Hawker Centre

Hawker Centre

Good ol trusty hawker food :’)
Sarah Ng
Sarah Ng

Well done Taiwanese style meesua, loved that they dialed down the starchiness 🍜 I asked for extra vinegar hehe the stock was really good! The portion is quite big, but wish they were just a bit more generous with the shredded chicken.

Fantastic pao fan that is newly opened in Sembawang. Complex and intense prawn/seafood soup with toppings (like fried pork lard, crispy rice bits, bonito flakes) that really complement it. You can tell from the deep orange hue of the soup that it’s gonna be a good one.

Tried the Crayfish Pao Fan ($12) and Big Prawns Pao Fan ($8). The quality of the prawns/crayfish itself is alright, nothing to shout about, but the stock more than makes up for it.

Might be on the pricey side for a HDB coffeeshop but I reckon it’s worth every cent. Definitely a hidden gem.

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At $3.50, this Oyster Omelette rice is a no brainer for me. Although it’s only 3 oysters🦪, they’re all plump with a really nice fresh briney taste. The omelette itself is fluffy and comes with a sweet and savoury sauce. Great effort for something this cheap. Get this and order a couple of Ah Tan wings and you’re set for a great meal at Yishun.

(Sorry I got greedy and forgot to take a pic before I took my first bite 😅)

Probably my fav har jeong gai in Sg!! Love how the umami shrimp paste really shines through in their batter. It has that distinctive har jeong aroma that you can’t usually find in normal zichar stall’s version. I really like their crust as well, it’s like an airy crispy munch. Soooo satisfying 😋 At $1.80 per wing, it’s my go-to side dish whenever I’m at Yishun Park Hawker!

Ordered the Pacific Dory fish & chips ($7.90) and the portion is huge! Well battered and fried. I like that they also included some fried batter bits at the side! Mashed potatoes and cold slaw were meh. Tip: add the malted vinegar that they have at their sauce table! Gives the fish extra oomph.

I tried their Sea Bass fish & chips ($15.90) on a separate occasion and was really disappointed at the fish. Could tell it was frozen fish, tasteless and dry. I usually don’t like Dory but in this case, I suggest you save the 💰 and go for it instead of their other selections.

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Expect long queues at this old school roast meat stall! and for good reason too; good quality at an incredible price. Got this plate of char siew + siobak rice for $4. Comes with a small side of veg and a bowl of soup. Great crispy skin on the siobak, but the char siew is just alright. Still, can’t complain at this price. Would consider this above average.

Decent prawn mee, very generous with the clams. I’d say it’s a good halal rendition. This was $6!

The portion is small (I say this as a small eater) so definitely don’t get the $4 one 😅 it was ok but it felt like the stock they use just wasn’t tasty enough to produce a solid Hokkien mee? it was well fried tho, not too dry/wet and noodles were not soggy. Note that it doesn’t come with pork lard - kind of a deal breaker for me.

I was lucky and got my order really quick but I heard that the wait could be long sometimes.

Aromatic and tasty Sarawak laksa ($5.90)! Have not had the original before so can’t attest to its authenticity.

The beehoon they use is slightly thicker than our usual thin beehoon and slightly thinner than our usual thick beehoon 😅 cooked to al dente so there’s a bite to it.

The soup is thick with spices that is brightened by a splash of lime juice, the perfect sour kick. I can’t take spice so I like that it’s not too spicy (didn’t add the extra chilli paste) I would say I’m a small to average eater and the portion was just nice for me.

Super healthy and affordable leicha ($3.50) with generous toppings that include dried baby shrimp (hei bi) and preserved salted radish (chye poh). The soup was pretty good too, not too strong tasting. Added a Hakka tofu for $1.30

Pretty average fish soup. Kind of disappointed considering how Lian Huat is such a big name now! Fish is fresh, but soup is really nothing to shout about. Like your average coffeeshop fish soup.

This was really good!! The dry version had a good prawny fragrance and they were really generous with the prawns, which were quite fresh. My dining partner preferred the soup version as she felt the dry version was abit sticky - I really liked the concentrated prawny mix tho!

Sarah Ng

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