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Fast Food-ish Eats

Featuring Woodlands Sourdough, Fatburger & Buffalo's (Square 2), Wingstop (Bedok Mall), Keen's Bagelry, QQ Noodle House (Bugis Village), A9 Noodle Dumpling (Fortune Centre), Lucky Dumplings (ION Orchard), Qin Ji Rougamo 秦记肉夹馍 (Guoco Tower), Mother-In-Law Egg Tart (Havelock), Ministry of Burgers & Ministry of Wings
Jason Ng
Jason Ng

A hole in the wall noodle joint, A9 noodle serves up multiple variations of their handmade noodles and dumplings as well. Noodles were decent, prices were very affordable and I can see why people come here for no frills meals!

I got the Beef Savoury Noodle ($5) which came with quite a substantial amount of handmade noodles. They were lightly coated with some flavoured oil, garlic and onions. The noodles were slightly springy and had loads of flavour from the sauce. Do add a dash of their chilli oil but be warned, it's pretty spicy! The heat and the umami of the chilli oil does elevate the flavours of the noodles. Beef slices were okay, nothing much to shout out about.

Their Chive Pork Dumplings were incredibly cheap at just $4 for 15. Pretty decent, the skin wasn't too thick and the meat to skin ratio was substantial.

Not a place I would travel all the way for, but I can see myself coming here for lunch if I work around the area. A good simple meal! Please note that it's a one man show so you probably need to wait abit for your food. The uncle was pretty nice though!

If you work around the area in one north and love your orh nee, @suukeecoffeesg is one place to have a hearty breakfast! With their unique Orh Nee Toast Set ($6.70), my morning was energized 😍

The toast came slightly crispy on the outside and fluffy inside, and they were filled with a hearty amount of yam paste. It was not too sweet, and although the yam flavour was light, it was rich and aromatic from the coconut milk within. I love how it was really smooth and that no artificial flavours nor colouring was used! This was perfect with their soft boiled eggs, as the sweet and savoury flavours complemented well.

As for the drink, I got the Kopi Siew Dai, which had the right amount of sweetness. The coffee was decent and definitely really strong!

Definitely a breakfast option I will consider around 😍

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An interesting fast food concept, @shiokburger_sg merges the east and west flavours into one, which turns out pretty good!

I got the Beef Cheeseburger Set ($10.99) which comes with a burger, a side and a drink. The beef burger had a thick juicy patty with a slice of melted cheese, all wrapped in a chinese pita bread. Now this is the interesting part, as the pita soaked the juices well, without actually becoming soggy. Unlike normal burger buns, it does not get too doughy! Now this is a worthy invention.

The Ebiko Chicken Burger ($9.99 with set) was also pretty good, with a crispy juicy chicken patty, generously topped with ebiko sauce (seafood umami was faint but still alright). Also quite enjoyable!

Sides had options of beef cheese fries and ebiko tater tots. Both were fresh and crispy, and the beef cheese fries had an interesting touch as the beef on top was flavoured with Chinese spices and cumin. An interesting blend of flavours once again.

Quite decent fast food actually! Maybe the only complaint is the smaller size of burger and sides 😂

A popular choice for no frills meals among the crowd in Bugis, @qqnoodlehousesg serves up rather affordable noodle dishes that were pretty decent! I had the Signature Kolo Mee ($7.50 with extra noodles) with a basic sauce and it was not bad. The noodles were al dente and springy, and although they may look plain, they were very flavourful with pork lard and garlic. I really thoroughly enjoyed the noodles, but unfortunately the ingredients were nothing much to shout about. The char siew was tough and not so flavourful sadly 😥. I can see why it's popular for affordable meals, and I can see myself coming if I just want a simple meal.

Not too bad if you're around the area, but maybe not worth it to come down just for this 😂


If you love your cheeseburgers, you really don't want to miss this place! @yeoldecow serves up delicious cheeseburgers, addictive fries and absolutely refreshing beers at their food truck.

I had the Traditional Cheeseburger ($18.40) which had 2 dry aged beef patties, 2 slices of cheese, pickles, onions and their house mayo. Now this is one glorious burger, because they really nailed the patties. The patties were juicy, perfectly cooked till medium, and because they were smashed, the sides had a good crust. There was quite alot of meat in each bite and I love how the meat to bun ratio was perfect as well. Buns were soft and nicely buttered. I asked for my onions to be caramelised, giving this burger a slightly sweet touch. The cheese just brought everything together and made the flavour richer. Reviewing this burger got me salivating again!

