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Spoons Of Delights
Spoons Of Delights

Braised pork rice from The Voice Taiwanese Cuisine @thevoice.sg at PLQ Mall.

Visited this place with very low expectations after reading reviews on burpple app. But i ended up being very pleasantly surprised by it. I like that the braised pork was not super duper fatty. So it is good for ppl like me that dont really like fatty meat!

Ample sauce was given and there was half a braised egg too! Be warned that the chilli sauce is super duper spicy though!!

This was very worth it with the 1 for 1 on burpplebeyond app!

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Thai food from @ramaixkitchen !

@ramaixkitchen is an authentic thai eatery that has recently moved from Orchard Plaza to 498 MacPherson Rd about a month ago! Yay to another new thai eatery in the MacPherson Neighbourhood!

Featured here are the following food items:

Pandan chicken ($8 for 4 pieces): Very fragrant pandan chicken! Huge chunks of chicken meat given for each piece!

Thai Crispy Prawn Cake ($8 for 2 pieces): This prawn cake was really crispy! Very meaty prawn cake too! I also like how they offer a smaller sized portion of 2 pieces, good for 2 pax or solo-dining!

Garlic Sauteed Prawns ($15): Woah, this was super fragrant! It is also rare to find such garlic prawns being sold in other eateries! Loved the crispy garlic bites. I also like how the prawn has been half side peeled to make for easier eating! Besides garlic, other methods of preparation which you can choose from include sambal or black pepper!

Clear Tom Yum Soup ($11 + $1 for seafood option): Lots of seafood portions given! Fresh fish slices, squid, prawns and mushrooms! But be warned, this clear tom yum soup is SUPER DUPER spicy! Sour and spicy! And I got choked by the spiciness a few times! But it is at the same time very addictive still and I cant help reaching out for more mouthfuls. It is like playing with fire :P

Crab Omelette fried Rice ($9.90): Love the seafood fragrance for this place of crab omelette fried rice! Huge chunks of crabmeat given and I loved the slightly oozy omelette egg!

For drinks, we got the thai iced lemon grass ($3.50) and thai iced green tea ($3.50). Both a very refreshing drink choice especially to accompany the spicy tom yum soup!

Teleport yourself to Thailand by checking out this thai eatery now!

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Rice bowls from fullstop at funan mall!

Have been wanting to visit this eatery for a long time since I always frequent Funan mall area, but always putting it off because i found the price slightly ex for the ricebowla. Finally dropped by to try the food one fine day! Have read quite a few good reviews for the Fried Tofu Rice Bowl ($9.90) so decided to try it out! This rice bowl came with crispy coated fried tofu, scrambled egg, braised mushroom, furikake, seaweed and with miso soup. I will say portion wise it was filling. But it was not something super wow to me. Price was affordable because I had one for one with burpplebeyond , otherwise I will find the food slightly pricey. But for cityhall area standard, it is still one of the more affordable meal option choice.

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Visited Cheval Chi Bao because they were listed on burpple beyond 1 for 1. First impression was mehh already right after enquiring with staff A what we could order using burpplebeyond. Staff A informed us the free item was for the mains only, and customers need to order a chicken/pork/beef dish that is at least $15.8++ value to even get the free mains. Upon hearing this, we were all ready to walk off. But decided later on to stay. When ordering later on, we got another staff B to come take our orders and upon trying our luck to enquire again, this time round staff B replies on what items could apply for burpple beyond was completely different from that of staff A! We could in the end order two mains using 1 for 1 burpplebeyond with staff A. While i understand restaurant can have diff practice for burpplebeyond, this should be stated clearly in the app if they want it that way. In addition, the staff should also be giving the same replies on how the 1 for 1 should be treated. So because of this, our appetite was already spoiled even before the meal came as we were still uncertain throughout our meal whether the 1 for 1 offer will be granted since different staff said different things and we werent sure which staff had the final say over payment matters lol 🙄

Anw this was what we had
- signature truffle fried rice ($13.80++): while special and unique, my only gripe was that there is no meat or seafood in it. Basically just egg fried rice with truffle taste

- seafood fried mee sua ($13.80++): was surprised by the amount of seafood in this. There was squid, prawn and slices fish! Tastes like xin zhou fried beehoon! Would have preferred if sambal chilli was given! But at this point, we were already trying to avoid unnecessary conversation with the staff and just wanted to faster finish eating and leave

So if anyone intends to dine here using the burpple beyond 1 for 1 to get two mains (rice/noodles etc) dishes, best to clarify before heading down.

