Snaccc 🍿

Snaccc 🍿

Munching is my favourite exercise.
Paige Lim
Paige Lim

Super luscious and creamy scoop of ice-cream which brightens up my mood every time. The hojicha taste permeated the whole ice-cream.

The filling was dense and sweet, and the dough was fluffy and soft to the bite. The tau sar filled up the entire pau so well! Overall an indulgent treat at a cheap price.

I forgot the price but I remember it was a little pricey and the cookies were packed in beautiful brown cardboard cylinders.

The sweetness of the white chocolate cut through the bitterness of the matcha. The ingredients used tasted premium. I prefer my cookies a little gooey, and this was on the buttery side. It tasted better after I took it out from the fridge. I liked that the description pointed out the tea that would pair well with this - red date tea.

The fragrance of the coconut really came through and it was delicious! Quite sweet in my opinion, but very good.

Got 6 packets (a variety) for $14.90. Every pack serves as a good breakfast meal. The matcha was intense but I found that it was a bit too sweet for my liking.

Super dense chiffon cake that I love with a passion. I could eat it again and again without getting bored of it.

It was a gift from a friend and boy, was it delicious. The base was crunchy and fragrant, and the cream was light and sweet. I can’t find this on Burpple but it was really a good tart!

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It’s slightly pricey for a small hole-in-the-wall neighbourhood bakery with no seating, but the quality is on par with any chiffon cake in any café. The chiffon cake is dense, and the fragrance of black sesame permeated all the air pockets in the chiffon cake. It’s really a wonderful weekend treat. The bakery holds other bakes such as brownies and muffins too, which are just as delicious!

Tip Top rode on the “Impossible Meat” trend and came up with an impossible rendang puff. It’s interesting and has the flavour and look of rendang, but the texture wise, it felt more like minced mushrooms. Overall a good attempt, and I would applaud Tip Top for its creativity.

The lemon icing tasted like rock sugar with lemon flavouring, but the zesty flavour made it refreshing. I would have preferred the butter cake to be denser and moist... as it was hard to eat being crumbly. The ambience of the place was very cosy and it truly feels like a home. This actually made me feel that I was having tea time in a home, which was a delightful experience!

I got this on the opening day so it was only $2 (original price is $4.50). I could taste traces of the coconut in there, but somehow I felt that the tartness of the froyo didn’t go too well with the subtle sweetness of coconut. It was a light dessert, but too much up my alley... but I guess this is a personal preference, since many people seem to have enjoyed it.

On a journey to discover the best chiffon cake in Singapore IG: @paigeiseating

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