Western Food

Western Food

Featuring Yardbird Southern Table & Bar (Marina Bay Sands), Lighthouse Bistro & Bar, Spruce (Phoenix Park), PocoLoco (Upper Thomson), Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar, Two Men Bagel House (Holland Village), Brasserie Gavroche, Cha Cha Cha Mexican Restaurant, Be Frank, The Summerhouse Dining Room
Wilson Foo
Wilson Foo

Nice pub and bistro located in Le Quest with a good selection of craft beers. To sample, we got two paddles of 140ml samplers, ranging from Lychee Lassie, Elixir of Passion, Hazelnut Trove, Treasure Tropics and more mundane ones like Wheat Beer, English Bitter, Blonde Ale and Red Ale. Personally I liked the Lychee Lassie and Hazelnut Trove the most.

For food, we ordered their Kawa Ebi Pizza and fried chicken skin. The former is a thin crust pizza, almost biscuit like, smothered with little fried shrimps, shell on. Nice. The fried chicken skin was ultra crispy and the sambal chilli S pairs well with the chicken skin.

Friendly service in quiet part of town. Good for group get togethers and family dinners.

This western joint is located in super ulu part of Singapore, near the Benoi industrial sector, inside D’Arena Club.

On a Sunday evening at 6.30pm, we managed to get a table immediately. The place is pet friendly but seriously some pet owners need to get a handle on their excitable pets for the sake of other patrons.

We ordered their Salmon ($28) and Crab Spaghetti ($29). The salmon came plated on a bed of barley. It was pan fried just nice, with a hint of pink at the center. The barley tasted like it was boiled in mushroom broth.

The crab spaghetti was a tad sweet and not spicy enough for me. The crab meat was more a mixture of meat in chilli crab sauce. The noodles were al dente enough but overall the dish was lacking in terms of flavours. Just sweet.

Nice to get a different experience in Jurong area but a little bit expensive.

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One of the most authentic Mexican restaurants in Singapore. Ordered the Fajitas and Nachos. Quite a bit of heat in both from the green peppers.

First the fajitas. The guacamole and sour cream cheese spreads were wonderful, each delivering different taste sensations. The beef was very tender and the dough wrap came warm and had a bit of chew. It soaks up the gravy well.

The nachos were cracker crispy and went well with the cheese, bean and beef dip slathered generously over the nachos. Would have been happier if they give us more cheese.

Price wise, not the cheapest but hey this is to be expected from a restaurant in Holland Village.

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We celebrated a friend’s birthday at Ginett recently. Do make bookings in advance as walk ins tend to be disappointed even on weekdays.

We ordered their Foie Gras Terrine, Salmon in creamy spinach sauce and their G cut charcuterie with 3 cheese (you can choose from their list of hard and soft cheeses) and 3 meat. The Mimolette was a bit too hard at edge. Takes a bit of effort to cut it. The Brie was very soft almost gooey but the Camembert was just nice, with a hint of sea salt.

Really value for money cause the restaurant threw in a puff pastry on a plate with Happy Birthday written in it and served in a bird cage! And the birthday person got a bottle of white wine (2016 Voignier Christophe Pichon worth $30)

Coming back real soon. Got to taste their wagyu which will hopefully not be sold out.

A restaurant located in a HDB estate with simple decor, it makes up for its unpretentiousness with great tasting food and excellent service.

We ordered Dip Part Platter $18.90 which comes with pita bread and 4 different dips (spicy feta, cod roe l, roasted egg plant and yogurt) for sharing. Also ordered a Herb Rub Beef Wrap $17.90, a Herb Beef Skewer (20.90) and a Lamb Skewer ($19.90).

The Dip Party Platter consists of 13 pieces of quadrant cut pita bread. I liked the Cod Roe Dip and Roasted Egg Plant Dip especially. The Herb Rub Beef and the Beef skewers were over cooked, with the beef borderline leathery in texture. The lamb was done just nice and no gaminess was detected.

I think I need to come back for more pita bread and also try their Htapodi (grilled octopus).

