i scream... on waffles, toasts, brownies! 🤩

i scream... on waffles, toasts, brownies! 🤩

Ice cream, gelato, soft served, waffles, roasts, buns. Anything hot and cold and comfortingly sweet
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

Gelatissimo serves up an array of innovative, bold flavours, with much of the flavour profile inclined towards American’s at the time of visit. Think - cookie dough, New York Cheesecake. Not sure if it’s a seasonal thing but there were a couple of Japan-ese flavours such as ume, rock melon (sorbet)etc. Aside from the mass appealing flavours, this gelato house serves up pretty wild flavours tho! We had a taste (but did not order) the chocolate chilli - it was, wowww. Spice from the chilli padi hit the tip of the tongue and back of the throat after the dense, chocolatey goodness tapered off. Unfortunately, not my kind of dessert -I’m a strong believer of sweet desserts to end off a meal!


- Brown butter sage -
The husband and I thought this sounded interestingly sophisticated and we decided to give this a try! It would have been helpful if the flavour tags also includes a short description of the flavour profile given how innovative some of the flavours are. Unfortunately, there wasnt. We based our decision on what we thought was special, unique, and frequently appeared on reviews.

Texture wise, brown butter sage was creamy, thicc, with bits of mouthfeel from the lil' beads of sage (?) There were reddish brown and green dots in the ice cream, looking kinda christmas-y. While it added to the mouthfeel, there isn't any signifcant taste to it. Taste-wise, the beige-y ice cream appeared promising of brown/caramelized butter flavour but it wasnt prominent. The ice cream base tasted somewhat like sweet cream and nowhere close to 'butter' - I guess that's good in a way as it wouldn't be too cloying to finish on your own!

- Burnt white chocolate -
Burnt caramel (not a fan!) is commonly heard of but definitely not burnt white chocolate! I decided to give it a try - hoping it would take me by surprise. I'd expected it to be a heavy, strong flavoured ice cream given the white chocolate base and 'burnt' element but it turned out to be rather well balanced. In face, I think it's 'lighter' than the brown butter sage ice cream. The white chocolate ice cream tasted pretty much like a milk/cream-based ice cream. The 'white chocolate' profile did not come through strongly (I was... expecting something dense, like Cadbury's Dream white chocolate/Nestle milky bar!) but overall tasted rather decent. There were crunchy cookie-lookalike bits within the ice cream - we're not too sure what that was but biting into each one of them led to a burst of 'burnt' fragrance in the mouth! It was pretty... wow! We were pleasantly surprised that the 'burnt' element was executed in such form and pleasantly surprised that there wasnt any bitter notes to it's taste (unlike burnt caramel). The 'burnt' aroma, as ironical as it sounds, definitely impressed us.

We had our ice cream served in waffle cone - the husband was lured by the aroma of the herb-infused cone, reminiscent of the thyme cones from B.O.P. Quality wise, they're on par in comparison - very crunchy, very fragrant! We loved the innovative, adventurous flavours and agreed the flavours were enjoyed a lil' more with each mouthful - acquired taste I guess? Definitely not for those who prefer to stick to good ol' mainstream flavours.

Sour cream, sake cherry, rose

Having seen pics of the ice cream sandwich on social media, I had to get the igs-able dessert. My husband turned out to be more of a fan of this than I was. The ice cream was sandwiched between cannoli shells - I thought that was too crunchy and did not quite complement the ice cream well. The ice cream was infused with some rose petals which I did not quite appreciate - I’m fine with rose flavour but biting on the petals is.. weird. There was a slight, bitter after-taste from the petals ): Good for adventurous eaters who enjoy floral-tasting foods (me) but not for those who can’t appreciate astringency in their foods (also me).

The mudslide (apparently one of the signature items on the desserts menu). However, on the day of visit, they’d ran out of vanilla and chocolate ice cream. The only options were strawberry and salted caramel. We went for the salted caramel with fudge. Not sure if it was the flavour combination, but I thought it was rather unimpressive and nothing much to shout about. I tasted the fudge on its own, expecting it to be “wow” given it’s indicated as a signature dessert, I suppose it would still “wow” somewhat despite the missing vanilla ice cream. It turned out to taste rather similar to Mcdonald’s hot fudge. Was a tad disappointed!

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Vanilla gelato, topped with red miso caramel, pecan pie crumbles and all things nice. What else can go wrong?

From a flavour profile and dish execution perspective, the dessert selections might be less of a ‘wow’ factor compared to the appetisers, small plates, large plates etc. But hey, the combination and taste profile is a win! It’s rare to find pecan pie sundaes on the menu - the last time I’ve seen one is probably at P.S cafe? Not too sure if my memory serves me right tho…
I love the ice cream - rich in vanilla flavour (before you mix it with the caramel miso!) and how the pecan pie bits added texture and nuttiness to my sweet ending!

