Fresh Fish Alert. Meat was so white and soft, I thought i was eating steamed crab.

Canton Delicacies certainly a popular store here at GBM. Saw a few tables with claypot curry fish head, or with their distinctive steel plates.

Happy returning customer here.

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Na Na Homemade Curry is a Michelin Bib Gourmand listed joint that serves up some shiok curry.

The curry chicken is one of the more budger friendly item on their menu, of course, if u are unwilling to spent too much on their signature fish head curry.

Chicken was tender and the curry was very spicy and flavourful, though it was slightly watery.

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Jin Pai Zi Char is one of the few stalls here at Alexandra Village that opens after 8pm.

Google reviews for this place is rather good.

The Fish Head curry here is rather good. Curry was thick and flavourful. Fish head was fresh and this place totally justified its high Google rating.

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Chicken was tender.

Generous amount of Rendang Sauce. Sauce had an evident lemongrass taste to it.

The Otah was very good, must add on.

Serves Sambal Seafood as well, will definitely return to try that for sure soon.


I have been eating at 01-08 Claypot for over a decade already.

Their curry chicken, sasame sauce chicken and braised pork have always been my favourite.

There's always a queue for this stall during meal times.

And all their food are cheap and affordable also.

Curry Chicken was flavourful and spicy, chicken wings are uses for this curry and the potatoes are cooked to soft.

Dong Po braised pork also damn good, the fat ratio of the meat is very good, and the fats just melts in your mouth.

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Curry was rather good. Thick and flavourful. Drank finish the whole pot.

Boneless chicken were used here and they were all tender and delicious.

Cheap and good.

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Affordable Peranakan Food Alert!

Peranakan Food have a reputation of being rather expensive. But not here at Charlie's

Located at Basement Floor of Golden Mile Hawker, Charlie's looks rather old school, with a hand written menu/signboard. The lady owner was very nice and friendly.

What we had

1) Bakwan Kepiting- damn good. Absolutely love this pork/crab meat balls.

2) Ayam Rendang- Chicken was fresh. The Rendang gravy was thick and flavourful.

3) Chap Chye- Normal dish, nothing really sepcial

They have many items on their menu, next time will try their Ayam Buah Keluak


#New Menu Item#

Lemak Chilli Padi comes with an entire thigh and drumstick. The chicken as usual here is tender and cooked just right.

The lemak Chilli Padi menu item is basically a dry curry chicken, almost like rendang. And its damn spicy and shiok. And its only on menu on Monday-Wednesdays only.

Price a little steep if u ask me, $14.80 for nasi lemak.

Noticed theres a Price increased since last visit, Ayam Berempah leg nasi lemak used to be $8.80, then it was $9.80, now $11.80 already.

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Comes with 2 fresh and partially de-shelled tiger prawns.

This bowl of laksa doesn't come with cockles.

Laksa gravy thick and rich in flavours. Quite shiok

Classic Laksa comes with 1 tiger prawn @$5.80

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They actually travel to toa payoh from tiong bahru. The auntie even travel up from the west side to meet them there to da pao these curry puffs.

And here I am, with a bag of curry puffs that were handed over to me for snacks.

Definitely 1 of the better curry puffs I had, better than OCK.

Eat it whilst it's hot

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+$3.90 for 1 drink & snack

Old chang kee was originally started out in the 1950s as Rex curry puff along this same locality.

The Signature Curry Chicken is one of their signature dish here. You can have it with bun or prata, all same price at $8.90.

Curry was thick and flavourful with an unexpected spicy kick.

Chicken was ok. Seems like it's just 1 drumstick cut into a few pieces.


The Curry was thick and flavourful. Lots of ingredients, from tofu to fishballs and prawns etc.

Nan Yang Dao has been bookmarked by myself to try for quite some time. It is about a 5-10mins walk from NEX, and is located at the ground floor of a HDB.

Nan yang dao serves a large variety of Malaysian Style foods.

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Taste the food. Don’t just swallow them

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