I liked that you can taste the cheese, but at the same time it doesn't overpower the wings! Wings were much juicier than the drumlets, and overall a nice pairing!

Felt that the mentaiko flavour wasn't as prominent - it was more like mayo. The fire torching was such a good show though.

Enjoyed this especially in the hot weather, and I loved how the noodles were so springy and chewy!!! Kinda addictive because it was cold and spicy, almost like whetting up your appetite as you eat. Kimchi flavour was strong and the use of seaweed and sesame seeds were a great addition!

Looking for a place with good vibes to gather with friends, or want to enjoy Korean food starting from $9.90? You can check out @seoulgoodsg at Punggol Container Park, which has pretty great vibes esp at night!

Spicy Seafood Kimchi Carbonara ($17.90+)
Surprisingly not as spicy as expected. This was creamy, but Kimchi flavour was not as strong here compared to their Naengmyeon. They're really generous w the seafood tho!

Light sweet potato fragrance and milky - wouldn't mind it to be even stronger!

This was a sweet and spicy Yangnyeom sauce - flavour was not bad, but wouldn't mind it to be even spicier. Chicken was decently tender, altho there were some chewy parts closer to the batter area (not sure if it's skin) which I'm not a fan of.

Prob my favourite! Don't really taste crab but the kimchi flavour was good! Slightly thicker pancake here, but the exterior was actly crispy! Would have preferred the usual dipping soy sauce to the sauce that was given to pair tho!

There's crispy bits at the bottom of the pot! But steak was slightly chewy, and rice didn't have much flavour so I had to pair most of this with the sauce at the side.

NGL the croffle was a little dense within, but I liked that it's crispy on the outside and slightly chewy. Particularly liked the garlic crisps topping, and the cream cheese which provided a slight sweet flavour. Wouldn't mind going for their croffle buffet to try all the other flavours actly 🤭.

Have you been to this garden themed Korean cafe concept with hair salon and art jam facilities?! They even offer UNLIMITED Kroffle buffet for just $14.90++?!

🌟 Souffle Pancake ($22)
This came in such a huge portion!! This pancake was soft, albeit just a little dry, but I really loved the eggy flavour of the pancake tbh. Still finished this because of the flavour!

Would totally reco skipping this - there wasn't much Injeolmi flavour, the shaved ice was kinda tasteless (no milky flavour), and was quite underwhelming overall. Their rice cake were really chewy, but lacking any Injeolmi flavour.

Overall Rating: 7/10 (average)

Much preferred this to the tteok!! This was actually flavourful and the meat was also pretty thick, yet remaining tender and well-seasoned! They were q generous w/ the meat, and the fried egg also provided good flavour - I defo enjoyed this dish.

Eat Well, Travel Often.

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