Fancy Schmancy πŸ‘½

Fancy Schmancy πŸ‘½

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Cher G
Cher G

Truffle Chocolate Espuma | Limoncello Caviar | Candied Lemon Peel White Truffle Ice Cream

The white truffle ice cream was interesting.. very sweet and very savoury, tastebuds were confused. But other than that nothing special to shout about

Fondant Potato | Charred Baby Fennel | Sweetbreads | Truffle Jus | Shaved White Truffle (2gm)

This was one thick juicy veal. Everyone likes generous portions but this one was really a tad too thick to cut without effort. I was rly rly stuffed n had to pass to my partner to finish it

This was a mid-meal palate cleanser that was 101% welcomed. It was hot, rich chicken soup that revitalised my tastebuds for the next few courses

Charred Roasted Leeks | Slow Cooked Cherry Tomato | Red Bell Pepper Puree | White Truffle Sauce | Leek Ash

4th course. By this point I was so full I could barely appreciate the food

Blueberry Gel | Fruit Mostarda | Black Olive Truffle Sponge | Shaved White Truffle (2gm)

Super unique dish that I’ve never tried before. Was a mix of savoury from the cheese, olive sponge and shaved white truffle along with the rich sweetness of blueberry and apricot jam

Baby Radish | Asparagus | Tomato Aioli | Salmon Roe

Delicate, refreshing

Gnocco Fritto with Truffle Caviar, Chilled Beet Soup, Parmigiano Crisp

Cute starter

Truffle Butter | Veal Sauce Reduction | Shaved White Truffle (2gm)

Fav dish of the night. The white truffle really shone through as a lighter, earthier and more refined version of our usual black truffle

Cher G

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for the cals

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