Brunch Places

Brunch Places

Featuring Shukuu Izakaya & Sake Bar, Fat Belly, Meat N' Chill, One Prawn & Co, The Drunken Poet, Joo Chiat Kim Choo, Meadesmoore, Hey! I Am Yogost (City Square Mall), Ten+, Jia Li Seafood Soup 佳丽海鲜汤 (Westgate)
Julian Tan
Julian Tan

Ordered the red grouper and botang fish soup with crawfish and was very delighted with the taste of the soup, and fish.
The crawfish was decent but I was not a fan of the texture of it.

The duck was very tasty and tender, would definitely recommend it, as it came in a good portion and was relatively cheap 👍🏻

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Ordered the mango yogurt and brown sugar yogurt.

Preferred the mango yogurt as I was a fan of the mix of brown sugar and yogurt, but the mango was made of thick, fresh chucks of mango, which I really liked.

The yogurt was thick, but was also easy to drink. Would definitely recommend the fruit yogurts, especially if you like yogurt! They’re really refreshing especially on a hot day 👍🏻

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Had a great time eating their delicious food and listening to some good music!!

Ordered the hickory ribs and angus beef burger, which is a very filling combination, especially after adding chilli fries with it.

The quesadillas were amazing as well, with the cheese and beef making me go back there again 😅

Would definitely recommend their ribs as they’re packed with flavour and are so juicy!!

Definitely recommend this place if you’re looking for a comfy and casual meal 👍🏻


Lovely restaurant with a calm atmosphere in the middle of a bustling CBD area. I really enjoyed my dinner there with fantastic food!!

The beef tar tar and flat iron wagyu steak were my favourites, and I would definitely recommend them if you plan on going. They have a selection of steaks to choose from, and I’m sure they will all satisfy your cravings!

Staff were very pleasant and welcoming as well.

We ordered the Mentaiko Tater Tots and Pork skewers for starters, and they were amazing!! Loved how crispy the tater tot’s were, and the pork skewers were so juicy with a delicious sauce.

We also ordered the Angus burger, which was decently tasty, with a very juicy patty.

Lastly, we ordered the prawn pasta, which was quite interesting as it was served in a sort of soup. Interesting taste, but the prawn was delicious.

Definitely would recommend a visit, if you are looking for an outdoorsy restaurant and want a chill time

I tried 5 different flavours of the rice dumplings and they were good!! I shared them with my family members and they also enjoyed the unique flavours 👍🏻

My favourite was the Hakka Pork Belly, and the meat was tender and tasty.

Definitely recommend if you’re looking for interesting flavours to spice up the traditional rice dumplings 🤩

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Enjoyed a very delicious bowl of Prawn Mee!
Pork ribs were so tender and tasty, much better than other prawn mee’s that I have tasted.
I would definitely recommend this place if you are craving for some good prawn mee 👍🏻

Had a great time eating authentic Japanese cuisine, especially their mentaiko dishes.
Would highly recommend their seared scallops with mentaiko!!

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Ordered baby back ribs and roast beef as our mains. The ribs were very tasty, but some of them were more cooked than others. The roast beef paired with the sauce was delicious, and definitely something I would order again.
The vibes of the place was also very nice, definitely a place I would go to with the boys, especially on a footy night.

A steakhouse with perfect vibes for a weekend brunch 👍🏻

The restaurant is located conveniently near Botanic Gardens MRT, and is definitely a place where you can enjoy good food and have a nice chat!

Had the Deep Fried Camembert for appetisers, and had the Creme Brûlée French Toast with Fried Chicken as one of our mains.

The Wagyu Denver steak with Broccolini on the side was our other main, and it was definitely the star of the show. The steak was seasoned well, with the charred flavour prominent with every bite.

Would definitely recommend visiting if you’re looking for somewhere to have a relaxing, and appetising meal 🤩