Take Me Away!!

Take Me Away!!

Fast takeaway (sinful and non-sinful items) 💨
Kugel Kaffee
Kugel Kaffee

As per our earlier Laksa instant noodle (TOP ramen rater) post, you can easily grab a fish cake tube from the EAT. Outlet. Health conscious peeps like us would also prefer ‘homemade version’ (No MSG) but that would defeat the whole purpose of grabbing an instant noodle! 😆
If you wanna go fancy, you can choose the thicker cylinder ones which has prawn mix but it would set you back $3.40 per pc. It’s your call!! 🤟

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A decent set with teriyaki salmon, half boiled egg, pickle and rice. Can go for Unagi $9.90 if you feel a bit indulged and don’t mind torching food. We prefer simple& tasty and go for salmon.

We believe that this set is quite new to Donki as we visit weekly and just notice it in their food section. The whirlpool of our favourite goodies:
🥠 Inari: the sushi rice wrapped with fried tofu
🍥 Narutomaki: the Japanese Fishcake with pink swirl in the middle
🍜 udon with Tempura crumbs & sauce
🐣 and of course 2 chunks of tamago
we think that this udon set is suitable for people who want to keep it light and tasty. It is certainly not heavy on meat yet very satisfying from well packed ingredients.👌
Not sure if they are available in other outlets (PS we grab it from @donkisg City Square Mall)🤓

The peanut pancake stall in Pek Kio market & Food Center needs no introduction from us. Some ladies took the trip to buy in bulk from this stall alone. By 1 pm nothing is left!! 😱
At 11 am, we grab traditional pancake (soft type)$0.60 & the crispy pancake $0.70 (both are peanut fillings). The orange coconut filling is already sold out! Nice crunchy peanut pancake goes well with tea! ☕️ 👍
💡Tips: eat the crispy one at the stall and grab traditional one for takeaway.

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We both agree that even in Toa Payoh, there are many eating options but somehow we couldn’t quite find our fav restaurant. However, this pau stall is a must try! Pork bun taste very nice both the skin & pork filling. Siew Mei might not look photogenic but they are smashing good!! #tastyeat #toapayoh

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Celebrating Singapore’s 54th birthday with oh!! so spicy 🌶 burger like this one ! 😜 The laksa tendercrisp chicken burger value meal is surprisingly good for spice lovers like us. The boiled egg on top of crispy skin chicken and laksa sauce is awesome! We pick fries and iced green tea for this set. 🍔🍹🍟👌

Another day, another deal and we love it!! ❤️
You don’t need to grab 5 buns to enjoy the deal.
The raisin cream goes for $1 only
and you can get the full loaf of German muesli for the price of half loaf.💰

Good flavoured rice with chopped octopus and shiso leaves garnish

It makes perfect sense to try their cake on Tuesday as they run this promo on J-passport. The Tiramisu slice is moist (not spectacular ie. not boozy & no strong coffee taste) but good enough for us to return.☺️☕️🍮

Wonder if the sesame coated peanut ball is really good as we saw only 2 pcs left on display. We bought it to try for the first time. Upon touching the ball, the fingers are instantly nourished with oil..😅 The peanut filling is also quite oily though nicely grounded. Skip this item and stick to egg tarts.

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Do quality control after our dinner 😜 by revisiting Rochor Beancurd House. The price is risen by 10 cents per pc but the quality is still good (crusty skin & not too sweet/dry for the custard part)👌

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Trio Onigiri Sunday testing (no stand in) 😜
Tried 3 onigiris this Sunday. If you follow us, you will know that we are obsessed with Mentaiko (roes) and Konbu but usually Novena outlet doesn’t have Konbu. We stick to our favourite one Karashi Mentaiko (roes with mustard) and tried 2 new flavours:

tempura Kani (fried crab shell) 😑
unagi kabayaki (sweet sauce) 😁

The verdict: unagi is not so dry & more flavourful compared to kani. The Unagi chunk is big enough and worth the price tag.

Healthy foodie obsessed w/ ☕️ 🍫 Instagram: @kugelkaffee Follow our Live! Food journey on IG!! 🎊

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