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R Goh
R Goh

Homeground definitely lives up to the many glowing reviews! They recommend their whiskey ribeye ($26+) - the charcoal grill makes for a delightful char whilst retaining its juices. It was also cooked to a perfect medium rare as requested, which certainly earns a few extra points! The 200g portion is a real steal for its price. We added black truffle salt ($2+) - the truffle is a brilliant burst of flavour and adds a new dimension, but the red wine reduction and sea salt provided is more than sufficient! A really enjoyable meal - looking forward to a return visit 🥳

Death by Brisket ($32+) is an interesting medley of flavours - the beef lies on one side with red wine reduction, whilst scallops lie on the other with a garlic butter gravy. The sauces are certainly heavy on salt and I would appreciate if the meat was a little more tender. But I love how the surf & turf concept was executed with such bold contrasting flavours, supported by quality ingredients! I must commend the impeccable service as well - the boss stopped to ask how we found the food, and the staff are extremely attentive.

The sambal grilled fish ($15.90++) is my go-to order! The fish is fresh and succulent, lightly seasoned and grilled crisp. Good enough to eat on its own! A pity that they didn’t have shoestring fries available for selection that day - those are my favourite. But the sambal sauce pairs well with the mashed potato and seasonal vegetables!

FFT’s family set can be ordered from their oddle page. It features a hefty portion of meats! The roast spring chicken was slightly dry but tasty and stuffed with herbs. The grilled salmon was flavourful and moist. The BBQ ribs were really tender and doused with sauce! This makes for a really hearty meal at home.

Ordered the fish & chips as part of burpple beyond’s set ($20+ for 2 mains & 2 drinks). This is hands down one of the best I’ve had in a long while - the fish is flaky and succulent, with a light and crisp batter!! None of the heavy greasiness you find in some renditions. Tartar sauce was forgettable but the fish is brilliant on its own!


Totally understand why these braised beef cheeks ($25++) are so highly raved!! The beef is extremely tender and falls apart easily. The meat can afford to be a little more seasoned, but it works out well enough because the other components (sautéed mushrooms, bacon, mash potato) pack a lot of flavour. The red wine comes through beautifully!

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Buddy Hoagies is offering discounts of 10-40% off selected items! The grilled pepper chicken ($9.50+) is my usual order. The meat is tender, not at all fatty and has a great charred flavour. I usually opt for fries and vegetables for my sides, but thought they might get soggy so I switched it up to baked rice and onion rings instead. A bummer that the rice doesn’t come with cheese as you would expect it to!

Hans doesn’t serve up the best dishes, but has withstood the test of time with its homeliness. Their grilled dory ($9.80+) was light and surprisingly flavourful, topped with a sprinkle of fried garlic! Their set is served with soup of the day and a drink.

Was pleased to find that Supply & Demand had curated a takeaway menu! The chicken thigh ($8.90) was easily our favourite dish. The chicken was moist and tender, cooked through with a tangy savoury broth and seared with herbs. The potato salad was a surprising but welcomed addition!

Jack’s Place is such an old school favourite! The options for their weekday set lunch varies each day. This is the Cajun chicken ($13.80++) - while the Cajun spice was lacking, the mustard sauce added an oomph of flavour! The chicken was tender and not at all fatty. It comes with a large serving of boiled vegetables (hidden underneath) and thick cut fries. The set is also served with their soup of the day, drink and dessert of the day. Well worth for a hearty meal!

Came specially for the rosti, but I arrived to find that they had another item on promotion! The slow cooked ribeye ($19.90+, UP $29.90) seemed like a real steal, and was served with garlic potatoes & ratatouille. Unfortunately, I was plenty disappointed - the real deal looked so different from the promotional poster! The meat was sliced off from a larger slab and served cold, sorely lacking any char or jus. It was also rather unevenly cooked.

A relatively new addition to the neighbourhood, the eatery is tucked into a corner at Bishan Sports Hall. The cafe is well decorated with lots of natural light! It was empty when we arrived on a weekend afternoon but soon filled up quickly. The baked salmon ($13.90++) was clean and light on the palate with its mesclun salad and roasted potatoes. Freshly baked, the salmon was sizeable - really impressed me with how well it retained its moisture! The paprika yoghurt on the side was an interesting addition. Service is excellent and the staff are very friendly :-)

R Goh

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