Something Fancy In A Mall

Something Fancy In A Mall

Featuring China House 唐人厝, People & Places Cafe, Red Kettle (The Starling), Siam Road Char Koay Teow, Bukit Mertajam Duck Egg Char Koay Teow (大山脚鸭蛋炒粿条), Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul (Tan), Chan Meng Kee (DA MEN Mall)
Sunny Koh
Sunny Koh

Looking for something to fill up that sweet tooth? Then this is my recommendation for a perfect place to step into a zone of timeless vibe. Choose from mexican, empress garden, chillax cafe... its 4 different mood settings catering for each one.
The cakes by far, the best I have ever enjoyed. Though the latte I had was quite disappointing as there isn’t a hint of expresso in it, the cake however sits perfectly on deciding factor whether this should be a go to place.
True enough ordered a piece of chocolate chip frosting cake, butter cake was moist with very generous bites of chunky chocolate chips, layered with light coffee frosting with choc cups and cheesier choc sharps, then with a layer of ganache with another top layer of cake, finished with a frosting.
With each bite the buttercream melts through your mouth together with the tasty cake. Combining with different bite textures and some surprising flavors, it is definately a cake leaves a mark on my mind. Never would I thought something as simple as this would leave a permanent memory of happiness to me.
Be sure to check out their choices of alcoholic cake choices and exotic ice cream bars .
They do also serve some hot food from burgers to breakfast bites, that maybe I will save it for another day.
Price for slice cake: RM10-RM 30 7/10
Good to share: 2-3 people for a great English cake exploration 10/10
Value for money: yes 8/10
Coffee: not recommended -2/10
Would I come again: definately 10/10
Ambience: 9/10
Cake: eating think typing this 10/10

Cendol... the dessert that defines many parts of Malaysia can also be found at this place.
The rich aromatic palm sugar, combine with light hint of coconut milk and chewy but soft pandan cendol makes it a perfect combination. It’s very enlightening and refreshing perfect for a good sweet finishing of every meal.
Price- Rm3.20 for a decent bowl
T/a- RM 3.50
Worth the wait if not a long queue.
Do not come when big festivals or public holidays as the queue can be quite harzardous..

Never would I be amazed at a cafe so much by the outlook of this place. Don’t be fooled by the outward appearance of a furniture selling store, but once stepping in you will be served vibrantly by one of the lovely and friendly staff.
Had their quesadilla brekkie, which I must say is another definition of art meets fusion of food. With some tom yum spices to enhance the flavor with a squeeze of lemon.. makes this food simply heavenly.
One bite after another, one just simply can’t imagine the exotic burst of adventure happening in the mouth. Finger lickin good has now a new title to give. Bravo to the staff and crew and especially the chef for creating this memorable experience.
Cons: menu-need some touch up as the one I got was badly torn or wilted making it difficult to read
Coffee- a bit weak on the flavor, could be improve! But the froth is nice
Price: above average starting at around RM20
Service: exceptionally great! The best I’ve seen and experience
Ambience: cosy and comfortable with a touch of tropical accompanied with some reggae tunes
Food: one of the best I’ve tried
Cleanliness: spotless
Would I return: yes! All yes

Decided to try on this newly open roast and bbq place. Was surprised to see a crowd few weeks then and the day how it seems more quiet.
Looked at the menu and I would say it’s quite on the high end side starting with a walloping price of RM11.50.
Looking through I just decided that I might as well try two of the dishes that is their infamous bbq pork and roast pork.
Unbeknown to me, I was informed that for me to have a 2- combo meat, the additional meat would be an increase of RM7, that is to the total of RM18.50.
So I just told them that I don’t want top up, I just want a mix combo, but apparently you can only choose one meat.
So I chose the bbq pork as it’s the thing they’re famous for. A quick wait of 7 mins and my dish appears.. as the picture per se. I roughly dig out the meat which is just 6pcs, a good serving of rice, a side of soup and chili.
I was a bit stunned and tried to do to check if there are any hidden gems in the rice that makes it soo $$$$. But sadly none. So I just dig into my meal hopefully to see if it’s worth the price
The bbq pork, tender and juicy with a few pieces but caught some with very dry edges, with a decent of fat to accompany and “wash” it down altogether.
So before I realized, I have finished.
Price: $$$$$$$$$$
Taste: 4/5
Presentation: 4/5
Ambience: 4/5
Worth the travel: no ( absolutely not)
Sadly as it sounds with a nice flavor to be meal, this will also be my last time to patron around this place given the price and NO combo in this place. Imagining not knowing and you ordered duck, chicken bbq pork roast pork. And your bill comes to RM30++... sadly no more for me

