Let’s taco bout it
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

Pulled pork was lean but not dry, but not as juicy as others that I have tasted, tho it was still alright as it had a nice natural porky flavour. This contained cheese, black beans, rice, lettuce, and jalapeΓ±os - I particularly liked the cilantro rice! It was also served with sour cream, guac and pico de gallo. Overall, even tho it wasn’t *super* flavourful, I enjoyed how light yet tasty it was, not heavy like some sloppier burritos out there.

I have a soft spot for mushroom quesadillas, and this was enjoyable as expected. Melty cheese and juicy mushrooms are always a good combination - not too salty as well. The flour tortilla is grilled and so it’s not floppy, and very easy to eat, nothing rly spills out. It’s also served with guac, pico de gallo and sour cream!

Chicken was alright, tho could have been more moist/tender. The charred onions were very good - soaked up the sauce and was very flavourful. It’s served on a sizzling hot plate, and comes with 3 flour tortillas (you can order more tortillas at $1/tortilla, as it’s likely not enough for the amount of chicken there is), and a plate of lettuce, guac, pick de gallo, and sour cream for that refreshing flavour. It’s not a must get but fajitas are something we always get for a Mexican family meal, so there’s that nostalgic factor for me!

I don’t usually drink alcohol so I have no idea what’s the standard. This is the classic margarita we get at Mexican restaurants, it satisfies! Sangria was light and easy to drink as well.

This came with grilled white dory, fresh cabbage and smoked chipotle aioli on a flour tortilla. My fav fish tacos in sg!! White dory was grilled nicely with some crisp, but still very tender inside. The chipotle aioli gave a slight heat to the taco, and the cabbage provided a contrasting freshness. Was a very enjoyable taco πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Guzman is yummy as usual! Tried the barramundi this time and the fish was not bad, quite tender and moist. I like that the rice is all separated and kinda fluffy, and the salsa adds a refreshing element to the meal.

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I am biased towards Guzman!! I love how it’s always so consistent and they are pretty generous with the well-marinated grilled chicken :-) also my first time trying hard shell (usually I get soft shell) and WHAA I have been missing out! Hard shell reminds me so much of nacho chips which is GREAT!! I love the guac add-on too :”)

Also was pleasantly surprise to see Guzman (@ Tanjong Pagar) having latte from common man coffee roasters at $2?!? Although the latte was rather milky (not the best compared to the one I tried at their flagship) but friend and I are both v v satisfied :-)

my renewed love for guzman!!!!! The tacos were SO GOOD!!! Ordered nachos + fries + guac to share and everything was amazing my belly was satisfied!!!


The tortilla chips w guac & sour cream was alright - some chips were still warm, and went well with the cold guac/sour cream.

The quinoa salad (served cold) was rather refreshing, and I particularly appreciated the little crunch bits which elevated the dish.

Chicken tacos were flavourful, with a balanced proportion of juicy & charred chicken cubes, melty cheese, mashed beans, cabbage, tomatoes, served on a lightly toasted flour tortilla. Pretty decent, but not outstanding.

Latino pasta came piping hot with a savoury crab & tomato sauce, and lots of crispy garlic bits. They were rather generous with the crabmeat! I liked the sauce which was tasty & not salty, but if I were to nitpick, I think linguine wasn’t the best choice of pasta.

The tres leches cake was a super spongy cake - the texture is was somewhat like a soggy bread? The coconut milk (I think) was light and not jelat at all. I’m on the fence for this one, because while I sorta enjoyed it (other than the too-sweet canned pineapple) as it was a refreshing dessert, the soggy bread texture put me off a little.

P.s. owners of tonito please bring tono back, I loved that place and their ceviches/appetisers/SERVICE :’)


The food was great! A satisfying Mexican meal :) The baja fish tacos were contained crispy battered dory which was flaky and succulent, and went well with the tangy coleslaw & sweet pineapples.

The pork guisado (stew) - pork shoulder slow cooked in green tomatillo sauce was delicious as well. It was warm and tangy with a bit of heat from the jalapeΓ±os; it tasted very homey! Would have been great with wraps. We had it with the Mexican style rice, which was tomato-based. The guac was tasty as well!

Our first time trying horchata (Google says it’s a nut based rice drink), and it was milky with lots of cinnamon. I’m pretty neutral about this - I didn’t dislike it, but I can’t say I like it either.

Will definitely be back to try their other stuff!

SUPER underrated fries from Vatos!!!!! Easily my favourite dish of that night - the portion is huge and the seasoning on the fries was so so flavourful, coupled with the sauce served delicious!!! I tried the highly raved kimchi fries my previous visit and I actually prefer this simple shoestring fries

The options are pretty pricey for someplace that serves relatively average Mexican food. The pork was slightly tough, and the burrito was just alright. Perhaps we ordered the wrong stuff, but it’s unlikely I’ll return again.

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started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram:

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