We are back at Apiary again and we got a table for 2 in 5 minutes on a weekday evening. It was still pretty crowded and noisy (plus a little cramped) though, and it definitely wasn't a nice place to have a chat.

Today, we got a waffle with a scoop of strawberry ice cream and another scoop of pistachio ice cream. Both scoops were really great - the pistachio ice cream was more nutty and not as sweet as that served in other ice cream restaurants, while the strawberry ice cream wasn't overly sweet and it could still bring out the strawberry flavour sufficiently! The ice cream flavours were definitely pretty gentle and were not overly concentrated.

The waffle was crispy and it was also pretty thick. It can definitely be a little filling if you are visiting Apiary after dinner!

However, desserts at Apiary are on the more expensive side, as we paid $15 for the waffle and two scoops of ice cream! Both flavours were premium so they cost an additional $0.50 each. 😰