispy exterior, soft rich chocolate cake like texture within and it was topped with this beautiful rich chocolate ganache in the middle. It was also not too salty not too sweet. So rich and chocolatey that I am willing to come back for this!

The Jasmine Grape Cake (RM19) was the opposite, as it was very light. The soft cake and cream had a good jasmine tea bitterness that was greatly appreciated, as it made the cake not sweet! The grape within was fresh and sweet as well. I loved the surprise crispy layer below, as well as the almond crunch that surrounded the cake. They added extra texture to the soft smooth cake!

So coming back again to try their other desserts!

[JB, MALAYSIA] Kyu Izakaya serves up quality Japanese food in a very cozy setting and it is not too expensive as compared to the Japanese food of similar quality in SG!

The Chirashi Don (RM58) came in a rather small portion, but the seafood ingredients served are all of great quality. All the seafood ingredients had their individual sweetness, and I like how the octopus wasn't tough. However, I wish that the slices could be a little thicker.

The Sake Mental Maki (RM28) was as rich as expected, due to the large amount of mentaiko given! The torch flame added extra smokiness to the dish.

The Tempura Soba (RM28) was also a delight, as the tempura batter was light and crispy. It was well fried as it didn't feel too greasy. Soba noodles had a good bite, though I wished they didn't serve on ice as my noodles were soaking in water towards the end and made the flavour rather diluted.

Nonetheless, they are still quality dishes that I will come back to if I crave some Japanese food. Great for date night and some small celebrations!

[JB, MALAYSIA] If you are looking for some exquisite desserts, this cafe might be it.

@repatisseriemy offers some really exquisite desserts which we thoroughly enjoyed! We had the Hi, Goddess (RM28) and Reverse Lemon (RM19). The Hi, Goddess contains raspberry, some raspberry compote and vanilla cream on a layered tart base. I love how the tart base was so fresh, crispy and buttery. The cream was rich and aromatic and the raspberry provided a slight citrus tang to the dessert. It was so pretty that I was hesitant to cut it!

I actually liked the Reverse Lemon better, as it was much lighter and so fragrant! The citrus flavour is definitely stronger here, but not too sour. The biscuit base won me over, due to its beautiful crisp texture that I was wondering how they did it 🫢

Come here for their interesting masterpieces and chill environment!

[JB, MALAYSIA] I think kfry is also familiar with most people, and their cheesy chicken bumbuk really hits the spot!

We got the Mini Cheesy Bumbuk Yangnyeom (RM34.50) and it came with 6 huge chunks of fried chicken tossed in Yangnyeom sauce and a generous plate of cheese! The staff then melted the cheese on the hot plate and wrapped each chicken with it 😍 The chicken is crispy and rather tender and succulent on the side. It has the right amount of sweet, savoury and spicy flavours too! The cheese added another dimension of richness which paired well with the chicken. The only downside is that the chicken does not seem to be marinated long enough, though the sauce on its exterior made up for it.

We also had the Ham Cheese Rice Ball (RM27.90) which came in this enormous bowl 😂 the rice balls were good! It had a good amount of cheese and ham within!

Portions here are really generous and we couldn't finish although we ordered only 2 dishes! I loved how the service here was really attentive, as they did not hesitate to attend to your needs. Definitely coming back!

[JB, MALAYSIA] This is one claypot dish that I am willing to queue for an hour plus for.

Dai Tao Lala Pot is probably familiar to most people, looking at the enormous queue of roughly 50 people that doesn't seem to end! We had the signature lala pot with a couple of seafood ingredients and vegetables and we left absolutely satisfied.

The 1kg worth of fresh clams were stir fried in very hot oil under a charcoal flame first, before soup is poured in. This gives the soup an iconic smoky flavour, coupled with the natural sweetness from the clams. I believe there was some shaoxing wine as well, hence the slight alcoholic flavour too. The soup was incredibly flavourful and I'm so glad that it is refillable! The other ingredients that we ordered, such as tiger prawns and handmade prawn balls were very fresh as well. The handmade prawn balls were also one of the highlights, as it was made up of almost completely minced prawn meat.

