Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

Featuring Swee Choon Dim Sum 瑞春点心 (Jalan Besar), Tom's Palette (Middle Road), PS.Cafe (Harding Road), The Providore (Mandarin Gallery), Ah Chew Desserts (Bugis), O'ma Spoon (313@Somerset), Salted Caramel (Upper Thomson), Craftsmen Specialty Coffee (Siglap), Merely Ice Cream (Sunshine Plaza), Pantler (River Valley)
Pat Jon
Pat Jon

We have been fans of nesuto since they opened and they have gotten so much popular! Be prepared to queue for a table even on weekday evenings. Unfortunately their prices have gone up pretty much as well, definitely miss the times when there was still burpple beyond. Nevertheless the quality makes up for it. The hojicha flavour is pretty rich while the cake is light and fluffy. We thought the cream might be a bit too much even for us cream lovers but we still enjoyed it pretty much.

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We are back at Three Point Two Gelato House and like in our previous visit, we were suckers for the pistachio ice cream. The ice cream had a pretty intense pistachio flavour and it came across as more nutty rather than sweet! We tried the waffle this time as well, and we loved it because it was crispy on the outside, yet fluffy/airy on the inside. This means that you won't get full from the waffle easily, which was a great thing for a post-dinner meal. 😋 The waffle was served alongside honey (in a separate vial) and chocolate drizzle (along the sides of the plate), so you can mix them in if you like. In total, we paid around $10 for both the ice cream and the waffle.

Three Point Two was really crowded on a Friday evening as they are an eatery in the Outram area that opens until pretty late. Hence, you might need to queue for a table if you visit after 10 pm.

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We were having dinner in the Tiong Bahru area and we decided to pop by Creamier for dessert as we were in love with their ice creams after having paid their Gilman Barracks outlet quite a few visits. We visited before 8 pm so it was still pretty empty, but when we left, it was getting rather crowded with the post-dinner crowd.

Creamier's waffles are served in the form of two smaller square pieces! They are also slightly fluffier than those at many other dessert parlours and because they are also more airy, you won't become as full from the waffles! Highly recommend although we think it is quite difficult to eat the waffles since they are stacked on top of each other with the ice creams placed on top. Do move the ice cream scoops to the side before attempting to eat the waffles!

For the ice cream, Earl grey lavender was great although the Earl grey flavour was far more pronounced. If you are not a fan of bergamot, definitely dont think you should be getting this flavour. The pistachio scoop was also fairly concentrated, and we liked the nutty flavour of the scoop. Both scoops also melted pretty slowly, so we could actually have our ice creams over a conversation and there was no rush at all! 😋😋

Sadly, quite a few flavours were sold out when we reached and we were disappointed that the flavours were pretty limited. Hope to see more flavours next time!

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We are back at Apiary again and we got a table for 2 in 5 minutes on a weekday evening. It was still pretty crowded and noisy (plus a little cramped) though, and it definitely wasn't a nice place to have a chat.

Today, we got a waffle with a scoop of strawberry ice cream and another scoop of pistachio ice cream. Both scoops were really great - the pistachio ice cream was more nutty and not as sweet as that served in other ice cream restaurants, while the strawberry ice cream wasn't overly sweet and it could still bring out the strawberry flavour sufficiently! The ice cream flavours were definitely pretty gentle and were not overly concentrated.

The waffle was crispy and it was also pretty thick. It can definitely be a little filling if you are visiting Apiary after dinner!

However, desserts at Apiary are on the more expensive side, as we paid $15 for the waffle and two scoops of ice cream! Both flavours were premium so they cost an additional $0.50 each. 😰

We came across the brightly-lit Glacier Cafe in Bendemeer and we decided to pop in for a post-dinner treat! The cafe was pretty crowded on a Friday evening with the supper crowd since it is open past midnight on Fridays, so do be prepared to wait for a table if you are visiting in a big group.

Glacier is pretty famous for its pandan Mochi Waffles so we decided to try it out! The waffle was really thick and while the pandan flavour was very mild, the mochi was fairly generous (plus surprisingly thick) and you could get pretty gelat from it after a while. 😋 Hence, strongly advised to share this treat with someone else!

We got the osmathus oolong and espresso biscoff flavours to pair them with our waffles! The osmanthus oolong flavour was tilted much more strongly towards the oolong side, and you could distinctly taste the light and somewhat smoky flavour of the tea in the scoop! On the other hand, the espresso biscoff flavour was really heavy and you can taste a very pronounced coffee flavour in the scoop. Both scoops were really impressive! 😁😁 However, dining here wasn't cheap and we paid around $17 for our dessert although we think the food here is definitely worth a try!

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We had to pay a visit to Burnt Cones after our breakfast at Sunset Way and we are always pleased that they are open for ice cream even early in the morning! Today, we decided to try the Ube ice cream with a matcha cone, which was priced at around $6. Pretty reasonable for a single scoop on a cone.

The Ube scoop is basically a yam-flavoured ice cream and to be honest, it was really the vibrant purple colour that caught our eyes (looked pretty artificial to be honest). You can definitely taste the yam in the ice cream, but we thought the yam flavour could be stronger (something similar to orh nee) and there was a little too much sugar in the scoop.

