Featuring Typhoon Cafe (Plaza Singapura), The Salted Plum (Suntec City), Jiak By Jin Feng (Northpoint City), The Voice . Taiwanese Cuisine (MBMarket Tower 3)
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braised pork rice was pretty okay. some of the meat wasn’t that tender and a substantial amount of chewing was involved. but the portion was really worth for 1-1

i don’t really fancy the chicken cutlet, i felt like there was a layer of fats?? and the seasoning could be improved. the cutlet was sprinkled with some chilli power so it kinda lacked the saltiness of it.

can skip!
i find that the meat was rather dry. while it was tender and had some fats in it, the entire meat did not have a drip of gravy on it

west lake is still probably the best imo

i really enjoyed the gravy of this chicken pot. I find that the portion of the chicken was abit too little for its pricing

This dish was not too bad. Pork Chop was tender and crispy!! Fried rice had some wok hey in it

Wow the spice in this packs a punch. V strong flavors and spices, chicken was very tender


The Lu Rou was pretty tender and I loved the gravy. Not too thick and salty !!! Came w an Onsen egg as well


Comes w a braised egg and a slab of pork belly....

Pork belly was cooked till tender, the fats weren’t super soft but I don’t really eat the fats anw.
Overall q an enjoyable meal

This is medium size, they have an upsized L version as well

Putting the lu rou fan (L) and the pork belly rice (M) side by side for comparison of the potions.

So I upsized the Lu rou fan to large size cos I anticipate that the meat portion for M would be rather little. And yups even the large potion still looks q little compared to the M Portion for the pork belly !

Taste wise, the meat was well marinated, not too salty.

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i love pastas and pizzas!

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