Queueing up for the lala pot isn't too much of a hassle, as seats and cold sweetened tea was provided for everyone. Service seems to be very prompt as well, as they regularly came by to refill our claypot with soup.

We spent a total of RM143 for 2 pax, which is actually really affordable considering the amount of seafood we ate. This is one comforting dish I can see why people are so willing to queue up for!

[JB, MALAYSIA] This is one dessert you gotta try while you're here at Mount Austin!

We got the signature Tou Fu Fa (RM15) which comes with beancurd topped with a huge variety of ingredients. Top favourite got to be the honey pearls, as they were satisfyingly chewy, with a slightly sweet yet aromatic flavour. So glad that we get to choose our sugar type as well, and the chrysanthemum sugar just hit the spot with its naturally floral notes. As it is served by the side, you get to control how sweet you want the dessert to be too!

Great for sharing and the shop has a rather big space. Definitely coming back when I'm here again!

[JB, MALAYSIA] Another cafe spot to put in your list!

@outstandcoffee serves up quality coffee and pastries in a cozy ambience that we thoroughly enjoyed. We ordered a Dirty Latte (RM13) and Iced Latte (RM14) for our coffee, which were quite delightful! The beans used had a nutty profile and it was very very smooth. The coffee taste itself is mellow and not sharp, hence you don't get that strong bitter aftertaste. The aromatic notes then come in like a warm hug around your mouth!

The Golden Pillow (RM18.90) was a beautifully delicious pastry. The exterior was so crispy and fragile to the touch, and the interior is fluffy and filled with ham and cheese. I love the incorporation of mustard, which gave a lovely slight sour thang to the savoury cheese used. Now I have found my new favourite pastry type!

This is one cafe you gotta consider while you're here in JB!

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[JB, MALAYSIA] Probably one of the most famous shao la eatery near the checkpoint, Ya Wang seems to have a never ending stream of patrons even when I arrived at 10 plus in the morning. Looking at the delicious roast meats that were hanging in front of the shop, I decided to get all of their speciality meats on 1 plate.

The portion of meat given was pretty generous and I quite like all of them. The dang gui herbal roasted duck was tender with a slightly crispy skin (this is not easy to achieve). The roast pork was savoury, tender and had a crispy skin and the char siew was actually the best in my opinion. The exterior was beautifully caramelised and there was a good ratio of meat and fat. The char siew sauce had a good balance of sweet and salty too!

However, I didn't like the oil rice as it was not fragrant nor garlicky enough. The chilli sauce was rather strange as well.

I wouldn't say this is one of the best roast meats I've had, but definitely a decent one. Total price paid was RM30 with another plate of herbal duck rice, which was pretty affordable! A can try if you are in the area!

[JB, MALAYSIA] Finally here at this cafe that's been on my list for too long! @soil_jb is a cafe located in a rather quaint area of Mount Austin with a really beautiful exterior design!

Within the cafe, you will realise that it has a rather large space that has seats with unobstructed views of the scenery outside. With many dessert options and much contemplation, we got ourselves 2 sliced cakes which were pretty good.

Both the Earl Grey Rose & Strawberry Orange (RM16 each) did not taste too artificial and was not too sweet. The cakes were much denser but not dry at all. I thoroughly enjoyed the Iced Mocha (RM15), as it was not too sweet, the chocolate used was of good quality and the coffee was rich and aromatic.

This is one cafe you can consider at Mount Austin!

[JB, MALAYSIA] Now this is one seafood zi char restaurant you gotta put in your list!

Hai Kee Seafood is well known among tourists and locals for their affordable quality seafood dishes and I must say we were impressed. We had the Salted Egg Crabs and although we ordered the 2 small sized ones, they were very meaty. The meat itself had a natural sweetness and a very fresh bouncy texture. The highlight got to be their salted egg sauce, as it was rich, perfectly sweet and salty with a strong salted egg flavour. I'm glad that it is not the grainy kind!

The Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves were also cooked well, as it wasn't overcooked and the Sambal was very fragrant without being too spicy. Loved the Fried Rice too, as the rice wasn't clumpy and had a significant wok hei flavour.

The total bill was affordable at RM118. The only downside is that there were quite a few touters, which may affect your dining experience. If you don't mind then this is one good zichar to go for 😍

Jason Ng

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