Eggie Dempsey

Eggie Dempsey

Eating our way through Dempsey 🤧
Eggie Foodies
Eggie Foodies

Seasonal French Burlat Cherry & Pistachio Tart with Pistachio Ice cream ($28++) 🍒 7.5/10
Well executed and yummy but nothing to shout about. The tart filling itself had a smooth consistency and the pistachio flavour was prominent in both it and the ice cream. Cherries were fresh and tart too.

Chocolate Pot ($8++) 8/10
Rich and indulgent, this one is a dark chocolate lover’s dream. 🍫

Orange & Grand Marnier Souffle ($26++) 8.5/10
This souffle for 2 is just one of the many demonstrations of Chef Patrick’s culinary skill. Look at that height! 😮 Super light and airy, soft and fluffy. ☁️

💎 Profiteroles ($24++) 9/10
Our favorite dessert of the night, the choux pastry was light and crisp. We absolutely loved the deep dark chocolate sauce and the vanilla ice cream that finished the dish.

Crab & Saffron Linguine Pasta ($38++) 8.5/10
Another seasonal special, this pasta was light on the palate and filled with chunks of crab meat. 🥰 The saffron rich sauce coated each strand of al dente pasta, this was a real treat to eat.

💎 1kg Oven Roasted Angus Beef Prime Rib ($160++) 9.5/10
The cote du boeuf came with shallots & garlic confit. We ordered ours medium rare and it was gloriously carved tableside to reveal its perfect temperature.🤭 Tender but still with some bite, this prime rib never disappoints.

💎 Beef Tartare ($45++) 9/10
One of the best tartares I’ve ever eaten, perfectly balanced with spice, acid, fat, salt and texture. A much needed redemption after our fail at LBF. Just so good. Please try. 😤

Steamed French Bouchot Mussels ($52++) 8.5/10
We had our mussels with saffron cream sauce, also an option for white wine sauce. The bouchot mussels are just in season and hence, the mussels are smaller than what they will be later on in the season. Despite the size, the mussels packed a punch in terms of its flavor and its plumpness. Will be back to try them again when they're bigger!

Pan Seared Foie Gras ($45++) 8.5/10
The foie is paired with apple puree & almond crumble. An indulgent treat with great luxurious mouthfeel, we love the crispness of the hard sear and the soft, melt-in-your-mouth interior. 🤤

🦪 ½ Dozen Normandy Oysters ‘Mermaid’ France ($38++) 8.5/10
Served with Homemade Lime Vinaigrette
A taste of the ocean! Creamy, succulent and fresh, the oysters are especially plump around this time. Now these are what good oysters look like!😍

💎 Sauteed Frog Legs ($30++) 9/10
The French and their frog legs. Perfectly pan fried, these juicy frog legs were doused in the most flavorsome garlicky parsley sauce. We mopped the sauce up with some bread after we devoured the frog legs. 🤭

Lamb Merguez Sausage ($24++) 8/10
The nicely spiced and flavourful sausage we ordered came with heirloom tomatoes salad. Thought we’d try something new here but I’d say get the toulouse sausage instead!

Oven Baked Reblochon Cheese ($40++) 8/10
This cheese dish was cooked with bacon, potatoes and onions. Indulgent and creamy, this is best shared with others and dipped with Atout’s fluffy bread that is crispy on the outside! 👌

G&G eating through SG 👅 Instagram: @eggiefoodies

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