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Sean Chen
Sean Chen

Mitzo’s weekend brunch buffet starts from 1130H to 1430H at a cost of $68++ per pax. If you like, you could top up $60++ for free-flow cocktails. While the food on offer was a series of hits and misses, it was overall a really memorable dining experience and a brunch worth trying for celebrating special occasions.
Food: 7.5/10
Ambience: 8.5/10
Service: 8.5/10
Price: 6.5/10
Overall: 8/10 (Worth trying on special occasions)

The full review, including their entire buffet menu can be found here:

Or for a few more pictures, see here:

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SGD 108++ (Includes free flow iced tea bar, coffee and tea)
SGD 178++ (Includes free flow Champagne Brut, premium wines, draft and craft beers and alcoholic beverages like Gin and Tonic Bar, Bloody Mary (Red Snapper) and Gold Brew Negroni)
SGD 54++ (For children aged 6-12 years old)
Complimentary (for children under 6 years old)
Note: Chope! offers a 20% discount which brings it to $101.69 and $167.60 nett respectively.

Overall, it was an amazing experience from the very start. All the staff (Both the service attendants and the chefs) had exemplary customer service, at least compared to most Singaporean F&B establishments. I thoroughly enjoyed the food, service, ambience and it was an excellent Sunday brunch. I can’t compare it to any other’s but definitely felt that it was a 3H well-spent. Despite having a huge variety of food on offer, the restaurant manages to maintain an outstanding quality for most of the dishes on offer.
Taste: 9/10
Ambience: 8/10
Price: 7.5/10 (With 20% Chope! Vouchers)
Overall: 8.5/10 (Highly recommend for a slow brunch where the focus is on enjoying the huge variety AND quality of food on offer with like-minded loved ones)

More pictures at: https://www.instagram.com/p/B3lb6u1g2D0/?igshid=1r791jzfhikgs

Full review at: https://liveeatbless.wordpress.com/2019/10/14/buffet-review-oscars-eat-drink-brunch-repeat-sunday-brunch/

Time limit: 100min (I think this applies only to Eatigo users)
Price: $18.60 (After 50% Eatigo discount and 10% Service Charge)
Note: No GST charge at this buffet

A small obscure restaurant located on the second floor of a shophouse along Dunlop Street. They had quite a wide variety of marinades for the pork belly as well as a variety of different types of meat and meat cuts. In addition to the meats were the vegetables and pineapple (Probably canned) and watermelon. There was a waffle, ice cream and cooked food station as well. On top of that, they provide free-flow drinks for an additional $2.50 nett. Otherwise, you're strongly recommended to bring your own water.

While there was a decent variety of meats, I wouldn't come back again, even with the 50% discount as none of the meats were high quality and none of the marinades stood out in particular apart from perhaps, the herbal pork belly.

Price: 8/10 (This is after the 50% discount)
Taste: 5.5/10
Ambience: 4/10
Overall: 5.5/10 (Would not be over 5 without the 50% discount)

More pictures at: https://www.instagram.com/p/B2ecO5CAAoN/?igshid=1hpgzoaqyu5ey

Full review at:


Overall, this buffet is definitely value-for-money with the 1-for-1 promotion. While the type of seafood on offer may be a slight let-down for those coming for the seafood, it was definitely cooked in an innumerable number of ways. I had a great time trying out the variety of food on offer and would rate this as having the best variety and quality of desserts I've had thus far (As compared to the other 2 hotel buffets I've reviewed thus far). The ambience of the restaurant was amazing, a well-designed, posh and spacious restaurant which offers breathtaking views of the South China Sea. It is definitely a restaurant worth considering for special occasions.

Price: 8/10 (With the discount)
Taste: 8.5/10 (Without the desserts, would be 7/10)
Ambience: 9.5/10
Overall: 9/10 (Worth going for special occasions)

See more at: tinyurl.com/seasonaltastes140819

Chili Padi Nonya Cafe 03/08/19

Overall, I would concur that this buffet is somewhat worth its money for the VARIETY offered. However, it is definitely not worth one's calories in terms of the quality of food presented. If this food was presented as part of a buffet catering service, I would be pleasantly surprised but considering that its a buffet restaurant instead, I expected a lot more. Many of the dishes really did not taste fresh, especially their fruit cakes and kueh lapis at the dessert section. Would strongly recommend the restaurant to improve on the quality of all of their dishes first before working on the variety.
Price: 7/10 (For the variety)
Taste: 3/10 (I was craving for quality Peranakan food the next day)
Overall: 4/10 (Even if you are in the area, I will not recommend)

