Fancier Drinks

Fancier Drinks

Featuring Hopscotch (Gillman Barracks), CHICHA San Chen ([email protected]), Hollin (Toa Payoh Central), Steeped Tea Bar, Fruce (Wisma Atria), Mellower Coffee (Robinson 77), Chun Yang Tea (Jewel Changi Airport), Mellower Coffee (MSpace at Maybank), Tea Chapter, Heart of Darkness
Picky Queen
Picky Queen

This is so much nicer than warm sake! Yes to novelty drinks (once awhile!)

1-1 deal is amazing ! Fresh fruit tea from Chun Yang a are really great!

Had their grapefruit tea as well 💯

Didn’t know where to go and found this place randomly..

Love the Ambience and how every drink is different and specially customized.

Take my money!!!

Needed my coffee from all the crazy workload and courses. Both phone and body Battery running flat, grabpay not working well, got death stare by staff for “blocking” and “holding” up the Q.

Why you like that, there was only 1 couple behind me and they just arrived less than 1 minute :( sigh

So .. I asked for paper bag but it broke immediately and yes, I spilled the whole cup of HOT coffee at the table top, no staff helped me. Burn die me omg.. feeling so sad thinking about that day..

I can’t describe how much I love this place, yes their tea selection is amazing, price also quite steep haha but I’m paying for the experience, ambience and top up $5 for my “little room”.

They sell main food too but usually I only order Jelly cos it’s just adds to the vibe.

This is 茶, but with 茶艺 it comes with a price slightly higher than a cafe.

Take my money omg, I really love how we can chit chat and read a book at this space.

There’s WiFi, GrabPay, aircon.


Very chill vibe, drinks are very cheap for a cafe/workspace in a mall.. They serve hot drinks with Husk cup.

Think it was $2-3 onwards, I had chai latte without sugar. So nice! Slightly spicy kick and yet it smells like bomb!! (So good I didn’t take pic!)

Omg I love their beers and I can’t wait to go back again.

Many many choices to choose from, and all taste so good. I’m a stout person, so my go-to is always Guinness.

It’s slightly steep in price but really really worth it.

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I love this store, very very consistent in taste (my type of comfort food/drink) and I guess that’s why they don’t have other branch?

I also like their Mango sago, but as a fan of Yam, their Taro is not to my liking (too light too watery)

Dongding Oolong, Hot, no sugar, no topping

Honey osmanthus green tea, less ice, 25% sugar, pearl.

The cashier judged me when I order Hot leh.. But is ok, to taste how good their tea is, I insisted #Kosong.

I don’t know, maybe due the hype and super long Q.. I feel it was not that great? neither was it worth my time (That’s why I’m picky queen)

Pearl was way too soft, I prefer mine QQ.

Honey osmanthus green tea taste like something I can make with my own tea set..

I like their store design, and how their staff looked so focus and precise (they weight everything, pearl to milk to tea temp), they ensure freshness by blending their milk in small batches (or maybe they use so fast, while waiting for my drinks, I think she blended at least 4 batches), also they don’t chit chat so no time wasted! Yay~

I mean, if there’s no Q. I don’t mind, their price is pretty reasonable for sure.

We had Pulse of Passion – Crepes $13, 2 iced tea that came with sorbet namely: Last Eunuch and Rose.

My top favorite drink is still Last Eunuch. (Been there countless times!) Simply love the ambience there.

Their humming bird (carrot cake) is pretty good too.

I’m really very impressed with their earl grey milk tea, sooooo flavorful. Omg this BBT shop is good man.

Yam paste in the drink, I don’t deny texture wise really a bit bit weird? But taste wise kinda works, could bite and taste legit yam.

But I’ll stick to pearl the next time! They weight their topping but the yam paste was really little..

Ps: Try their Guava Green tea, it’s amazing too.

Beyond 1-1 deals are on standard drinks only.

Somehow I really love their coffee, their beans taste robust, nutty and deep. (Unlike what I get from SB, CBTL and even those cafe)

Downside is that I’ll buy and go as it’s located in Maybank. Staff isn’t very friendly either but it’s fine. #justsaying

This is my way of tracking why am I always poor.

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