📍Ontario, Canada

📍Ontario, Canada

Covering Kingston, Montreal, Quebec, Thousand Islands
Melissa Chee
Melissa Chee

Quick ice cream snack in a large Oreo cookie after a 1 hour riverboat cruise on the St Lawrence River. The Oreo cookie is soft from being in the chiller, but it gives the cookies and cream ice cream a nice chocolatey flavour and it’s not messy to eat.

This restaurant is the first you’ll come across after exiting Hornblower Cruises via the gift shop. It is aptly named as it provides you a really grand view of Niagara Falls (both the American Falls and Canadian horseshoe falls) while you dine. It’s self-service, so it’s very expensive considering that. A meal for 5 of us cost CAD85 in all.

However, despite the steep price, all the food we ordered was delicious so it’s not too bad. Just make sure you get a window seat so you maximise your money’s worth and get a great view. If you’re not willing to shell out to eat with a view, just walk over to Clifton Hill where you’ll find many other eateries such as Hard Rock Cafe, Starbucks, local restaurants, as well as fast food joints like iHop, Macdonalds, Wendy’s, and even a Clifton Hill Brewery Company.

Personal recommendations:
- Spicy Chicken Salad
- Veggie Wrap
- Dynamite Maki

The Canadian signature dish - Poutine. French fries slathered with brown sauce and cheese curds to give rise to a gooey mess of melted cheese and gravy on crispy fries.

The fries weren’t super crispy, but they were decent and nicely seasoned. Not too salty, especially with the gravy. I love how the cheese curds melted into the fries so there’s plenty of cheese on each piece. Maybe not the best poutine around, but it was pretty good!

A healthy, completely vegetarian option at this restaurant. The veggie wrap is stuffed with fresh lettuce, cooked lentils, carrots, tomatoes, grilled corn kernels and lots of good green stuff that make for a delicious wrap. It’s naturally sweet from all the fresh veg, and super crunchy. Love the colour pop from the tomato wrap too!

Pretty hard to go wrong with the classic Caesar salad especially when the dressing and croutons are prepacked. Overall the salad vegetables were very fresh, crisp and sweet. They were generous with the grated cheese, and the star was the tender chicken breast. Probably cooked sous vide and grilled for presentation, it was super flavourful, while remaining moist and juicy.

All prepacked and ready to go is the Spicy Chicken Salad which comes with a mix of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers and carrots. There’s a handful of strips of fried chicken coated in a spicy chilli sauce, and the whole salad is topped off with shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese.

Overall very expensive for a salad, but what else can we do at a tourist attraction like Niagara Falls? Thankfully, the salad is really tasty. I always say that the American and Canadian vegetables tend to be bitter in the green leaves and very sweet in the stems, which is also true in this case. All the vegetables were fresh and crisp, and I love how tender the fried chicken is. The sauce was so shiok! It’s actually quite spicy and a little sour, with this, you don’t even need any extra dressing for the salad. As much as I love cheese, the amount on this seemed excessive and we didn’t eat most of the cheese on the salad, but it was still perfectly tasty. I’d totally recommend this if you’re looking for a healthier meal on a day out at the Falls.

Prepacked maki from Ah-So Sushi at Grand View Restaurant. This maki comes with tempura ebi, crabstick, avocado and cucumber. Half of the maki are covered with seaweed, whereas the other half are rolled with rice on the outside. The Dynamite Maki tastes pretty good. The rice is well seasoned, and the ingredients are fresh. No need to worry about freshness as the turnover times are fast at these tourist attraction spots. Overall quite pricey, but if you’re going to pay, at least you get a delicious meal and a good view from this restaurant.

London Fog is supposedly a drink created in Vancouver, Canada, but you’ll see it popping up in various cafes all around Ontario (including Tim Hortons, Starbucks, and more). I finally tried one in Kingston, Ontario at Kingston Coffee House. The London Fog is a tea latte made with Lady Grey tea, vanilla and milk.

Kingston Coffee House offers skim and non-dairy alternatives at no extra cost - yay! They also state that they only use organic milk. I had my London Fog with 1% skim milk, and it was still delightfully milky and fragrant. The vanilla scent was pleasant and not overpowering, plus there was still an underlying whiff of Lady Grey aroma in the beverage. I would recommend trying a London Fog in Canada at least once!

Two shots of espresso with a dash of milk. Good strong roast at this small cozy coffee house in Kingston and does its job to give you a quick caffeine perk. It’s one street down from the harbour and steam trains where the tourists flock to, so it’s less crowded unless the regular tour bus parking is full and a bus ends up along this street.

All the sandwiches in Kingston Coffee House are prepackaged and kept in the fridge, so some items might be out of stock for the day. Whenever they’re ordered, the sandwich is placed in the griddle to be heated up. We wanted the ham sandwich, but it was out of stock so we got a roast beef. It was warmed and served in a small paper bag. To be honest, the portion size here is really small compared to other eateries, which makes Kingston Coffee House quite pricey, but it’s good in a sense if you want to try other foodstuffs as they have a selection of pastries, cookies and muffins available too.

The Roast Beef sandwich has a thin slices of moist roast beef, cheese and some caramelised onions between soft bread. The beef is so tender, and pairs nicely with the slightly sweet soft onions and cheese. Easy to grab and go especially if you’re just passing through Kingston quickly, or even for a light breakfast or lunch meal.

Surprised to see matcha latte in this cafe. It’s a new addition to their menu, and they actually use a traditional whisk to prepare the matcha from organic matcha powder which gives rise to a smooth and uniformly mixed beverage. Despite that, the beverage was too milky and didn’t taste of matcha. Meh. We’ll probably stick to ordering matcha in Asia.

The pastries at Kingston Coffee House are unlabelled, so either you take the time to ask what’s what, or just grab one and be surprised.

We chose the latter, and were pleasantly surprised by the raspberry-peppered scone. It had a crispy crust on the outside that gave a satisfying crunch when bitten into. The interior was buttery and soft, with a nice balance of saltiness and sweet tartness from the raspberries. The scone was moist, and overall a real treat! I’d recommend picking up one of their pastries to go with a beverage!

Always biding my time to my next meal. Everything in between just serves to kill time.

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