The dish had a good mix of salmon and avocado . Price was affordable , will definitely visit a second time even though the place is slightly far but the view was worth it and the place was really pretty .

damage per pax ; $20-30?

Teriyaki Chicken Bento
Damage $5 ~ $7 per pax
weekdays 11-5pm have 1 for 1 at compass one
tamago was good , chicken was slightly dry will be better if have more rice

One of the nicest bak ku teh
- affordable
- $8/pax ++
- suitable for date night / groups

one of my favourite 麻油鸡 place to go
- taste been really consistent
- affordable especially if sharing
- $6 +

Best teochew porridge ever
- price point worth it
- queues slightly long during lunch / dinner time
- $4-5 a bowl
- quality consistency

one of the best ramen :)

- price for one bowl is about $15

would go back for more if possible

One of the best affordable oyakodon i had in SG !!
$6.90 and its quite a portion .

one of the best ba chor mee i ever had
cheap and worth the price , $3 / $4

easy to go to .