$7 after adding a fried egg. BEST salted egg chicken I’ve had in Singapore. This portion is good enough to feed 2 because it was just never ending. The chicken came hot and crispy which was drenched in the creamy sauce.


This was their first outlet opened by an ex-Michelin starred chef! The mapo tofu is very authentic and they have vegetarian options as well. Other than mapo tofu with rice (pearl rice), they also have noodles and other mains as well. A tad on the salty side but definitely worth a try!

Gave this a try after hearing many good reviews about this place. A really popular stall that left me queueing 30 mins for this! However, thought that the meatballs were pretty standard and would give that a pass next time. Their chili also left me tearing while I ate this so I’d recommend to request for less Chili if your spice tolerant isn’t great!

This zichar stall serves up really good food and is very generous with the portion so this is rather affordable (portion looks smaller in this pic than it actually is). There were bits of salted egg as well in the sauce so it seems like the sauce was made for scratch. A really good find!

*This came with free seaweed and egg drop soup as well.

The best item on their menu in my opinion. Wok hey was prominent and tasty. It wasn’t jelak like the other dishes offered, and cheapest on the menu too!

This appeared gimmicky but actually tasted quite nice and noodles were springy. Probably good to share because it can get a bit jelak if you have the whole bowl to yourself. Great to add the Chili especially since it cuts through the creaminess of the salted egg.

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