My favourites that I think everyone should definitely try or you'd be missing out in life!
Komal Salve
Komal Salve

$9.80 for the bigger portion.
These handmade fresh prawn rolls are just so good! And it comes with a thin sweet chilli sauce that goes well with the rolls. Or you can just dip them in the green chilli sambal that comes with the bee hoon. Still great

$16.80 for the small one and $19.80 for the big one.
This was sooo flavourful. A hidden jem! Get the big one and share! There's free flow of soup so don't be shy and get more if you want to. The chilli was da bomb! Spicy af and goes so well with the flavourful bee hoon.

This piece of boneless chicken comes soaked in this sweet, spicy and garlicky sauce that's just irresistible. It comes separately from the bowl of indomie and a fried egg with some cucumbers. Will definitely come back for this.

This satay is so worth waiting (20+mins) for! There's some extremely addictive and delicious marinade that's sweet, savoury and spicy. I got the sambal balado (the red one) with my dish as it's more spicy than the green one (sambal ijo). Seems overpriced but you just gotta remember that you're paying for the meat.

Realllyyy loved this!!! That chipotle salsa and jalapenos really gave a kick to the whole thing and for me, it's great! But anyone sensitive to spice, please stay away. The tortilla chips gave a nice crunch and balanced out the textures. Chicken was, lucky, well marinated. Fries are good, too.

I've had sooo many dosas but nothing like this before. This was more like a utthappa cos of the fluffiness and the thickness. Also because of the open face pizza-like topping which resembles an utthappa more. Loved the chilli powder and the potatoes were so flavorful! Craving for this again 🤤🤤🤤

Finally found a beer I really actually liked! Not a beer fan here. This craft beer was somehow a little like wine with the fruitiness. And the sourness was very palatable. I gotta go back before it's gone!
It was $9-10/half a pint (the glass was full!)

Not the Indonesian BBQ stall (I've tried that, and yes it's pretty good), but from the Ayam Penyet stall further inside the Kopitiam. I think I found my new fav ayam bakar, like finallly!!! So damn good! The marination of the chicken...omg. I can eat it forvever! Gotta go back there soon!

Great to be back at this place! Loved it the first time I came when it was at another location and much much smaller. The chicken is still the same, pretty good! The sambal definitely used to be much better. Prepare for the continuous crowd and to learn to wait patiently as you queue! The food, however, doesn't take much time. Service is great as the staff is super friendly.

Ohhh that Marsala Sauce!!! So savoury and just delicious! It may look like it's too little but it was actually sufficient. I could eat more but this was satisfying enough. The raviolacci could have been more soft and thinner but then that would have made the portion smaller I think. The beef was very finely minced, almost floss like. It was great tho!
Price: $22 (so worth it!)

The most springy noodles everrr! Not starchy like many other ban mians. The chicken was so tenderrr!! And the mala - additional $1 for that scoop or mala paste - makes everything so much better! The soup was something special too, it wasn't tasteless and had an egg in it was just good. Then the chilli was something special too! A little sweet and sour and garlicky but still spicy! This is definitely a must try for all spicy food lovers 🤤🤤🤤🔥🔥🔥
Total price: $5.50

This was like a little bomb that exploded with flavour upon eating! Definitely a must-try! I'm not a big fan of the seafoody taste but this wasn't too much for me. Loved the combination of textures - the crunch of that pastry and coleslaw, the tobiko (flying fish roe) and the smooth unagi.
Price: $8 - but super worth it with Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 Main+Appetizer deal!


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