Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea

Taiwan's ingenius invention consisting of tea and tapioca balls.
Grace Aw
Grace Aw

Ordered a medium Jam's Oolong Milk Tea with Pearl, 30% sweetness.

Oolong milk tea was fragrant and smooth. The sweetness was just nice. Pearls was chewy and tasty. Overall, it was really good.

Do note that it'll cost an extra $0.10 if you need a bag for your bbt.

Order their Boba Milk Tea, M size ($3.20). The milk tea was fragrant and sweet. Boba were chewy and tasty as well. The only thing is that some of their boba were clumped together and I do think that they could be slightly more generous with the Boba.

Overall a good place to get your bubble milk tea craving satisfied.

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Came to try this new bbt that just opened.
Got 2 cups of Nano Bobo Milk Tea and 1 cup of Nano 2 in 1 Milk Tea.

Nano Bobo Milk Tea ($3.90). Oolong Milk Tea with Special NANO Syrup and Amber Pearls. I love their milk tea. It's fragrant, smooth and milky. Really good, not sure if it has something to do with their special syrup. Only fault is that the sugar level for this drink is fixed. Pearls were good, though a little harder then what I'm used to. Nonetheless chewy and yummy.

Nano 2 in 1 Milk Tea ($3.90). Signature Milk Tea with Beancurd and Tea Jelly. Milk tea was equally good but for this I had the option to choose my sugar level. I chose 25% sweetness which was perfect. Jelly were not too bad. However I prefer their pearls.

Service was quite slow and they gave me one less straw. Nonetheless the drink I've tried so far seems promising.


Ordered both Houjicha and Matcha Brown Sugar Mill to try.

Houjicha Brown Sugar Bubble Milk was slightly powdery. The houjicha was prominent with roasted notes of the tea. Brown sugar on the other hand was kind of overwhelmed by the houjicha. Pearls were good. Chewy and sweet

Matcha Brown Sugar Bubble Milk was also slightly powdery. Matcha was very prominent and overpowered the brown sugar. The matcha also tasted milky which is something that I like.

Overall the Matcha was my favourite.

Bought a deal from Shopback which consist of Yuan Yang Milk Tea with Black Pearls ($2.80, so I saved $2).

Went there at 12.15pm and the lady just opened the shop so the pearls were not yet ready. Got it swapped to Coconut Jelly instead.

Yuan Yang Milk Tea was good. Ratio of coffee to tea was just nice. I ordered 25% sweetness which was just right. Coconut jelly went well with the drink, maybe cause it didn't had any coconut taste. I liked that it was chewy as well.

Overall for $2.80 I might consider getting it if I was at that mall but for $4.80, it's just not worth.

Unlike most tea shops, customizations of sweetness and ice is unavailable here.

Ordered the four season cheese tea. Tea tasted similar to those chinese tea served at chinese restaurant but sweetened just to my liking. Cheese foam on the other hand was....... not within my expectation. Honestly it tasted like sweetened dough mixture, without a hint of any cheese taste. (Imagine the taste of flour, water and sugar mix together and drinking it. Really bad.) My friend totally agreed with me.
Drinking the tea on it's own was fine but when mixed together it just tasted like drinking sweetened raw dough mixture. Truly not to my liking and also a waste of my money as I only drank a few sip. Luckily I used the burpple 1-for-1 so the damage wasn't that bad.

Also staff should be more knowledgeable about the drinks offered. Here's a small dialogue of what happened.
Me: Erm, what is this four season tea?
Employee: It's a type of tea.
Me: .......(Anything else that I don't know?)
Luckily another employee replied that it was a type of green tea. Anyway I ordered it as it was an item recommended on the menu. Afterwards..... regrets T.T
Maybe next time I'll stick to normal milk tea? IF there's a next time for here. Overall take my advice and skip the cheese tea.


Ordered the Caramel Milk Tea with 1 topping ($4.90)- Tea had a mild caramel taste. Totally not sweet which was good as I chose 0% sweetness. The white pearl were chewy, firm and sweet. Overall all was good except that the caramel could be more prominent.

I also ordered the mushroom combo, extra spicy + seaweed flavour ($3.90 + $0.50). [There are 6 flavours available; cheese, seaweed, spicy Mexico, garlic seafood, sour plum and ma la.] The mushroom was deep fried to perfection. Batter was light and crispy and taste was just nice, slightly spicy and umami. Overall really good.

The color of the milk tea comes from charcoal. So interesting!

I read some reviews and they said should definitely get 30% sweetness or less. My friend asked for 20% and they said ok so we had 20% sweetness with less ice.

Tea taste is strong and it's not as milky or fragrant as I prefer. Actually I'm not really sure how the charcoal plays a part in the taste. I think it's more for the aesthetic of the drink. Sweetness wise I regretted not choosing a sweeter option as the tea was not sweet enough for me. Pearls added were sweet and not as chewy as other bubble tea store like Koi, Gongcha, Liho. Also for an additional $0.60 I expected a little more.

Overall the cup is worth buying if you have nothing better to spend on, for the looks of it. However if you planning to buy it for its taste, it's definitely not worth it.

I ordered 嗨黑奶茶 Hi Tea Black Milk Tea (R) $2.90. Tea was fragrant with hints of floral notes. Ordered less sweet which was 50% and felt that it was a little too sweet for me, maybe 25% would be just nice. Overall milk tea was good and slightly different from the usual milk tea.

Came here for the skewers but was blown away by the milk tea instead.

The Tiger Milk Tea ($2.80) was good. Tea was smooth and not too milky. Pearls were chewy and just the right consistency. I'm glad that the aunty recommended the drink. For the price I would say it's good.

Honestly if I didn't order the milk tea I would have left feeling meh. I tried both chicken and lamb skewer. Chicken was well cooked (not too dry) but seasoning wise I felt it was quite lacking. Just tasted cumin and the flavour of the meat. Personally felt that it could use more salt and spices. Same goes for the lamb. The lamb was a little tough and taste of seasoning was quite mild. Not sure if it's meant to be like this though.

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Ordered 50% sweet and the tea tasted like sweetened Chinese tea(similar to the kind served in Chinese restaurants).
Cheese foam was nice. It was slightly savoury, light and most importantly it tasted like cheese.
When mix together it tasted like drinking slightly sweetened, fragrant and creamy evaporated milk.

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