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Pandan Shake
Either a wow or a pandan-mic experience in your mouth if you’re not a fan of asian flavours in a shake. It’s a tad too much for the husband who found it too cloying after a while. You must, MUST be a lover of gula Melaka, pandan and shredded coconut bits. At some point, it was a tad too filling for me too. For a million calories going down your body, it must be really worth it - and also - something you really like! I appreciate how the taste of gula Melaka was prominent, the shredded coconut added loads of mouthfeel to an otherwise thicccc, cloying drink. But again, it could be too rich to finish by oneself! Also, this was extremely sweet. It didn’t taste as ‘premium’ or worth it as the shakes from five guys! Objectively speaking, this was my first from Shake Shack and it could well be a Jewel special that’s a tad too Asian and sweet for my tastebud.

Shack attack!
Ohhhh this is quite an alcoholic’s dream come true, except that it could be better harmonised in terms of the chocolatey layers. While I love the strong chocolatey goodness coming through from the ice cream, I don’t quite enjoy the dark chocolate squares that came along with it. Had I wanted chocolate squares, I would have eaten chocs. I don’t need them in my ice cream??!?! Also, they were dark chocolate squares which added unnecessary bitterness to my dessert ): The contrasting flavours and mouthfeel just didn’t quite gel, unfortunately.

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Bailey's brownie
The last I had bailey's gelato was...... many years back and am glad to locate another gelato house that serves similar! The brownie bites certainly added some texture to the ice cream but in terms of taste, there really isn't anything to shout about and would prefer no brownies! It's kinda like, extra calories without incremental satisfaction on the tastebuds. This is a gourmet flavour, so top up +$2! Still pretty much value-worth if you're on Burpple Beyond (:

'Cos we utilized burpple beyond 1-1 deal and I selected the Bailey's brownie (gourmet), it made sense to order a serving of the Pistachio, the only other flavour in the gourmet category. I hesitated at the fiance's choice - insisting that pistachio gelato is quite common everywhere else, and he should really go for the Honey chrysanthemum (premium) that he enjoyed v much at B.O.P. Unsurprisingly this was yet another time he stuck to his choice and I'm so glad he did - the pistachio gelao was so, so, so incredily rich. In terms of creaminess, it's on par with the likes of Creamier/Venchi. In terms of quality and generosity, it surpassed both solely based on the fact that every other bite came with a generous crunch of WHOLE pistachio. Yes, you read that right. not pistachio pieces but pistachios in WHOLE - in the same way you see it when you shell off a pistachio kernel.

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Nothing could go wrong with Venchi's gelato offerings! It's incredibly expensive but worth every penny, and made more worthwhile with Burpple's 1-1 deal ($10 for a regular cup -2 scoops, so essentially it means 4 scoops!) This time, we tried a new flavour - probably not that new on the menu anymore but it's definitely the first time i'm coming across this flavour.
Taste profile: Unique!
Matcha hint was just right but perhaps slightly masked by the citrusy hint from the lemon. Pieces of white chocolate added to the mouthfeel. As with all of Venchi's gelato that I've tried thus far, it's creamilicious and rich. Very yum!

First of its kind on our tiny red dot - we tried the signature lava cookie set. The fiancé decided on the chocolate molten lava cookie while I decided on the Blue Pea Hokkaido milk ice cream. It's a signature flavour, hence (+$1.50). In total, this set us back at $11. Worth it? YES.

The molten lava cookie was baked to perfection and served right on the skillet that it was baked on. To allow customers to enjoy the lil' theatrics of oozing lava, the ball of ice cream was placed on top of the lava cookie only when served - ie right at our table, before our eyes. Luscious chocolate lava oozed out of the molten cookie as the ball of blue pea ice-cream sits atop. woah.

Blue pea hokkaido ice cream was worth the premium. The blue pea taste was pronounced; not just a colouring effect or marketing gimmick! Natural, true and generous amount of blue pea went into the making of the ice cream and I'm so glad that money and calories wasnt wasted here!

Because... oreo cookies and cream is too mainstream and hence the Matcha cookies and cream on the menu definitely screams unique! Decided to give this a try and it's loadsa milky creaminess with matcha cookie bits (yay, no oreo likeness at all!). The matcha cookie bits certainly added some sort of texture to the smooth ice cream - similar to that of speculoos. If you're expecting the crunchy kinda oreo bits akin that of Mcflurry, you'll be kinda disappointed that they're a lot more chewy than crunchy. Defo worth a try. Great for kids or fans who prefer their ice cream without the slight bitterness from typical matcha

INTENSE and robust, this tasted like thiccc sesame paste in frozen form. This was churned to perfection too - extremely creamy, smooth and without any coarse sesame bits. Thsi was very much in line with the expectations of anything Japanese, crafted with nothing but a 'perfectionism'

Not one to have kiddy-flavoured ice cream but took a couple licks off my sis’ ice cream selections and wow! Praise-worthy horlicks ice cream and of course, speculoos wasn’t disappointing as well. The wow factor came from the horlicks - love the strong malty taste 😍

My chubby cheeks speak of my love in uncovering new bites & savouring ‘em all!

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