The addition of fries ($4) was definitely a good decision, as it came in generous portions worthy to share! They were skinny cut, and the outside was crispy while the inside remained fluffy. Now these are really addictive quality fries!

Can't wait to sink my teeth into their burgers again 😍

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It was my first time having rougamo, and I was so pleasantly surprised!

I had the Chicken Rougamo from @qin_ji_rougamo, and I was a splendid street snack I would totally get again. The crispy layered dough was stuffed full of chicken pieces which were really tender and flavourful. The contrast of textures coming from the crunch of the exterior and the tender saucy chicken pieces really worked very well. I can imagine the cumin pork version tasting even better!

As I ordered it as a set ($14.50), the set comes with cold noodles and a drink. The hot and spicy cold noodles indeed was flavourful and had a very strong kick, perhaps too spicy for me 🥹 I wished that the noodles was more springy though!

Definitely coming back for the rougamo. Good thing that it's just right outside Tanjong Pagar MRT!

Qin Ji Rougamo
7 Wallich St, #B2-04, Singapore 078884

Finally visited @keensbagelry and we were so satisfied with the bagels we got!

The Garlic Salmon was stuffed full of scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and torched cheddar cheese, all sandwiched between freshly made bagels. The garlic sauce added extra umami and savoury flavours and the torched cheddar cheese really added an extra smokey dimension of flavour to the bagel. So satisfying!

The Truffle Chicken had a thick chicken thigh patty, which was tender and succulent. The truffle sauce wasn't too cloying and we loved how both bagels we got weren't dry at all!

With #burpplebeyond, you can get these bagels at $12 each. So worth it! Definitely coming back to try other bagel flavours 😍

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Had their 4 Wings Bundle ($9.30 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) for takeaway and they were really pretty decent!

We had all their flavours and my favourite is the Soy Garlic. Heavily seasoned with umami and garlic flavours, these crispy wings got me licking my fingers!

The Korean BBQ flavour is good as well if you can handle some spice. The sauce seems uncannily familiar to that of the spicy samyang sauce! Very spicy but shiok at the same time.

The Honey Mustard and Black Pepper flavours were just okay.

Wouldn't say their wings are one of the best I've had, but they are still of some quality. A bargain with the #burpplebeyond!

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Had a chance to try their Truffle mushroom noodle bento ($12.90) and was really impressed! The springy noodles were well coated with very umami packed sauce that has both good elements of a strong mushroom and truffle oil flavour. The mushrooms were well braised and were springy as well! The dumplings I chose for the set were chilli prawn filling, and I liked it due to its strong prawn flavour, with a heat that kicks in after. The appetiser bean sprouts were well seasoned with vinegar, making them really addictive! I must say this is a well rounded meal, great to order back to office during lunch!


Probably the best Portuguese egg tarts I've tried. Such tarts are best eaten hot and I was amazed by how crispy and buttery the pastry crust was! There were very interesting egg tart fillings as well and I got chocolate raspberry, yam sweet potato, coffee and earl grey. All were really good, and special mentions to the chocolate raspberry due to its thick rich ganash with citrus raspberry flavours, the aromatic real yam paste used in the yam sweet potato and the strong aromatic coffee flavours (but yet not too sweet). Each egg tart cost $3.30 - $3.50, and is even cheaper with #burpplebeyond ! Totally will get it again 😍

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I think many might find it weird why I ordered my Ayam Geprek ($8) with cheese instead of having it with their chilli, but you really get the best of worlds doing so! Just ask for their wonderful homemade chilli by the side and you have yourself a satisfying cheesy, spicy, flavourful fried chicken to go with your rice 😍 really nothing much to complain about especially when it's also pretty cheap knowing that it's in the town area!


This popular hole in the wall bread shop is known for their sourdough breads and bakes and I just have to give it a try!

The Aubergine and Tomato Bialy ($5 each) were slightly tough, but the ingredients were really fresh and they were full of flavour. We preferred the tomato version more, as it is much more moist.

Although the Gruyere Roll ($6) seemed simple, but the cheese used was really fantastic with its savoury earthy flavour. Paired well with their sourdough!

The Grilled Cheese ($12) was pretty big and had so much cheese in them together with several other ingredients like garlic and onions. Very satisfying but I do suggest sharing this with someone 🤣

Definitely a great find. Will be back!

Jason Ng

Level 9 Burppler · 1066 Reviews

Love to travel for food and seek new places to satisfy my appetite 😋

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