Bak Kut Teh

Bak Kut Teh

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Louisa Lau
Louisa Lau

This photo was taken after 2 gelatinous pieces of the Trotter were already eaten. The meat was equally tender and I loved the amount of skin it had (all the collagen).. yum!

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This was my 2nd round of meat as the earlier 2 bowls weren’t enough to fill me. The spare ribs were equally tender and this is the “large”, which had 5 pieces of ribs (the “regular” is 3 pieces).

The prime ribs were good, so were the kidney. The only downside was, my friend whom I had lunch with had some numbness in her jaw - she is sensitive to MSG. So, that indicates to me they have a rather high content of MSG in their soup (something to note for those sensitive or allergic to MSG).

Returned here for their awesome tender Pork Ribs and Kidney BKT!

The kidney pieces are thick and juicy, unlike some others which are thin and small. The kidney is served with it being cooked just right - cooked, yet have a bite to it. The meat on the pork ribs is has a generous thick amount of meat (as seen in the pic). The meat is tender and has a good thin layer of fat all around accompanying the lean meat! 👍👍

The liver, though was ok; nothing to rave about.

I like that the soup base here has some herbal aroma, and it’s not too peppery. I ordered “L” portions for each of the 3 items.

A must to visit BKT store!

I recall their Spare Ribs was good, so decided to have it again. Also, wanted to try their Pork Liver. I was impressed with the Liver - it was cooked to the right texture - it was soft and smooth with had a bite to it! I ordered this via delivery, and they did a good job with packing the liver and soup separately, so the liver would not be over-cooked.

There were 3 pieces of Spare Ribs, where there were some fats with the meat; and the meat was tender enough. 👍

Wanted to try both the Superior Spare Ribs and Premium Loin Ribs, and to taste if there’s any difference between the two. In order to differentiate them, I asked for less soup for the Superior Spare Ribs soup (bowl on the left in the pic).

The Superior Spare Ribs had approx equal proportion of both fats and lean meat, where the meat was Super tender. Meanwhile, the Premium Loin Ribs had little bit of fats and largely lean meat, and meat was equally tender.

Given both tasted about the same (at least to me), and the Premium Loin Ribs cost $2 more, I’d rather have the Superior Spare Ribs - as the meat is little less dry probably because there’s more fats accompanying the meat.

So, decided to try their Spare Ribs and Premium Spare Ribs today. No bad - tender meat with some fats (so it’s not too dry). Soup base wise - I thought it to be a little too dark for my taste. I prefer the white / clear soup.

Overall, it’s still good.

It’s uncommon to have Pork Cartilage on the menu for BKT stalls. It’s the first I’ve come across and so I ordered that to try. Also ordered the Spare Ribs - Fat. It’s also the first BKT stall that allows you to select if you want the Lean or Fat portion of the Spare Ribs.

The Pork Cartilage was a dismal 4 pieces (as seen in the picture, bowl on the right - it isn’t even huge pieces). The Spare Ribs was ok, did not “Wow” me.

I understand this stall was set up from the Ya Hua lineage. Unsure I’d have this again. Chances are I might just return to their (parent) BKT instead.

This is still my favourite BKT, and in my opinion one value-for-money vs other BKT.

I have here the Premium Loin Ribs (regular), Kidney (large) and Liver (large) soup. Definitely satisfied my craving for good BKT, especially after last evening’s less satisfying BKT from another BKT chain.

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After much hesitation, I decided to give this a try (via delivery). Reason being, it was compulsory to order a rice or youtiao with each bowl of soup.

I preferred the Spare Ribs to the Pork Ribs. Tried the soup (I’m guessing this is the herbal type based on the colour of the soup), and this confirms my preference for the white clear BKT soup over the herbal BKT soup.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t revisit or order BKT from them anymore.

The Ya Hua flagship stall was just round the corner from Havelock Hawker. So, came by to have 2nd lunch (as the Turtle soup wasn’t enough for me).

Out of the 2, I preferred the Pork Ribs as the meat was more tender, plus layered in-between with some good fats; the Bak Kut meat was rather dry with too much bones rather than meat and barely any fats.


Returned to my favourite BKT stall since I had the first half of the day off. Ordered the Premium Loin Ribs, the regular Pork Ribs (large bowl), and Kidney (regular bowl). The meat is so tender, it just peels off the bones! The kidney was just right - soft and yet with a bit to it.

Definitely good quality meats used and excellent cooking method!
Although, I noted that there was just one additional pork rib in today’s ’Large’ vs the ‘Regular’ that I ordered previously.

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