Wildseed, Summerhouse, actually they are in the same location. This one is located in Seletar as opposed to the outlet in Alkaff Mansion. Please make reservations. Without reservations, waiting time, at any time of the day is between 30 minutes to an hour.

The menu for lunch and dinner is different, although some pasta items are available for both sittings. We ordered the Pork Taco, Seafood Pizza and Beef Onglet to share. The taco stands out amongst the three mostly because of the tender pork fillings that are so flavourful.

Will certainly come back for lunch to try their lunch and brunch menu.

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This is one of the best hidden jewels in the West. Inside of NTU, this restaurant offers value for money set lunches with a good selection of Mains. @$16++ you get a soup/salad, a main and a dessert.

I ordered their soup of day and strip loin, medium. The soup of day was corn soup. A bit sweet for my liking. The steak was done perfectly and it came with frites and salad. There is no choice for sauce though, you get a small pitcher of BBQ sauce.

Dessert was a small slice of chocolate brownie. Very rich chocolate taste is all I am going to say.

Did I mention this is actually a Mexican Restaurant. So yes, I guess I’ll have to come back one of these evenings and their Fajitas.

Perhaps the best bagels in Singapore but be ready to queue during meal times. Portion is huge. For small eaters, please share and not waste this delicious bagel.

They got a lot of different types to choose from but my favourites are The BEC Bagel and The Tandoori Chicken Bagel. And it doesn’t matter which outlet you go to, the taste is just as great. Not the waiting time though.

Definitely coming back to fix my bagel cravings in future.


As the name suggests, they specialise in hotdogs and they have a wide selection. Follow the step one by one and create your own hotdog or just simply order one of the 8 Hotdogs they offer. They cost $9.90 a pop and I have to say, the portions are big and the taste of the dogs in soft buns is really good. The condiments also go very well.

Whatever you do, don’t order their sandwiches and their fries. I made the mistake of ordering a bulgogi sandwich which came with scant pieces of beef as if the beef slices was added as an afterthought. At $13.90, that was a rip off and hardly value for money. And their fries. Very soggy and tastes almost raw. Too low a frying temperature and too short frying time.

Okay they have nice coffee and wide selection of craft beers but with the current “Stabilisation Phase”, my family of three is resorting to take aways and so we did not get to enjoy the beers.

I think I’ll come back to try more of their dogs and beers.

My first dine in meal after 10th Aug reopening. This is the Spruce at Tanglin. When we arrived, we found that we were the only table. This 5 persons per table if vaccinated is not working. Surely you have someone in your group not vaccinated or too young to be vaccinated. So to compromise, you guys either Da Bao or eat at hawker centers.

Anyway I have only ever rated at the other Spruce at Upper Bukit Timah. This one has a more homely ambience. We ordered pasta, risotto, foie gras, some appetisers to share, plus dessert.

Food is okay, not fantastic but you’ll be pleased to know that happy hours start at lunch time! Yes! So we talked and drank and talked and drank until 3.30pm and left the place. Very happy.

Should be back when they update their menu.

Dabao Spicy Coney Dog with Fries. It is so good. The fries were still crispy and the chilli meat sauce on top of a crunchy hotdog wrapped with a soft bun did it for me.

Definitely coming back for more!

If you feel like eating a steak or grilled meat but don’t wish to pay through your nose for a POSB restaurant setting, Collin’s may be your choice. They have outlets in kopitiams and even full fledged restaurant a la Jack’s Place. The one I bought from today is in a Kopitiam.

We ordered an Angus Sirlion, a chicken Cutlet and a grilled Chicken chop. Total bill came up to $36. But the beef was done correctly to medium as requested, the meat still pinkish when you slice up the sirlion. The chicken cutlet was still crispy after Da Bao home and the grilled chicken chop juicy and flavourful. You also get to choose 3 sides that range from the normal hot vegetables and fries to more special items like Mesclun Salad and Roasted Pumpkin.

Value for money. Definitely coming back.

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