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Donovan Teo
Donovan Teo

Indeed a big bowl with lots of clams! Super fantastic, the broth is light and tasty, the clams are juicy and fresh. The portion is definitely not for one. Every clam is definitely not empty! Highly recommend this as a sharing side dish.

Sliced tuna seared on the outside, sprinkled with salt and pepper. The seared layer is a little tough and dried. Not amazing, still prefer their signature Aburi Scallop Salmon Don.

Cooked sea eel slices with traditional sauce and seaweed. This is one of the few cooked and warm food items under the Rice Bowls section of the menu. It is a different type of eel, cut thinly and served with a sweet-salty sauce.


Medium done lamb rack served upon finely mashed potatoes mixed with garlic bits and olive oil. The mashed potatoes were a little cold and it would have been awesome if it came hot. Also, it comes with a small portion of mint chimichurri served at the side.

Lamb rack, mint chimichurri & garlic pomme purée.

Price: $20.70

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Very good version of prawn pasta. Spicy and lightly salted. Cream based with ikura sprinkled within.

Spaghetti, prawns, ikura & fresh prawns. You are given a choice to add more spaghetti (50g) at $1.50 more.

Price: $20.60

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This dish is found under the appetisers. It is very different from the usual french fries that we know of. Crispy outside and very soft inside with grainy bits of potatoes. The potatoes are sufficiently sweet and it goes well with the sea salt flavour outside.
The Sambal Mata sauce reminds me of the dark soy sauce mixed cut chilli padi we usually have from the hawker centres. It is sweet and spicy at the same time.

Surprisingly good dish overall!!

Polenta Fries, Sambal Mata, Chives & Sea salt

Prices: $9.60


This dish is simply the best at this place.
250gm of steak.
1 fixed standard side: House Garden Salad
1 other side of your choice

One of the best steaks I have tried in Singapore. It may not look much but it is worth it. Every inch of it!

Price: $9

If you have eaten Takoyaki balls before, you would know the taste. Imagine that with fries instead and a sous vide egg on top!
This is a dish filled with good crispy fries, a ton of mayo, Furikake-style seasoning and a sous vide egg!
It is served with a huge portion as well. Eating it alone as a dish is filling enough.

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Price: $18

This dish is available all day from 9am-9pm.
It consist of pancakes that are fluffy and thick (unlike the McDonalds’ one), fresh strawberries and other berries, berries compote, half sliced poached pear, candy nuts, almond flakes, maple syrup and a scoop of vanilla ice cream with ores crumble sprinkled on top.

Truly a sweet and awesome dish for those who want to get your sweetness up during the day.

This is a popular Kansai matsuri (festival) food. It is basically okonomiyaki or savoury pancake on chopsticks. It is served with a sunny-side fried egg on top.

Price: $4.80

This dish is the signature item in this place. It is the ultimate TKG which stands for Tamago Kake Gohan, a traditional dish eaten only by mixing a fresh raw egg with white rice. The egg white is whipped into a fluffy cloud-like texture for the best taste.

Price: $5.80

- Negitoro (minced raw tuna) +$3
- Marinated Salmon (raw) +$3
- Teriyaki Chicken (cooked) +$2.50
- Chicken Tsukune (3pcs raw meatballs) +$2.50
- Avocado (half) +$1.50

Add $3 more to make it a set, which consist of a salad, Japanese pickles and miso soup.

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Choice of Fettuccine or Angel’s hair pasta. Served with crab meat, bird eye chilli, cherry tomato, homemade pesto sauce. Worth the price for the portion. Nice strong taste of the pesto sauce and not too oily.
Price: $19.80 (after 50% discount = $9.40)

Promotional Set Lunch is available every weekday from 12pm-3pm (main course served with complimentary Truffle Mushroom soup and drinks).
This place is available on Eatigo with 50% discounts most of the time.
Eatigo link:

Address: 183 Jalan Pelikat, #01-20, The Promenade @Pelikat, Singapore 537643

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I am grateful for every meal placed in front of me...

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