Fun Drinks 🍸🍹πŸ₯‚β˜•

Fun Drinks 🍸🍹πŸ₯‚β˜•

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Komal Salve
Komal Salve

Filled with small chewy pearls, soaked in a brown sugar syrup, the taste was more honey-like than brown sugar to me. Shake very well or else it would be sickly sweet! The milk was creamy and thick but not too thick. Would probably get again when I'm not feeling too guilty about my diet πŸ™ƒ

At $6 each, it's pretty pricey for lemonade and tea but the 1-for-1 deal makes it better. The raspberry was the flavour of the day and it was GREAT! Raspberry soda should be a ubiquitous thing, it's so damn good. But this had real raspberries in it as you can get the seeds in some sips.
The Yuzu + Chrysanthemum was a clash of flavours with the flowery taste and smell completely overpowering the Yuzu. You could only taste the yuzu when you get a bite of the yuzu pieces at the bottom. Not a great choice there.

Just slightly sweet and the chocolate was greatttt!!! Definitely coming back for more 1-for-1 with Beyond!

Only had them macchiatos at Starbucks so this was a huge...or a rather tiny surprise. Coming in a shot glass-sized pretty cup, this espresso shot with a tiny amount of foamy milk packed a punch. The cafe has a nice vibe with a pretty chic interior. Nice place to hang out for a bit

Finally found a beer I really actually liked! Not a beer fan here. This craft beer was somehow a little like wine with the fruitiness. And the sourness was very palatable. I gotta go back before it's gone!
It was $9-10/half a pint (the glass was full!)

At $7 per drink, this felt pretty overpriced for me. It was pleasant but not being a coffee buff, I didn't get the notes that I was supposed to. This one's supposed to have a taste of white chocolate. I guess it must have been pretty subtle.
If you're looking for an interesting coffee experience, maybe you can try this.

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This is NOT BOBA! This is similar to their pomegranate pearls just that they have coffee bursting out of those pearls instead of pomegranate juice. It's soooo goood!!! Anyone who loves caramel and isn't too worried about the sugar, would love it! $9.90 for Venti is a little steep. But with the AIA Vitality vouchers it's pretty okay. Plus the 1-1 deal happening til tmr! Always worth it then.
Can see that Starbucks is trying to hop onto the crazy bandwagon of the brown sugar fad happening in SG using the term "dark caramel". Of course that's totally different from brown sugar, but you can see the similarity there. Especially with the boba looking coffee pearls. Glad that it wasn't actually boba and brown sugar as that would feel just too desperate for a conglomerate like Starbucks.

Turned out to be less sweet than expected...almost like 50% sugar level. You can't taste the brown sugar syrup in this like you can with the fresh milk as the tea taste overwhelms it. I definitely prefer the fresh milk instead of the black tea, not that it's bad! I just like the smoky taste of the brown sugar which was rather lacking in this.
Medium size with no pearls is $3.50

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It tasted like a regular chocolatey frappΓ©. Really couldn't taste the rose syrup. There is no reason for charging such a ridiculous price. I only bought it as it was 1-1 and I had a $5 voucher.
$9.60 for Venti size.

So what's a cascara syrup? It's supposed to be a type of coffee bean syrup. But....the barista said it's a brown sugar syrup. Whatttt.
Nevertheless, this was good. Venti size was $8.80.


There was way too much ice and because it was a sort of crushed ice, the drink got diluted pretty fast. The lemon grass drink was rather interesting. I recommend that instead of the milk tea
$3 each

Definitely worth a try! It wasn't as sickeningly sweet as I expected. Nevertheless, if you do not like sweet things, better to avoid this.
There is a slight bitter, smoky note to the brown sugar syrup, which makes the sweetness more than just plain sweetness. Slightly expensive tho, at $4.30 for medium size...which basically the smallest size there.

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