Don’t let the picture fool you, the food is definately worth more than a thousand words( at least for me)
This is by far what I dare say the best CKT in Malaysia. Hands down, unless you don’t like duck egg.. but this one... has never failed to intrigued my tastes buds over the years and gladly still does.
The ability to control the heat and flambé the noodles is truly an art that this stall captures. Then as it enters the final stage they will toss it some soy sauce and coat the noodles with it. Then comes the egg which was added to further coat the noodles and gives it a most aromatic char taste! Last but not least... the fried egg that flows with the yolk to fully encase the noodle with richness of flavor.
A must try to whoever craves for the best in town
Price- RM 6.50 with egg for a large
Waiting time- non
Worth the wait- yes
Worth to come - yes
Personal star rating , 10/10
This place is called
Mei le hwa restaurant—

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Unbeknown to myself, that my work this round has landed on one of the most dish that defines Penang... char koay teow.
I’ve heard so much that the queues can be so so long that it stretches to alleys and corners. But thank God somehow his time as it’s on a normal working day, I just walk up and order. Less than 5mins , the Michelin of CKT(char kuoy teow) is on my table.
Keeping the tradition, the use of charcoal and the help of fan does help to seal the exquisite taste of the wok( wok Hei) . It can be done by multiple chefs but only a true chef can master the art of the “wok Hei”
The tasting begins with the perfect balance of noodles, bean sprouts, Chinese sausages, eggs, cockles and prawns.The chili is not too overpowering that it gives way to the fresh taste of bean sprouts greens, finish with a rich fluffy eggs and refreshing spring onions to clean the palette.
Overall It is yummy!
Is it worth the 2 hour wait? No..
Is it worth the price? Average, RM 8 for a big plate..
Is it worth going? Depends on queue;)
Best time to come: 3pm-5pm normal days
Time open: 12pm- 7pm, but not fix days as the boss prefers a small crowd he can caters to.
Will I come again? If no queue, yes!
Word of advise, please don’t ever come on long weekends, holidays or festive seasons as the queue can be dramatic.
I happen to come on a normal weekday where the crowd is also piling up

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This is a hidden gem. Not many places have a good dining/ food experience in a mall despite having multi food courts and chain stores.
Had their sourdough bacon and cheese and eggs, wasn’t as what the picture have shown( pictures are for illustration)
But the flavors are just nice. Nice crispy bacon with a soufflé scrambled eggs, toasted sourdough and finished with a side of salad leafs and lightly toasted cherry tomatoes. However I would recommend the chef to cool down with the butter for the bread, as it’s a bit greasy for me.. not sure if butter is cheap nowadays.
Sw, a friend of mine ordered a porkie Benedict. Perfectly done poached eggs, with braised pork on the bottom. A bit too much vinegar on the eggs, but all else is a good combination
Ordered chicken karraage, just to have something light and it’s a lightly battered chicken bites, accompanied with sweet chillie sauce and mayo.
Last is their signature coffee, am guessing it’s like a soft sabayon touch on the froth with Vietnamese coffee. Light sweetness and smooth coffee to end.
One more, the waiters.. am not sure if they have issues with work or so, but they really need to learn what is food service before working. Not friendly and somewhat impatient, and charging for each glass of water... I am just dumbfounded
Overall.. one of the best Vietnamese fusion brunch/ brunch places to dine in.


Just commenting food as it is, honest and not paid reviews

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