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The special has the addition of a runny egg and more meat (I think?) vs the standard pork katsu don.

Runny egg makes it silkier and saucier and tasted better compared to the standard. Pork katsu was well fried; although there were some fatty bits that were hard to chew, overall it was tasty katsu. There was enough ingredients and sauce to go with the rice so I finished everything. Good enough for a re-purchase.

Tempura (Seafood, anago, red fish, scallop, pumpkin, french beans) was quite greasy and batter was thick. Seafood were incredibly bland. The best tempura was the pumpkin which luckily was sweet. They should have tempura glaze with the noodle set too.

Spicy cold udon tasted much better than the tempura. Noodles were qq, spicy, flavourful and crunchy with Sakura ebi, cucumbers strips, leeks, crispy tempura batter.

At this price point, there are many other tastier tempura joints.

Clean, nutritious, tasty (but not wow), atas jap/western cai png for small eaters 😂.

The cold deli tasted better than the hot one (which was not hot btw). Sakura chicken tasted good but was cold and soggy - maybe I shouldn’t have visited at non peak hour. Liked the Roasted butternut squash best with its tangy dressing. Roasted Cauliflower with poached Salmon was not bad.

My gripe was that the portion of the cold deli were small and the set was not filling enough for me. I’ll prob pick ala carte 3 cold & 1 hot dishes next time as I could do without the soup and it’s cheaper that way.

Aburi salmon roll with mentai sauce was very average. It was rolled with a strip of avocado and salmon. Too much rice, too little ingredients and not worth it at $18 for such a average tasting roll.

Unagi tempura roll was on discount and tasted okay but better than the aburi salmon roll.

Service was good but food was mediocre

Appetiser, hot dish, 8 piece sushi, toro maki, miso soup, dessert.

Abit heavy handed with the shoyu on the sushi. Liked the rice. Prefer something else instead of unagi chawanmushi for hot dish. Liked the miso soup with fried fish, black sesame ice cream and some of the sushi (personal preference)

Quality is there but don’t like it enough to go back

Egg Katsu + shredded cabbage with tangy sauce between white bread. Tamagoyaki was really thick and one box was pretty filling. Since it was takeaway, it was not as crispy and hot but still tasty. I like tamagoyaki katsu, why is it not more common?

Tasty but pricey. Can try once to see if it is worth it for you.

Highlight were the don and dessert. Meat was smoky and tender while the grilled onion added sweetness 😋. Sweet potato cake + red bean + cream was 😍. Soup was really rich in chicken flavour 👍🏻. Karaage, appetiser (potato dish) and salad with crispy chicken skin were decent too.

Set lunch is really worth it with appetiser + karaage + salad + don + soup + dessert. Will be back for set lunch.

shredded chashu, minced pork, diced onions, fried onions, pickles, onsen egg. Opted for very spicy (not spicy actually)

The meats and the noodles itself were tasty. When mixed together with the very umami, nutty, very slightly numbing sauce, it was wayyyy too salty for me even after adding in the broth and vinegar on the side. Looking at the rave reviews, many seem to enjoy it, try if you like strong flavours, I guess.

Service was really friendly and good though.

Miso sauce was sooo good - I need more! 😫 Just want to slather it on my fish and rice. Rice and miso soup as usual were fantastic. The bones were not so ideal for an impatient eater like me though. The ambience is better at the Jewel outlet.

Still prefer their fried chicken with black vinegar.

Deep-fried Chicken and Vegetables sautéed with Suju’s black vinegar

They specialise in miso and vinegar so I decided to try this. Love the black vinegar glaze! Everything is well cooked and tasty - including the miso soup and rice. Reminds me of food in Japan.

I saw many having the miso nabe and I want to try that next.

Mixed grain rice (+$1) is a must! It just adds so much variety in textures to the bowl. Generous amount of sashimi along with jellyfish, crispy bits, fish roe - really good option for affordable chirashi don fix.

Century egg tofu is umami, taste good, served chilled (didn’t expect that lol), quite small in size and on the saltier side actually. Probably won’t order again but worth a try.

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