Featuring Meatsmith (Telok Ayer), fȳr (Boon Tat), Two Men Bagel House (Royal Square at Novena), Cicheti, Halcyon & Crane (Paragon), Shake Shack (Neil Road), Homeground Grill & Bar, Lazy Lizard (The Promenade), Moments‘ (Serangoon), Two Men Bagel House
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Crispy batter and chewy squid. Might get a little oily after a while.

Brisket was amazing, tender and full of beefy flavour. Pastrami burnt ends was like a beef jerky but melt in your mouth. Other than that, the rest of the platter was quite forgettable. Definitely on the expensive side. (Im not salty the food IS SALTY)

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Grilled chicken was a little sweet but perfect with the garlic chilli

The chicken is tender and flavourful, it’s like Poulet but more affordable! It was also my first time trying the garlic confit which is delicious (garlic but make it potato). Apart from that the sautéed mushroom and cherry tomatoes was a tad too sweet for my liking

Smoked brisket was so soft and so fat and so jelat without the mustard I would have passed out on the spot because of instant CHOLESTEROL SPIKE.

They didn’t have the labneh so I opted for Garlic Aoli sauce instead. Turned out to be amazing! A little pricey but I guess it’s as full as a meal so Im okay

Homemade taste and affordable. Will be back

Wow! That amount of mentaiko mayo! Perfect salty when torched.

Soft oxtail in rich sauce and went so well with buttery mash potatoes. Yummy! I was a little sad that beef cheeks were sold out but this is good and more affordable!

FORK TENDER! I repeat fork tender!! Strong beefy taste that went so well with the red wine sauce it was TRUE LUXURY

Shroom burger crunchy but not that flavourful. As usual, smokeshack never disappoints if you are into that salty bacon life. The cherry peppers are perfect too! Gave it a nice sourness to cut all the fat. Cheese fries forgettable. Pandan Shake needs to go to hell

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