Bar Chor Mee / Fishball Noodles

Bar Chor Mee / Fishball Noodles

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Gerald Chai
Gerald Chai

With the loyalty card in hand, can picture myself eating the entire family dishes. Especially this place very near my work place. And also serves up very excellent noodles.

The loyalty card will give u 1 free bowl, for every 8 bowl u consume. The store lady will allow u to share the card with your colleagues.

Today decided to have the Lao Ba Lao mian. Its basically the dry version. Ingredients quite consistently of good standard. Prawn was fresh, fresh enough to suck the head too. Their home made meatball still my favourite.

Next time can come and try the sheng mian, ban mian, mee hoon quay, to complete the family.


Back again, this time for the Ah Gong Dou Qian.

Basically the same as the mee sua, just a change of the staple.

Soup laced generously with XO.

Overall satisfied, preferred the mee sua more.

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Happen to passby this very hidden coffee shop located near Jalan Besar stadium, and decided to line up at the store with the longest queue.

After ordering their signature ah ma mee sua with additional meat balls, I stand in line and started to read the many positive reviews from the many outlets around SG. Which appeases my uncertainties if this was good.

The soup was laced with Chinese wine, which made this bowl of mee sua smell and taste good.

For $5, the serving is quite alot, and I felt adequately filled for a monster of my size.

Their homemade meatball was quite good, but what really is the highlight, has to be the soup.

Cheap, good & filling.

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Noodles were El Dente.

Fishballs were hand made and tasted very good.

Fried fish sticks were good as well.


Nan yuan has been dishing out Fishball noodles since 1961. Can see that it's the most popular stall here at Beo Crescent Market, die to the queue.

Fishball was very good.

Portion very big.

Noodle nothing really special.

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Very popular store here at HVC. On Google it shows they close at 3pm, but at 12pm, they already ran out of mee kia and mee pok. By 12.30pm, the shop off lights liao. So do come early to enjoy this BCM.

The pig liver was good, the hand-made meatball was excellent and stands out the most prominently in terms of taste and texture.

I went with a small bowl of Pig intestine side dish, and this didn't dissapoint, as it was flavourful.


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Looks like quite a popular store here at this coffee shop.

Prawn was fresh. Other than that, there was nothing really special about it.

Overall a good bowl of BCM, if passby can try. But not something I will travel down 1 bus stop for.

Take note: There's no more hokkien prawn noodles being sold at this place.

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Macpherson minced meat noodle has shifted many times, last time I had it, it was at opal crescent(serangoon road). It then moved to marsilling.

Well, Macpherson minced meat noodle have since shifted back to its namesake, it is now located at the head of Macpherson road near tai thong crescent.

Just like back at opal, expect a long queue during lunch time.

Decided to have the $7(dish & noodle) set.

The noodles still just as good, it was very QQ, and has pork lard and braised mushroom in it.

But the lean meat must be the best I ever had in a BCM stall, its soft like shabu shabu. The soup is quite good as well, taste better when mix with chilli padi.

They close early too, by 2pm or when sold out.

So don't come too late. Have early lunch here.

I came at 12pm and already run out of pork liver.

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This is the best pork liver I ever had, hands down. The pork liver is damn huge and yet it's so soft and tender and yet it is not undercooked.

The noodles and fishball is nothing really special. But the pork liver is damn excellent.

Waited 50mins for lunch time on a weekend.


My expectations were low to be honest, too many times, I read good reviews and often left dissatisfied.

To my surprise, this was an excellent bowl of fishball noodles, the chilli was great, fishball also good, but the fish dumplings were damn wow.

I will definitely return again and again.

The shop opens at 11.30am, at 11.30am, already starting to get crowded. Take note that this place quite out of the way, so people really made the effort to come here to eat.

The ingredients are damn huge, so don't need order too much, a medium bowl was already quite filling for me.

The was supposed to be the lesser known BCM drill here at alexandra, but somehow, they are the more popular one in terms of queue. Had to queue for nearly 40mins just to finally getting the have this bowl of BCM

Surprised that burpple only got 2 reviews, because this BCM was really quite good and I thoroughly enjoyed the mushroom. 😋

Read alot of good reviews on this place, almost every food blogger will recommend this stall when visiting GBMFC.

The BCM was a little disappointing though, it tasted a little bland. Generous with the amount of meat.

Maybe they having a off day today, will try again next time.

There must be a reason why this store have 1 of the longest queue during lunch time.

Taste the food. Don’t just swallow them

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