Third time back at @munchidelights but the first time using @burpple beyond for it! My favourite min jiang kueh because they have many interesting flavours! Not just original min jiang kueh with peanut / coconut fillings. I love these charcoal and matcha mee jeng kueh! Although the matcha/ charcoal taste is very slight, but colourful makes me happy! I love the sweet coconut shreds and also their peanut fillings, which is more like peanut butter texture rather than just dry chopped peanuts with sugar. 1 for 1 with burpplebeyond so i paid $1.30 for 2 pieces!

If will like to signup for a burpplebeyond plan, use this code to get 30% off Burpple Beyond Premium plan! https://burpple.com/invite/MAND8435

If you are lazy and will like to have these delicious min jiang kueh delivered to your house, @munchidelights is also on @pickupp.sg ! Quote “SPOONSOFDELIGHTS” for $5 OFF your order (for new and existing users)! This promo code can be used multiple times on all your orders! 😉 so you basically will be able to get the food delivered to you without additional shipping cost!

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Three Point Two Gelato and Coffee House!

Recently checked out this dessert cafe situated at Outram Park area!

Featured here are the following items:

🍨Signature Gelato Bun with pistachio: Special mention to this signature gelato bun! It is so unique! It is a baked buttery choux pastry with crunchy craquelin cookie crust! And it came with two little eyes, like a little cute monster munching on the gelato! Super in love with it! Opted for the pistachio gelato for the gelato bun and I think it went pretty well together! The pistachio gelato was nutty and I liked the roasted smokey flavour! Get this combination!

🍨Waffles with Chrysanthemum cocoa nibs and lychee yuzu sorbet: Waffles was crispy on the outside, and light fluffy on the inside! As for the two gelato flavours picked, I like how they were super refreshing! Very interesting flavours for both! The chrysanthemum gelato made me feel like I was drinking chrysanthemum tea! Super love the crunchy cocoa nibs in it! The combination of lychee and yuzu, my two favourite fruity flavours for gelato, was also super good!

🍨House Drinks - tropical sunrise: Fizzy sweet drink to quench all thirst!

They have lots of interesting gelato flavours! Will be back again to try more of the other gelato flavours! This place also specialises in durian desserts, so durian lovers will love this place! They have durian mousse, durian mochi and durian ice cream! Besides these gelato and drinks, they also serve some savoury sides too! This place is the perfect spot for after meal desserts, as they are open till 1230am on friday and saturdays Do check them out!

Drunkard seafood noodle ($9): Got this because it was the star recommended item. First impression was not alot of ingredients - there were two prawns, few slices of squid and lots of carrots, baby corn and veg. So for a non-veg eater, there wasnt much to eat hehe. While the wok hey was strong, we found it slightly oily.

Meal was affordable because we had one for one with burpplebeyond! If will like to signup for a burpplebeyond plan, use this code to get 30% off Burpple Beyond Premium plan! https://burpple.com/invite/MAND8435

Second time back at Super Thai by Soi Aroy!

The last time I got the ala carte main dishes tze char style, this time round I tried their rice/noodle dishes!

Basil minced pork with rice ($8): You are able to customise the spicyness level for this. I ordered the original spicyness level and it was just right! Super love this dish. Comfort food for cold rainy days!

Meal was affordable because we had one for one with burpplebeyond! If will like to signup for a burpplebeyond plan, use this code to get 30% off Burpple Beyond Premium plan! https://burpple.com/invite/MAND8435

Lemonades: Quench your thirst with the wide range of drink choices they have! I tried the Strawberry lemonade and loved it! Fruity, sweety and gasy to end off the meal!

Garlic Soy Sauce Wing: While dancing crab is a seafood eatery, they serve fried chicken too, korean style! The sticky sauce was good, very crispy wings!

Beer-battered Calamari: Best eaten while hot with the dipping sauce!

Live lobster roll with Cajun Fries: Who doesnt love lobster roll!! I absolutely love them! Meaty juicy sweet lobster flesh with the very addictive cajun fries that went with the cajun sauce from the live crab combo as a dipping sauce!

IG @ spoonsofdelights Food is always on my mind 30% off burpple beyond

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