The matcha cone sounded pretty interesting and it was great as you could really taste that tinge of matcha in the cone! However, one downside is that the cone is single-layered and really fragile so you have to be really careful not to press too hard on the cone as it will crack and you will get a mess! 😰😰

Burnt Cones was really crowded on a Saturday morning as they serve other brunch fare. Also seemed like they were really short handed as we heard the staff say that it's a 30-minute wait for waffles with ice cream! So be prepared to spend some time waiting for your food to be served but otherwise, it's a great place 😁


We came to Dal Komm at Centrepoint for a quick treat and we were pleased to find that it was pretty empty for dinner on a weekday! This particular outlet is really large and has many, many seats so it is really a great place to have a conversation over coffee. 😁

We decided to try out the affogato because at $7.50, it was pretty affordable (and also one of the cheaper affogatos around). The dessert was served with a really big scoop of vanilla ice cream together with a shot of espresso. The vanilla ice cream was generous to the point where the espresso was not enough to cover/melt it completely. Hence, you definitely get to savour some vanilla ice cream on its own. 😁 The espresso was decently strong although it wasn't as powerful as some of the espressos served at other cafes!

Highly recommend the affogato at Dal Komm if you want both a drink and a dessert at the same time!

We were in the Sembawang Hills area for lunch today and we chanced upon Ice Cream Chefs, which we decided to try for dessert. The cafe had some interesting flavours, including Yuzu Lemon, Kaya Toast and Milo flavours, but we decided to go for something safer - Kyoto Hojicha! This is considered a premium flavour, so you have to pay a dollar more and it costs $4.50!

Unfortunately, we thought the hojicha flavour wasn't nice at all compared to the hojicha scoops served at many other ice cream parlours outside! The taste of hojicha was pretty light and there was this somewhat artificial aftertaste that we are unable to describe, that made the scoop pretty strange.

Heard some great reviews about the other flavours and we might try those instead if we decide to come here again in future!

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For our second dessert, we ordered the ice cream cookie with a scoop of sea salt butterscotch ice cream (pardon the slightly-deformed look). The ice cream scoop was lightly salted and although we thought the butterscotch flavour was a little too light! Overall, we would have preferred if the flavour was stronger!

Each ice cream cookie costs $8++, so it is actually very worth it to use Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 deals. Remember to use them if you have it!

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We used our Burpple Beyond one-for-one deals to enjoy two ice cream cookies for the price of one! The cookies were basically chocolate-flavoured biscuits, although don't expect them to be crisp since they are sandwiching a scoop of ice cream.

For our ice cream flavours, we ordered the 80% dark chocolate flavour, which was indeed pretty bitter as it's name suggested. Definitely not for those who prefer milk chocolate but for dark chocolate lovers, it's definitely worth a try! The Dark Gallery was fairly crowded right after lunch hour on a weekday, so it might be easier to get a table if you go for early lunch.

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We decided to try a dessert at Hvala @ Chijmes for the first time and given the cafe's matcha specialty, we decided to order the waffle with a 2-degree matcha scoop. The waffles were thick and fluffy but for those of you who like crispy waffles, you may want to know that the waffles at Hvala aren't crispy and even the exterior is on the softer side.

The scoop of matcha ice cream was delicious, however, and we liked that it really came with the distinct bitterness of matcha. We ordered the 2-degree matcha, which wasn't overly bitter although if you want something more intense, you can try gunning for the 3-degreee matcha! The dessert isn't cheap however, as it is priced at $13.90++, which is much more expensive than what a waffle + single scoop would cost in many other ice cream parlours.

Hvala was decently-packed on a weekday afternoon and many tables were taken! We were allocated to a tatami area and although it provided a nice setting to take photos, it wasn't very comfortable as you had to sit cross-legged for extended periods of time! Suggest you go for the tables unless you are used to sitting in such positions. 😁

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Hay Gelato is a simple ice cream shop located under a block of flats in the Bedok North area and it's location isn't exactly the best, as you need at least a 10-minute walk from either Bedok Reservoir or Bedok MRT to get there! That being said, we decided to try it as we were in the area and we ordered a waffle, with a scoop of soursop and Hojicha ice creams!

The waffle was really generous and it was really thick so it can get pretty filling! However, we really like the crisp exterior and you can certainly hear the crunch with every bite. The waffle was served atop a layer of maple syrup on the plate, and the two went together pretty well even without the ice cream!

The soursop ice cream really tasted like soursop and we were glad to try it as it isn't a very common flavour. However, it melts very fast so you should take note to eat it quickly! The hojicha ice cream also had a fairly strong taste of roasted tea and it was very interesting that the scoop was topped with rice crackers too. That being said, perhaps we shouldn't have paired the two flavours together as the flavours were pretty conflicting - a sweet-tasting scoop and a burnt scoop don't go too well together. 😂

We paid $14 in total, which is a pretty average price for a waffle with two scoops of ice cream! We would be back to try their other more interesting flavours in future.

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