Bukit Batok

Bukit Batok

Featuring Penang Seafood Restaurant, Hey! I Am Yogost (Suntec City), AH LOCK & Co. (Guoco Tower), Ah Yee's Soon Kueh, WaWa (Fortune Centre), Francesca’s ([email protected]), French Fold (Palais Renaissance), KIN HOI, Xin Yuan Ji Fish Soup (Bukit Batok)
Spoons Of Delights
Spoons Of Delights

Signature Street Style Fried Thai Vermicelli with crayfish ($18): This was soo soo good! My top must try dish here! I love how the vermicelli soak up all the pepper broth! Lots of wokhei taste in it! So tasty I couldnt have enough of it! You can order this vermicelli plain ($8) or with tiger prawns ($22.80) too!

Famous Stir Fried Basil Pork with rice and egg ($8): Love this dish as the basil pork was super spicy super got kick! The egg was the cooked kind though!

Tom Yum Clear Seafood Soup ($15): Be warned this was SUPER SPICY!! Prepare some water or order some rice if you are getting this! There are lots of fresh seafood ingredients in this soup! There are prawns, mussels, squid rings and fish slices! Lots of mushrooms too!

Thai Style Special Omelette with Crabmeat ($16.80): Wah i super love thai style egg omelete! Crispy on the outside and fluffy in the interior! Lots of meaty fresh crabmeat was given too! The best way to eat this omelette is with some chilli sauce side dip! You can also get it plain ($12) or with oyster ($16.80).

Sea Conch Gong Gong ($8): Super long time since I last ate Gong Gong, more than 10 years ago! This is one of the top crowd favourite dishes! It is served with their signature chilli sauce which I super love! The gong gong meat also pulls out super easy from the shell. Chewy fresh meat and super clean!

Finally checked out this crepe place @frenchfold!

Here is what we ordered:
No.04 Ham, egg sunny side up, sautéed mushrooms, Comté cheese ($19++)
No.12 Duck confit, baby potatoes, cream, thyme ($21++)

The crepes are made of buckwheat flour and they only use organic eggs! Loved both of the above crepes! Can’t decide which of the two I prefer! I love the addition of baby potatoes into the crepe! It sounded like a weird combination, but I ended up loving it very much! We were too full from these 2 savoury crepes to try their sweet crepes!

They were super packed on a friday night at the Orchard outlet. Do remember to make a reservation beforehand! Their reservation timings for dinner ar 630pm or 8pm though.
Also special shoutout to their VERY FRIENDLY service staff!

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My favourite kuehs from @ahyeessoonkueh !

This is my 4th time eating their kuehs! This time round i bought them from the @pickupp.sg app as there was a flash sale!!

Featured here are the following kuehs, ranked in order of my preference
🌟Yam Kueh: my number 1 favourite!! Would have bought more but there was a cap of max 4 quantity for each item. I love this so much as there is shredded yam and pumpkin in the kueh! Super flavourful!
🌟Yam Cake: If you prefer more yam, get this! This tasted super nice when panfried!!
🌟 Pumpkin Cake: first time trying this too and it was quite nice! But yam cake still more preferred for me
🌟 Soon Kueh: i am typically not a fan of soon kueh, but my family loves it

Check them out [email protected] app! To get $5 off (min $14 purchase), use this code ! Effectively you will get free delivery to your house with this promocode!

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New Italian Food Kiosk @francescas.sg at 313 Somerset Level B3-47!

Featured here are 3 of the new items that will be launched for May for the monthly specials!

Franceca’s Special Clam Chowder: This is made with chicken and prawn stock, simmered for over 8 hours, with white wine and cream! There are lots of fresh vegetables like onions, celery, carrots and potatoes added in to make the soup sweeter! Fresh clams are used for this clam chowder!

Aragosta Lobster Piadini: Check out this affordable luxe luncheon! Fresh lobsters are used and they are lightly poached, before tossing with evo, lemon juice, salt and pepper! There are also LOTS of fresh vegetables added to the piadini, with melted mozzarella cheese! There is also a special sriracha sauce given to spice things up!
Seafood Laksa Pasta: Using their very own in house recipe, this fusion dish comes with prawns, squid, mussels and clams! Check this dish out if you love laksa!

Truffle Wings - I also tried this side which is part of the permanent menu. Super crispy juicy wings with truffle sauce taste and dusted with parmesan powder.

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Crown Prince Spicy Mee Hoon 太子米粉 from @penangseafoodrestaurant !

One of my top favourite tzechar places in aljunied!

Second time ordering this! I love the beehoon! Super thin strands (it is like the putien dry beehoon)! This is similar to chaotah beehoon too (like the one from JB Ah Meng). The difference is this has 5 big prawns given (while the JB Ah Meng's version has cuttlefish and pork slices in them)!

Be sure to get the sambal chilli sauce! Goes well with the beehoon!

ordered this through grabfood, so no waiting involved! $10.70 on grabfood! Do note this is more expensive than walk in takeaway price! (if you have grabfood vouchers then it is a good deal!)

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My heart goes shalala lala at @wawasg ! Wawa Lala Beehoon specialises in clams!

Featured here are the following items:

🌟Signature Power Drunken Lala Beehoon soup ($7.90): This is one of the signature item! There is a choice of bee hoon or tanghoon, and I opted for the tanghoon! There is also a choice of spicy or non-spicy soup. Be warned, the spicy option can get quite spicy, not for kids! But if you do take spice, do try this, it was quite shiok to drink! There is even enoki mushrooms in the soup! Enjoyed the soup alot, and it does not leave you thirsty after!

