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Bread Dinosaur
Bread Dinosaur

🍞Thai Yaowarat Buns
📍Yung Yung (
📌 Multiple Outlets
💰 $3 - $3.80

Yung Yung has expanded quite a bit since its first outlet opened in Bishan! This store sells flowy Thai yaowarat buns and various milk teas. The buns are truly not to be missed as they’re super buttery and crisp with flowy and generous fillings, absolutely unreal.

🥜Peanut Butter ($3)
The pb tastes like those skippy kinds, its really flowy and so rich and delicious.

🥥Pandan Kaya ($3)
The kaya is surprisingly super fragrant and delicious! Though not as flowy as the other flavours, its still hella perfect.

🍫Melted Chocolate ($3.20)
Rich af shes everything i wish i was

🍪Bis Choco ($3.80)
My fav flavour because the biscoff crumbs are generously mixed throughout the chocolate, so its crunchy, smooth and flowy.

🍪Overfilled Speculoos ($3.80)
Also super rich and thicc and chefs kiss worthy

Haven’t tried their other flavours but I’ll def be down to!

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🍵Thai Green Milk Tea ($6.50)
One of the best thai green milk teas I’ve had, it’s rich in flavour and not too sweet.

🥛Melt My Heart Mini Milkshake ($9.90)
Great for milkshake lovers though it is a little sweet if the ice cream melts into it.

🍌Banana Choco Frappe ($9.90)
So good! Must try, the banana and chocolate blend perfectly with the coffee element.

💙Blue Lagoon Iced Latte ($8.90)
This tastes a bit more vanilla, its a little more average in flavour but is still delicious.

🍤Thai Prawn Cakes ($7.50)
Super crispy and delicious, a must try!

🦐Prawn Pad Thai ($12.90/$15.90)
The flavours are popping in this dish, with a good level of spice that enhances everything else.

🍚Tom Yum Fried Rice ($12.90/$15.90)
Not too salty with a nice amount of tom yum flavour!

🍳Minced Chicken Omelette Egg ($7.90/$9.90)
A little milder in flavour compared to the others, would prefer for it to be saltier but if u pair it with the saltier dishes, it balances out.

🍗Thai Basil Chicken ($11.90/$15.90)
A little more average compared to the other dishes but also really generous and spicy and salty.

🍯Honey Garlic Fried Chicken ($13.90/$16.90)
A must try! The fried chicken is so crispy and the sweet honey garlic coating is incredible, plus the chicken chunks are huuuge.

🌶️Chicken Red Tom Yum Soup ($12.90/$15.90)
Packs a punch with its heat, which I loved. The chicken chunks were generous too, and the tom yum was absolutely amazing, being spicy enough and not too sour.

🥘Seafood Thai Green Curry ($15.50/$18.50)
The amount of seafood within was so generous and I loved the curry as it was sweet with a strong coconut milk aroma.

Talented eater Instagram: @breadinosaur

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