Featuring Wimbly Lu (Jalan Riang), Nesuto, Baristart Coffee (Tanjong Pagar), Tarte by Cheryl Koh (Shaw Centre), Honolulu Café (The Centrepoint), Dona Manis Cake Shop, Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert Shop (Katong), PAUL (Paragon), DON DON DONKI (Square 2), Teck Kee Hot & Cold Dessert (Adam Road Food Centre)
Khng Choon Yen Wendy
Khng Choon Yen Wendy

This is the 70% Coasta Rica ice chocolate.Tastewise it's got a good dark chocolate adult taste. Totally good for the people who don't like sweet stuff and prefer the dark side. It's alittle watery as I am used to the creamier milky Mr Bucket version. But, yah, that version will be more fattening. Totally my kind of dessert. Haha. Pricewise, dark gallery isn't exactly good for the pocket as it's 10plus/11 per cup. Some specialty cafes sell theirs for 8plus. Mr bucket chocolatier sells for 6plus per bottle and even 3dollar for bottles that need to be consumed on their same day. I think it really depends of how deep your pockets are and whether your prefer convenience as Dark gallery has more outlets islandwide. If I am on leave I will still travel to Mr bucket chocolatier as the pricing and taste speaks my wallet and taste. But that's my opinion.

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Taste wise, the chestnut is rather nice. They really put a whole large chestnut inside. And it think it's also cover with a thin layer of (I think) chestnut paste. It's not too sweet which I like. The puff pastry covering is also buttery and fragrant. It does taste slightly better than the average puff pastry.
Price wise it not cheap. At $5 a puff. It's not cheap. I don't know whether if it's really worth the x2 pricing compared to other puff pastry counter parts found in polar. But I guess it's worth a try because you can't really find chestnut pie anywhere else in Singapore besides Chaterise. This puff kinda reminds me of my visits to Japan which I greatly miss.

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This cake also gave me mixed feelings after they revamped their range of dessert. I do like the contrast of the raspberry layer between the dark chocolate. But I was let down by the dense dry layer
of cake. It's not a good thing considering the fact that their desserts are not cheap. I might try it again to confirm whether this dessert is a flop. Maybe it's a one off that the cake layer is dry and old. But it does seem kinda short changing your customer.

This is their new lemon meringue pie after they have revamped their desserts. I am having mixed feelings about this. While love the addition of the bits of candied lemons on top, I prefer the original pie with a simple layer of lemon tart curd and torched meringue topping. This new pie doesn't have it. Plus some parts of the topping seems sweeter. I am not too thrill about it.

I bought a box of 12 bonbons for $36. So far we loved most if it. Here are our verdicts
The alcoholic ones are pretty nice
Milk 45%,64%-good
Golden yay-has nice crushy layer and salted caramel layer
Matcha milk-mild green tea with the boba pearl
Gingerbread-tastes more like biscoff. I like sweet biscoff but it might not pls people who want that spice of a gingerbread
Peppermint cookie-tastes more like peppermint,didn't get the cookie taste
Somehow I just taste a cheese taste in the rosemary honey. Not for me
Overall, we liked most of the flavours and look forward to ordering and trying the rest. Will make a repeat visit again to buy more chocolate and get more ice chocolate too.

Omg I love this alot. I actually found the rival of Wimbly Lu's ice chocolate. It's smooth creamy and so chocolaty. I can taste the good quality chocolate that they use and it is of a high percentage. The sale staff did let me know but I can't remember what they said. Maybe you might wanna added the product description in the sticker on the bottle. The cost is $6 per bottle. It's a good value because some places do charge $10+ a cup. But then again it's a sit down cafe while Mr bucket is a take away shop and it's quite a distance to walk for those who do not drive. What makes it worth it is when you manage to snag a bottle that has to consumed on that day itself. It will go for just half price $3. Omg I was over the moon. Pls do drop by and get the chocolate drink if you happen to be in the vicinity. It's really nice.

Ah I love this. Dark chocolatey. Well made. Give it a try.

Sorry not crazy about it. I would love for the texture to be softer. The dark chocolate could have been more pronounced too. Not a recommendation for me.

I always order this whenever I am there because so far this is the dessert of choice at ps cafe. The cake is moist and the sauce is rich. Pairs really with if their ice cream.

Wah seh! The egg tart is so thin and flat I couldn't stop laughing. I think I better stuck to tai zhong or Honolulu for their egg tarts.

Very nice and buttery crust. I will definitely get the pies if I near the vicinity.

We got the usual suspects of the cream puff, cuppachino and the ice cream with a shot of something. Today I chose the hojicha. It has a strong hojicha taste. It's nice but I think I still prefer the espresso shot. The cream puff is crispy and nice as usual. Good to share after a nice lunch.

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