Looking for something to fill up that sweet tooth? Then this is my recommendation for a perfect place to step into a zone of timeless vibe. Choose from mexican, empress garden, chillax cafe... its 4 different mood settings catering for each one.
The cakes by far, the best I have ever enjoyed. Though the latte I had was quite disappointing as there isn’t a hint of expresso in it, the cake however sits perfectly on deciding factor whether this should be a go to place.
True enough ordered a piece of chocolate chip frosting cake, butter cake was moist with very generous bites of chunky chocolate chips, layered with light coffee frosting with choc cups and cheesier choc sharps, then with a layer of ganache with another top layer of cake, finished with a frosting.
With each bite the buttercream melts through your mouth together with the tasty cake. Combining with different bite textures and some surprising flavors, it is definately a cake leaves a mark on my mind. Never would I thought something as simple as this would leave a permanent memory of happiness to me.
Be sure to check out their choices of alcoholic cake choices and exotic ice cream bars .
They do also serve some hot food from burgers to breakfast bites, that maybe I will save it for another day.
Price for slice cake: RM10-RM 30 7/10
Good to share: 2-3 people for a great English cake exploration 10/10
Value for money: yes 8/10
Coffee: not recommended -2/10
Would I come again: definately 10/10
Ambience: 9/10
Cake: eating think typing this 10/10