This is the 70% Coasta Rica ice chocolate.Tastewise it's got a good dark chocolate adult taste. Totally good for the people who don't like sweet stuff and prefer the dark side. It's alittle watery as I am used to the creamier milky Mr Bucket version. But, yah, that version will be more fattening. Totally my kind of dessert. Haha. Pricewise, dark gallery isn't exactly good for the pocket as it's 10plus/11 per cup. Some specialty cafes sell theirs for 8plus. Mr bucket chocolatier sells for 6plus per bottle and even 3dollar for bottles that need to be consumed on their same day. I think it really depends of how deep your pockets are and whether your prefer convenience as Dark gallery has more outlets islandwide. If I am on leave I will still travel to Mr bucket chocolatier as the pricing and taste speaks my wallet and taste. But that's my opinion.

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