Indian Food

Indian Food

Featuring Chindamani Indian Restaurant (Serangoon North), The Awadh, Kotuwa, Foodcoholic (#01/01), Al Falah Restaurant Pte Ltd (Hougang), Annuur Restaurant, The Original Vadai (Golden Mile), Yong Soon Investments Pte Ltd, KNS Restaurant (Woodlands), Al Mubin Restaurant (Syed Alwi Road)
Gerard Lim
Gerard Lim

Maggie goreng combo
Got this with roti john + 2 drinks, total @ $21.40

Really great food, never disappoints. The maggie goreng was good as usual, the fries were nice and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The mutton was soft and tasty.

Roti john chicken
Got this with a maggie goreng combo + 2 drinks. Total @ $21.40

Simple and good, though might be too much for one person. Can be ordered as an appetiser for sharing.

Murtabak with chicken
(Price wasnt indicated and we bought other things with this).

Been trying their varieties of prata and it's murtabak this time. Wanted to get sardine but they ran out of sardine so got chicken instead. They also have mutton option.

Super tasty, especially with the curry. Had to ask them for more curry cuz it's really good. Can't wait for the next time alr!

Have tried other pratas here and decided to go for coin prata this time, and it's just as good as the other pratas they have! Love how doughy it is and a little bit sweet which is perfectly balanced out with the curry.

Comes with chicken or mutton curry (and a generous piece of chicken!)

Dum briyani
(+ kothu prata + 2 drinks @ $19.70)

Came here specially for this today as it's only available on Fridays. Different from the usual briyani, this is a bit more on the wet side. There's a chicken underneath and the portion is quite big.

The achar also tastes different from the usual and the curry is spicy.

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Kothu prata
(+ dum briyani + 2 dfinks @ $19.70)

Everytime come here try different dishes and this kothu prata is the best one we have had so far. It's done slightly differently from the other two places we had before, which had bigger chunks. This one looks more teared up and in smaller pieces which makes it really easy to eat. There's also a bit of charred and smokey taste which elevates the entire dish.

Goes super well with the curry that comes with it. Just pour all over the dish and eat everything together.

About 6-7 dishes @ $8.50

Nicely done, got cow lungs also.
Sauce is good, a bit sweet and not spicy.

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Chicken briyani @ $7
+ veggie @ $1

The chicken is buried under the mountain of rice. Not bad, quite standard. Curry is nice but cracker became soft after a while. Chicken a bit dry but good with the curry. Both sides alr filled with curry but still not enough and asked for extra.

Simple and good.

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Left top: coconut rice with crispy fish @ $10
Left bottom: mutton lamprais @ $13
Right: pal appam @ $2.50

A small and cosy Sri Lankan food place at Space @ Kovan, the food here is very homely. We understand from the people running the place that it's family run, and one of the sisters cook the food in the morning so there's limited amount everyday. There's only 3 tables inside and 2 smaller tables outside.

The food is nothing extraordinary but it does make one feel like u are visiting someone's home. The coconut rice was very soft and the coconut taste was light which goes well with the chili and the crispy fish which is a little sweet.

The mutton lamprais is essentially mutton briyani but supposedly done in Sri Lankan style, the rice is a little different from the usual briyani we have but the dishes are quite similar.

Pal appam is milk hopper which is essentially Sri Lankan pancake of sorts. It comes in sweet or savoury and we have ours sweet. It's served with brown and orange sugar on the side which makes it even tastier.

We also had a rose milk, which is essentially bundung but it's $2.50 for a small cup so might not be quite worth it.

Plain x 2 @ $1.20 each
Egg @ $1.80
Mushroom cheese @ $3.30

Simplicity at its best.
The plain prata was super crispy and really nice to eat. The egg prata and mushroom cheese prata were also good and more on the crispy side but not to the point of "cracky" like the plain one cuz of the ingredients.

The curry was great as well and wished they could give more.

Will go here when craving for crispy prata. Also wna try the other outlets to see if they're consistent.

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Mutton briyani @ $7
Rohana hut Indian Muslim stall

Tastes not bad, the rice and mutton. The cucumbers are a bit tasteless, not sure if it's supposed to be achar.

Operations are a bit messy, took a while from the time order was taken to the time food was served.

Located in a coffee shop at Hougang Central. Will try other stalls next time.

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Kothu chicken @ $6.50
Brinjal masala @ $6.90

Food is yummy.
Kothu prata is great, though i wish they had given smaller chunks of chicken rather than the big pieces with bones.

For the veg we didn't have many choices as they were running low on veg supply and we had to go with brinjal masala instead. Which is great too and the masala sauce is great.

Second time here and definitely will be back again.

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