All About Café

All About Café

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Breakfast Burger w mini hash browns ($18.70)

I really like this burger a lot even though its quite oily and cheesy. So tempted and good that cheesy melt on your mouth. Mini hash browns just crispy and crunchy for complemented with burger.

Matcha Latte ($8.10)

I find that it's quite sweet and milky aftertaste not to the bitter extend but it's quite OK and average to me.

Chicken N Waffle ($12.90)

best selling dish that most of people order this or all star plate. high recommendation for sharing with friend and family.

Hot Mocha ($5)

always saw people talked the cake from cake spade and reminded me of "kate spade" brand tbh.

Strawberry Shortcake ($6.22 b4 gst & service charge)

Lychee Earl Grey Iced Tea ($7.38 b4 gst & service charge)

Kyoto Matcha Cheesecake ($9.16 b4 gst & service charge)

not that bad as I really like their cookie base to be crunchy and not that hard (easily to cut through). Their cheesecake just nice and not that milky and creamy texture.

Hot Granny Smith Matcha Latte ($6.45 b4 gst & service charge)

never tried something beyond matcha latte. they added apple syrup inside drink for granny smith (but supposed to be sour) made a bit sweet to reduce bitter taste from matcha. good for people to prefer sweetness over bitterness.

Roasted Halibut (cod fish) & Soba ($24)
I rarely saw salad for soba with fish but this interesting combination for salad made me so wow (unexpected) and didn't expected that it was so good. soba was served in cold style as japanese they usually do but soba just served in hot style as western they usually do it most of time. I really enjoyed to eat halibut (cod fish) as it was not that strong fish smell tbh. Overall taste that it really sweet and sour experience but it's a bit oily from salad dressing.

Fish & Chips ($24)
hmmm i don't said that best of best for fish & chips because I felt that their batter was too much for me even though I squeezed lemon for fish & chips evenly. But their batter was really crispy and crunchy but the fish was really I did eat their seasonal greens (salad) finish but I didn't eat finish their fries as I reserved my stomach for dark chocolate sundae (high recommendation for ordering this). I didn't expected their tartar sauce included truffle and really unexpected from it :") I told my sister that they add truffle inside the sauce but she didn't believed me :') Their truffle tartar sauce really so fragrant and strong taste tbh.

Coffee Tiramisu Cake ($7.20) (foc for birthday mth) I felt that it was quite strong and a bit sweet taste for coffee tbh and also moist aftertaste in tiramisu.

Classic Bolo Bun with Butter ($5) for crispy texture and extra butter taste after reheating.

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I really like their Classic Bolo Bun ($4.50) (1st) for crispy texture and butter taste after reheating.

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Matcha Latte (Hot) (Small) (Fresh Milk) ($4.80)
I felt that it's quite milky, a bit diluted texture and don't have much matcha taste inside drink. I saw the flash coffee a lot of times until I feel that it's a need to try for first time.

- matcha pear roll ($6.90) (50% off for drink included in the set) (3.5/5)

I was trying their matcha roll with red bean before before they changed dessert menu and added pear into the swiss roll. I didn't like the idea having fruit inside the swiss roll especially tea flavour based. I felt that pear was quite hard to chew with swiss roll but it's (pear) quite sour complemented well with matcha (bitter)

no long time to order muji cafe for a long time since poly era and decided to order 2 deli set ($12.80) because I want to try their dessert as quite tempted by this.

- prawn couscous salad with yuzu sesame dressing (cold deli) (4.5/5)

prawn is much fresh and not that hard. they included veg such as broccoli and cherry tomato, a bit sour taste for the sauce but I felt that it's quite good for me.

- kohi pork & king oyster mushroom (hot deli) (3.5/5)

sauce was quite thick and not that waterish. kohi pork is not that hard even though braised for a few hours. I felt that king oyster mushroom was quite hard to chew through.

Dark Chocolate Sundae ($14) (5/5)

my sister and I was just getting full after eating sundae and waffles finish. I didn't expected that most of people order it for after meals but it's just worth it to get it and share with your friend and family. I really enjoy rich flavour for dark chocolate but its so thick until I felt bloated. Waffles was quite crispy so complemented with dark chocolate sundae.

Seafood Linguine ($26.50) (3.5/5)

my sister and I was agreed that the sauce was weird tbh. I thought it was mentaiko sauce but not that tbh. It was lobster bisque sauce based but the taste was quite weird and sweet ? They contained a lot of seafood ingredients such as scallop, crab meats and tobiko (flying fish roe) inside the pasta.


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