See more at: https://thankgodjournals.blogspot.com/2019/08/chili-padi-nonya-cafe-heng-mui-keng.html
Direct link at: https://tinyurl.com/chilipadi2019

(Dish above)
Main Course: Salmon Fillet A La Plancha (Pumpkin Puree, Squash, Citrus Vinagrette)

I have been to this restaurant 3 times in the past 2 months and each experience has only gotten better. Honestly, the best way to know how good this restaurant is, is by visiting it yourself. My instagram highlight @thankGodforf00d will be able to show a greater diversity of the dishes that Ash & Elm has but it only displays my 2nd and 3rd visit and the descriptions of the food cannot be properly seen for my 2nd visit. 
Below is a summary of my 3 visits:
18th May - Saturday (Semi-Buffet + Main Course; $48++)
26th June - Wednesday (Semi-buffet + Main Course; $38++)
15th July - Monday (Full Buffet; $38++)
Note: Full buffets occur at the discretion of the restaurant. It is priced similar to that of the Semi Buffet + Main Course (Hence, $38++ for Weekdays and $48++ for Saturdays)

Overall, I have had lovely experiences at Ash & Elm and am really grateful to both the service staff and the chefs for giving me such a memorable experience. Just in case you may not have noticed, I am NOT paid for this review but I highly, highly recommend anybody that sees this to try out their semi-appetiser & dessert buffet during the weekdays. Anyways, hope to visit the restaurant again soon and perhaps I will try their Sunday Brunch ($98++) in future. :)

Do check out
1) @thankGodforf00d for Highlights
2) https://thankgodjournals.blogspot.com/2019/07/ash-elm-best-european-buffet-service.html for my Full Review

Met up with a friend for a buffet dinner at Mister Wu.

Buffet details:
1) $29 per pax (Min 2 pax) > $19.14 nett per pax (After 40% Chope discount)
2) Limited to first 20 pax
3) Weekdays: 1830H - 2130H Saturdays: 1130H - 1430H & 1830H - 2130H

Overall, the buffet had many notable dishes including the truffled carrot cake (Strong truffle aroma and flavour), XO sauce cheong fan (Could not exactly taste the XO sauce but loved the texture of the rice roll), truffle shroom la mian (Really strong truffle flavour and sweet sauce coating the noodles), braised pork rice (Thick layers of pork) and the hibiki seafood la mian (Broth was strong and had a slight 'burn' when going down your throat; perhaps due to the Hibiki whiskey?). The desserts were also a highlight of this buffet, their red bean rice cake, sakura and melon crystal balls all being really good to pair with some warm tea.

I do not mind going back to the buffet though certainly ordering a lot less in future. It is extremely value-for-money for the quality and variety of dishes and tea offered. Would recommend for family gatherings and get-togethers with friends!

1) Do not be stupid and eat some cookie dough before going for a buffet like I did
2) Order only 1 piece of each dim sum first!
3) La mian / rice dishes are NORMAL SIZE SERVINGS, do NOT over order
4) Save space for the desserts and variety of tea!
Price: 9/10
Taste: 9/10
Overall: 9/10

See more at:

Went to The Clove @ The Swissotel with a few friends on Friday night after pre-purchasing a Chope voucher where the buffet went for half price, $55.91 nett per pax after the discount. Wanting to maximise my money even more, I booked the table at the earliest possible time, 1730H and arrived at 1700H for good measure.

Comparing the food that was available to the menu provided on their website, everything was pretty similar except for their desserts which was disappointingly scarce relative to their online menu. There was a distinct lack of:
1) Petit Macarons
2) Millefeuille Parmesan Cheese Tart 
3) “Apple Clove” Caramel Crepe Gateaux (C) 
4) “Orange Clove” Cocoa Sable (C) 
5) Japan Sweet Potato Tea Cake 
6) Chocolate Bonbon

While I understand that the menu showcases all their dishes which are placed on a rotational basis, it would still have been good to showcase different types of desserts apart from their ruby cocoa selection.

Nonetheless, my friends and I spent a good 3H at the buffet and we enjoyed our evening immensely as the variety and quality of the food overall was top-notch. My only other gripe would be that the clearance of plates may have been a tad too slow, though the staff were more than happy to provide cups of decaf coffee, skimmed milk and soya milk (Note: The soya milk tasted really peculiar, I think it may have been UHT soya milk?).

Price: 8/10
Taste: 9.5/10
Overall: 9/10

See more at:

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IG: @thankgodforf00d

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