Fast Food 🍟

Fast Food 🍟

Rich, greasy, fatty nourishment for the soul
Emily C
Emily C

Buttered brioche buns, crunchy and tender chicken thigh fillet and crisp brined pickles, accompanied by spicy cajun sauce. I could see why it received so much attention in the States. It’s a simple, wonderfully executed burger.

Finallyyy got to try the famed 5 Guys burgers! Ordered a bacon-cheese dog ($14), bacon-cheeseburger ($17) and a regular cajun fries ($9). Do note that fries come in five guys style or cajun spiced; they would give five guys style if you don’t specifically request for any! For the toppings, we chose “All the way” + raw onions, along with jalapeños on the side.

Food came hot - Burger patty was juicy, bacon was crispy and veggies were fresh. Only gripe for the bacon cheeseburger would be that the patty and cheese had strong flavors, overwhelming the rest of the ingredients. The dog-variant was a perfect stack though; you could taste the many layers of vegetables, bacon, sausage, cheese and sauces. I also loved that their fries had potato skin intact, but the fries seemed to lack a dimension to its flavor. Nevertheless I still enjoyed the fries as a side!

Overall it was a very heavy meal for me and my partner. I couldn’t finish the food! Maybe when I return I’d skip the cheese in my burger and stick to their little-burger versions instead. A side note - the bottom buns do soak in all the moisture so it would end up soggy if you don’t eat fast enough.

When you arrive, you have to look for a seat, just like any other fast food joints. They pack your food in takeaway bags even if you’re dining in.

Had their mini chicken burrito bowl with a side of fries — the portion was perfect for me! I piled on cubed onions and jalapeños offered on the side. Nacho chips were fresh and went great with their sauces. Total cost was about $13.


Ordered the truffle mushroom burger and salted egg fried chicken burger. Wolf Burgers offers pretty decent beef patties. Their top buns were fluffy and buttered well.

Unfortunately their sauces were overpowered; I was unable to taste the truffle nor salted egg sauce in either patties. I’m not a fan of their thick cut fries either.

Stringy, crispy, fresh, steaming hot chicken slab — this was fatty and sinful, but so good. It’s almost boneless until the end of the cutlet. Spice was alright for me! Good as a meal on it’s own 🙂 I don’t think I’d repurchase due to the hefty price tag ($8?) though.

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I had their snack box, consisting of Mos Burger’s famed fried chicken, onion rings and french fries. When the food came, it was piping hot. Onion rings came in large rings, where you could actually taste the onions. Fried chicken was crispy and juicy, and I love that the bone was only for the tip.

I also had the chilli dog, lathered with chili con carne and topped with onions. The sausage always tastes great - you could never go wrong with it.

Back to Jollibee - even at 4pm, this place was packed!

The chicken parts were fresh, hot and crispy. Each piece was marinated well with spices, allowing you to taste the heat from each bite.

Tom yum chicken pieces were pleasantly fragrant with the right amount of spices, but could do with more oats coating the batter.

Milk tea was great; it’s par with other authentic thai milk tea stalls!

Popcorn chicken was surprisingly soft and tender. Batter and marination was average.

My friend and I decided that with the hype going on, we HAVE to try at least one item off each menu... so we got a shack stack, shroom burger (with an addition of bacon), shack-cago dog, a side of cheese fries and a chocolate shake.

When we tried the shroom burger, it was piping hot. It had an amazing cheese pull, and the greasy bacon complemented the entire burger. I polished off the entire sandwich. Delicious!

I neglected shack stack cause the beef + mushroom combo was too overwhelming for me. My friend enjoyed the beef patty though.

We had the cheese separated so that the fries won’t turn soggy. Crinkle-cut fries aren’t my favorite, and the cheese used was “real” cheese. Unfortunately I am a simple girl, made for fake american nacho cheese, so it didn’t suit my tastebuds.

Can’t comment much for the milkshake as it’s the first shake I’ve ever had. Shake was smooth and creamy.

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Perhaps the photogenic appearance of this burger — fluffy buns, thick egg stack, gooey melted cheese — raised my hopes and anticipation for this breakfast release. I was adamant on getting up before 12pm to finally take a bite of this instagrammable sandwich.

The burger was mediocre to say the least. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was pretty okay (considering how it IS big breakfast, except with a different bun and cheese). Still a good breakfast treat for the weekends!

Ordered via phone with a QR code provided! Items took about 15 minutes to be served on a weekday night. I swapped my side of fries to cheese fries (+$1.80) but was disappointed by the cheese - it had a bad stale aftertaste. Fries were served at room temperature.

Burger was alright, kinda like a bumped up version of KFC’s Zinger. A little dry but has a nice crunch! I liked that there’s onions and pickles in the burger, it complemented the fried chicken well.

Meal is on a special promotional price til end of October. I wouldn’t mind getting the burger again but I’d turn down the sides.

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Emily C

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Must... season.... errverythinggg

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