🌟Power Sambal Lala with Tasty Rice ($9.90): A very interesting combination of sambal lala with tasty rice! The tasty rice was quite like lotus leaf rice! This came with diced mushrooms too! The sambal is also quite spicy, but also super shiok! The sambal sauce given was just nice!

🌟Fresh Lala Chawanmushi with salmon roe ($5.90): Besides the fresh lala cahwanmushi ($3.90), they also have this other option with salmon roe! Very smooth tasting chawanmushi, with fresh lala clams in the chawanmushi too! Salmon roe gives the burst of flavours!

🌟Fresh Lala in Signature Homemade Garlic Butter Sauce ($7.90): The lalas were drenched in the fragrant garlic butter sauce! I thought it was a drier sauce, but nope, is the very wet kind that you can lick up with a spoon!

🍹They have a wide range of hot and cold beverage, such as the lime juice ($2)!

Fresh lalas are used for all the dishes here! 👍🏻You can see the live clams in their seawater tank too! Was very impressed how there is NO TASTE of sand at all in all the clam dishes! (usually when I order clam dishes elsewhere, i always have a fear that there will be a taste of sand which will spoil the whole meal).

Check this place out if you want to try out these fresh lala dishes!

They are located at Fortune Centre 190 Middle Rd, 01-11/12, Singapore 188979
Opening hours: Daily 1130am-930pm, except monday

Healthy Yoghurt Smoothie Drinks from @yogost_sg!

Featured here are the following two drinks:
🍓Yoghurt Tea Blend - Strawberry Lemon Yo-Tea ($7.80): This yoghurt tea blend series is a combination of yoghurt and green tea, infused with the fruit of choice! You will get lots of fresh strawberry bites with a citrusy burst of flavours to wake you up from the lemon green tea!

🥭Fresh Fruit Yoghurt Series - Mango Yoghurt ($6.80): I was expecting this to be more sour than the other cup, but it was the other way round! Sweet fresh mango huge chunks in this drink! V flavourful drink, and the yoghurt was very smooth and creamy!

Nice drinks to rejuvenate yourself!

🚨1 for 1 opening promo at the below two outlets!
1️⃣i12 katong outlet will officially open on 25 Feb 2022! The 1 for 1 opening promo will be on 25-27 Feb 2022
2️⃣City Square Mall outlet will officially open on 5 Mar 2022! The 1 for 1 opening promo will be on 5-6 Mar 2022.
The free drink will be limited to Purple Rice Yogurt. Only 1 redemption per customer. (Other terms and conditions apply. Do keep a lookout on their IG/FB page for more details!)

Hakka Rice Bowls from @ahlocknco !

Featured are the following rice bowls:

✨Hakka Signature Rice Bowl ($7.80): Comes with Hakka chicken Tofu, hakka chicken meatball, mani cai, long beans.

✨Hakka Chicken Rice Bowl ($7.80): Comes with crispy chicken, crispy broccoli, sous vide egg.

✨Hakka Meatball Rice Bowl ($8.80): Comes with Hakka chicken meatball, tamago, diced broccoli.

✨Hakka Karni Rice Bowl ($9.90): Comes with hakka chicken tofu, hakka chicken meatball, hakka crispy chicken, diced tofu.

✨Hakka Salmon Rice Bowl with Teriyaki Sauce ($11.80): Comes with pan fried salmon, crispy broccoli, homemade potato salad. (Choice of teriyaki or special mayo sauce)

Enjoyed all the ricebowls! Very generous amount of rice, and all the ingredients were well seasoned and very flavourful! If you are one who prefers more variety in life, I will recommend the Hakka Karni Rice Bowl, because you get to try all the different items all in one bowl!

Ala carte sides:
🌟Homemade potato salad ($2): This was super creamy and crunchy at the same time from the addition of cucumbers and carrots!
🌟Homemade coleslaw ($2): Very refreshing to have.
🌟Matcha pudding ($1.60): Very interesting choice of dessert here, and this was good!

Min Jiang Kueh ($1.60 each) from @munchidelights
This is my favourite min jiang kueh from yishun park Hawker centre! Ah Lock & Co. is a collaboration between Munchi Delights and Ah Lock Tofu, hence you are able to order munchi delights’ min jiang kueh from the same stall too!
💫Matcha min jiang kueh with red bean paste
💫Charcoal min jiang kueh with coconut
💫Original min jiang kueh with peanut
Love all the min jiang kueh! But my favourite combination will be the matcha/charcoal min jiang kueh with coconut!

If you will like to try out these delicious food from Ah Lock & Co, do keep a lookout as there will be a 30% off promo on @pickupp.sg on 26 Feb 2022 ! Do check out the Shop on Pickupp telegram channel for more details on the exact actual sales time!

For new/existing @pickupp.sg users, do use this code “SPOONSOFDELIGHTS” to get $5 OFF your order, on top of the 30% discount! Super great deal not to be missed!


Have visited Xin Yuan Ji at bugis outlet before for fish soup, but this is my first time at their bukit batok outlet and trying their fish head steamboat for the first time!

🧡signature fish head steamboat: enjoyed the soup! The fish was quite thick slice portions! It has silken tofu too! I only wished more yam was given though as we only got one tiny slice of yam.
🧡oatmeal prawn: my favourite oatmeals! Wished the prawns could be fresher though
🧡pickle raddish beancurd: quite an interesting dish as i dont see this dish often elsewhere. The sauce was more on the sweet than salty side! Very soft beancurd that is like silken tofu texture!
🧡thai style chicken: love the thai sauce that is drenched over the juicy fried chicken!
🧡homemade yam paste: was expecting orh nee like yam, but this had more coconut milk!

IG and TikTok @spoonsofdelights

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