Hawker Eats × Steamed / Hainanese Chicken 🐔

Hawker Eats × Steamed / Hainanese Chicken 🐔

Featuring Mui Kee Congee 妹记生滚粥品 (Shaw Centre), Katong Mei Wei, Thien Kee Steamboat Restaurant (Golden Mile Tower), Yishun 925 Hainanese Chicken Rice (Yishun Central), Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice Restaurant (East Coast Road), Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice 文东记鸡饭 (Whampoa West), Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice 文东记鸡饭 (Bukit Timah), Soup Restaurant 三盅两件 (Compass One), Jew Kit Restaurant (Far East Plaza), Lao Wang Kampong Bean Sprout Chicken Rice
Triffany Lim
Triffany Lim

We arrived past 8pm and they were left with the last few plates of chicken breast meat. Even though I don't really order breast meat because they are usually tough and dry, I am glad that we proceed with our order. The meat was tender and juicy. The rice was equally good without being too oily and comes with a firm bite to each grain, packed with fragrance from the chicken stock and ginger 》$8

Taste less oil and more goodness in every bite. This is a healthier version of chicken rice where they use free range kampung chicken cooked in traditional Hainanese style and served with house-made chilli and ginger sauce. The chicken was soft, tender and juicy while the rice was fragrant, not too oily and firm. It is healthier, lesser fats, leaner, lower in cholesterol, contains more fibre and richer in flavour.

The hometown tofu is house-made with fresh soy milk. It was crisp on the outside and silky smooth on the inside, sitting in a savoury minced meat sauce.

Kampung Chicken Rice 》$5.50
Hometown Tofu 》$8 / Small

Soft and tender kampung chicken with a firm bite. The rice is fragrant with the use of pandan leaves and cooked till fluffy with a nice grainy texture. One good thing was the rice not being too oily.

The beansprouts that came topped with silverfish, chilli, spring onions and pepper are plump and crunchy but a little light on flavours. Overall the food was slightly above average but the price is on the high side for the portion served.

Kampung Chicken Thigh Rice 》$5
Silverfish Beansprout 》$4

Soft and tender flesh with a hint of sweetness from the sauce. I'd better if there's more wine 》$10

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Succulent and tender Hainanese chicken to be accompanied with fragrant rice and chilli sauce 》$14

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Half Chicken 》$18
Thai Style Fried Beancurd 》$6
Sambal Kang Kong 》$10/Small

Boneless, smooth and tender juicy chicken 🐔 drenched in soy sauce that’s not overly salty. I like to mix my rice with their chicken soya sauce, dark soya sauce and chilli together.

Half Chicken & 2 Rice 》$14.60


Chicken was steamed without much seasoning after which, dipped in ginger sauce before consumption. The ginger sauce is a fragrant and tasty compliment to the chicken. You may wrap the chicken in lettuce to achieve that crunch when you bite into the popular Samsui Ginger Chicken 》$19.90 / Small

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BTK right after a morning run at MacRitchie Reservoir is sinful but satisfying to the hungry tummies. One of my favourite places for tender, juicy white steamed chicken with their signature pyramid shaped rice and chilli sauce 😉

Chicken for 2 》$9
Sambal Kang Kong 》$8
Rice 》$0.60 Each​


Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice is one of the oldest eatery located at the basement 1 food court in Katong Shopping Centre. I was lured by the sweet chicken rice aroma while walking pass the food court.

Their chicken 🐔 rice is prepared in a unique way that leave us crav​ing​ for more. We ordered a mix of roasted and steamed 🐔 to try. The 🐔 are supplely juicy, tender and accompanied with their distinct savoury sauce. Another distinct ​item would be their 🍚. They came in a very yellowish colour due to the use of yellow ginger. What’s more? They have complimentary achar and soup. We've gotten 2 types of soup​:​ 1 vegetables soup with cabbage and​ tomatoes ​& 1 slightly peppery chicken feet soup.

This is definitely the most popular stall in the food court judging by the longest queue formed in a 90 degrees angle. I had a good 12 👫👬👭👫👬👭 patrons in front before it reached me but the queue was moving quite fast or was it because I was so immersed in my KDrama that I didn’t noticed it was soon to be my turn 😂

Roasted & Steamed Chicken for 2pax + Tau Kwa + Egg + 2 Rice 》$14.30


I'm in a relationship with food. Why can't we just declare our never ending love and vows towards some food item? I'm sure that would not result in divorces.

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