Growth Phase (10-30)

Growth Phase (10-30)

Meals at the $10-30 range
Spiceratops Rex
Spiceratops Rex

Went to Sunday folks for dessert. The rocher ice cream tasted of rich dark chocolate. Wouldnt say the ice cream was too sweet or bitter, but it tasted exceptionally rich.
Having it as desert after a main course elsewhere gave me a food coma.

Grade A-

Rosti was perfectly done, achieving a fine balance between being overly-charred and well done. Whipped cream provided a refreshing taste which enhanced the addictiveness of the rosti.
Did not expect an entire cutlet sized chicken to be served, was pleasantly surprised when that was the case. The chicken slices completed the meal, along with the standard western brown sauce.
The end product was a highly filling meal that created much bang for my buck.

Grade: A

Mushroom soup that came as part of a set for the lunch menu. Came with a piece of garlic bread which was freshly toasted and tasted great when dipped into the soup.
The soup had a consistent and creamy filling topped off by a wafting aroma. It fulfilled its dty of serving as an appetiser priming me for more.

Grade: A-

Wanted to test my spice limits by adding chilli and ordering the spiciest item on the menu, but as with japanese food, the dish was overall salty as opposed to spicy.
Despite the menu description, the ramen was rather lacking in the spice department, with only a thin layer of chilli paste making up for the heat.

Ordered hard noodles with less oil. Overall the noodles tasted as per ordered along with cha shu that contrasted the overall strong taste of the broth by serving as a palette cleanser.

Overall, I enjoyed the noodles as they tasted like authentic japanese ramen.

Grade: A-

Cost: 29.80

The premium beef meat was really juicy and broth was mellow and addictive.

The brown sauce was the unspoken star of the show, i found myself dipping eveything into it.

Grade: A

Really filling rice bowl which was topped with bread chunks, tomato, salsa, and mayonnaise
Chicken was rather dry, but portions were sizeable and satisfing, creating value for money. Chilli provided was moderately spicy, and provided variation to taste.

Cost: 10.90
Grade: A

Cost: 17.90
Ordered spice level at lvl 3.
Cream neutralised much of the spice, which originated from the chilli padi.
Meat chunks were sparse, as expected, but pasta was sufficient.
Overall the meal was quite nice and balanced, although the air conditioning could have been stronger.

Grade: B+

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Cost: 16.90 ++

Had to add noodles to make the dish filling. Ordered lots of chilli and the staff were surprisingly generous with the condiments.
Duck morsels were chewy and complimented the seasonal pasta well.
Really enjoyed the pasta concept would go again.

Grade: A-

Rice juice felt just right in thickness, and the portion of longans was generous enough.
My main gripe was there was far too much ice, and the jar could not satiate my thirst.
Price: 10.90++
Grade: B

Cost: 20.40++ for 5 wings
Wings were large and juicy, and the sauce felt spicy enough to provide a tinge of a kick.
By the end of the course, I felt really satisfied.

Grade: A

Homemade orange ale sauce provided a sweet and tangy kick to the chicken wings. This is probably one of the best sauces I had alongside chicken.

The wings were unfortunately drumlet-sized, leaving me craving for more.

Cost: 10+
Grade: A-

Cost: 10.90
Gourmet chicken burger served with carrots and a lightly toasted bun.
Tasted really good, and the carrot shavings inside the bun provided a unique texture.

Being gourmet sized, the burger left me wanting more.

Grade: A-

Eat to live, live to eat

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