🍞Thai Yaowarat Buns
📍Yung Yung (@yungyung.sg)
📌 Multiple Outlets
💰 $3 - $3.80

Yung Yung has expanded quite a bit since its first outlet opened in Bishan! This store sells flowy Thai yaowarat buns and various milk teas. The buns are truly not to be missed as they’re super buttery and crisp with flowy and generous fillings, absolutely unreal.

🥜Peanut Butter ($3)
The pb tastes like those skippy kinds, its really flowy and so rich and delicious.

🥥Pandan Kaya ($3)
The kaya is surprisingly super fragrant and delicious! Though not as flowy as the other flavours, its still hella perfect.

🍫Melted Chocolate ($3.20)
Rich af shes everything i wish i was

🍪Bis Choco ($3.80)
My fav flavour because the biscoff crumbs are generously mixed throughout the chocolate, so its crunchy, smooth and flowy.

🍪Overfilled Speculoos ($3.80)
Also super rich and thicc and chefs kiss worthy

Haven’t tried their other flavours but I’ll def be down to!

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