Simply Sweet

Simply Sweet

From the classics to the twist of old favourites and impressive showstoppers, turn your stressed to desserts.
Jessica Chew
Jessica Chew

This plated dessert has house-made black truffle ice cream served with chocolate ganache and piped chocolate mousse. It is finished off with shaved black truffle, sea salt, and lemon verbena oil. The ice cream was rich with a musky, earthy undertone, balanced by the bittersweet dark chocolate. Not digging this savoury-sweet dessert but subjective I guess.

The French Toast Brioche is topped with berry compote, fresh berries and whipped cream. It is finished off with a drizzle of honey and some almonds. Everything complimented and provided a constrast to the fluffy, buttery brioche; and I liked that the brioche retained its texture and not mushy. It was decadent with a balance of tangy and sweet.

The flavours here are uniquely interesting and change seasonally. The Pear Mascarpone Honey gelato had a subtle delicate pear fragrance at the first taste, followed by a distinct sweetness from the honey. The 80% Dark Chocolate French Rose was intense with floral notes of the rose. It was a nice balance of bitter and sweet.

I've got to say that Cotta's waffle is the lightest, most airy and crispiest one I've had to date. It is different from others where they have a crispy exterior and fuffy and slightly chewy inside. I could hear the crunch of the waffle.

The madeleines here are one of the best I've ever had. They were light and airy with crispy edges, and had a delicate buttery lemony flavour. The chocolate ice cream accompanying it was totally indulgent. It was intense rich, thick and creamy. Kind of reminds me of Swensen's sticky chewy chocolate but even better.

The Pistachio Tiramisu has layers of creamy coffee mascarpone cream, intertwined with nutty pistachio flavour. It is topped with crushed pistachios to give it an added crunch and a pretty finish.

Red Ruby Coconut was delightfully delicious. The red rubies had a nice gel covering the crunchy water chestnuts. Served with creamy coconut ice cream that contained coconut bits, it was refreshing, creamy and satisfying.

My personal fav - the Nara Sake Kasu is an ice cream made from sake lees. It was floral, fragrant and refreshing, and punctuated with mellow, peppery tones from the black pepper.

The housemade cheesecake has a smooth creamy texture enriched by a lovely boozy tang of the red wine sauce.

The shell of the Cannoli was light, airy and incredibly crispy, and piped with a creamy ricotta cheese filling. A delicate dessert, the Cannoli was sweet, slightly zesty and nutty with the crunch from the pistachios. The Soufflé Tart with 70% dark chocolate was our next pick. Compared to usual tarts, the souffle tart had a mellow and airy mousse that was chocolatey rich and set on a crunchy sable base.

The Waffle was fluffy with a crispy exterior and we had two scoops with it - Hazelnut and Yogurt Biscoff. The Hazelnut reminded me of Kinder Bueno as it was creamy, choco-nutty and had waffle biscuit bits in it. As for Yogurt Biscoff, it didn't suit my tastebuds as the yogurt taste was overpowering. Some biscoff bits would have been nice for texture.

The Earl Grey Butterscotch Ice Cream Parfait was elegantly presented on a place mat by Bynd Artisan with an inspirational quote inscribed on it. It was visually stunning from the way it was constructed and its vibrant colours. Stacked with scoops of Earl Grey Lavender and Butterscotch Almond ice-cream with strawberry compote, fresh strawberries, toasted almond flakes, earl grey crumbles and earl grey pudding, the combination created an earthy and aromatic bouquet of flavours and textures.

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Sai-Mai Toast is a Thai style cotton candy toast. Visually attractive, the webs of cotton candy added a sticky texture and made the already-sugary dessert over-cloyingly sweet. The toast was missing the crisp though. And though the Thai milk tea ice-cream had a nice balanced sweetness and milkiness with a nice tea fragrant, the black tea flavour could be more prominent.

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